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Israel Warns of ‘Potential Threat’ for Citizens Travelling to Australia

7 December 2023

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Israelis travelling to Australia have been warned of a “potential threat” to their safety by their nation’s security authorities.

Israel has urged its citizens to reconsider nonessential travel to dozens of nations and upgraded its threat warnings for many others, including Australia. The travel warning comes amid a rising scourge of antisemitism following the Hamas terror attack against Israel on 7 October.

As reported by The Times of Israel, on Monday, Israel’s National Security Council upgraded Australia to a threat level of 2 — also known as a “potential threat” under its travel warning system — and recommended “increased precautionary measures” for all Israelis travelling Down Under.

“We advise that those staying in this country exercise increased precaution,” the warning for Australia reads on the council’s official website.

France, Germany and the UK were among several other Western nations to earn the same strike as Australia from Israeli authorities.

Travelling to Australia More Dangerous Than North Korea

In providing the update, the council repeated its recommendation that Israeli citizens reconsider all travel abroad, and that those who must travel should “shorten the length of your stay to the bare minimum” and “avoid openly displaying signs of your Israeli identity”.

The council also recommended that Israelis abroad avoid attending protests and rallies, and that they stay alert at all times.

According to Israel’s official travel warning system, Australia now poses a greater danger to Israeli citizens than the nations of Colombia, Cuba, East Timor, Mexico and even North Korea, all of which remain at threat level 1, indicating “no travel threat”.

In total, the National Security Council raised its threat levels for 80 nations.

Police Yet to Respond to ‘Gas the Jews’ Protest in Sydney

The update caught the attention of Sky News hosts Caleb Bond and Sharri Markson this week, who agreed that “you can’t blame” Israeli authorities for issuing the upgraded travel warning against Australia.

“Look at how the families of the hostages and those killed in the October 7 attacks were treated at the Melbourne hotel last week,” Markson lamented.

Bond reminded viewers that the “ugly and disgusting” displays of antisemitism in Australia began as early as October 8, when crowds were heard shouting “Gas the Jews” from the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

“The NSW Police have now sent off to experts to determine whether or not they actually said ‘Gas the Jews’,” Bond scoffed. “I mean that’s how absurd all of this has been.”

“It is no surprise at all that Israel would warn people against travelling or at least take some precautions when nothing has been done by police or government to stem that antisemitism,” he added.

Judeophobia, Antisemitism and the Anti-Israel Phenomenon

The Daily Declaration has provided extensive coverage of the antisemitism on display in Australia in recent months, including reports of a Sydney imam calling for a jihad against Jews and the failure of the Greens to condemn the Hamas attack.

We have also given a voice to Jewish Australians warning of the ominous signs appearing here and in other Western nations. As told by Jerry Lissing:

Until recently, we have felt safe and accepted in much of Europe, the UK, the United States, Australia, and Canada, but something has changed since October 7, 2023. The smouldering spark of antisemitism is burning hot again, and Jews can perceive that Never Again is now!

We fear that we are being abandoned as we were in 1940s Europe. Is Israel the only nation on earth that must stand down and turn the other cheek in the face of yet another existential threat to our very existence? …

Not since the Holocaust have the Jewish people felt so abandoned and under such threat, so we ask for your support. If for no other reason than to give us some kind of hope that some people care whether we Jews can live in a world without continually having to look over our shoulders at the dark shadow of antisemitism.

Read more here.

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  1. Barbara Bluett 8 December 2023 at 5:30 pm - Reply

    I don’t blame Israel for issuing the warning. Its shameful and grievous the way Australia has behaved and not supported the Jews in our nation.

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