AUKUS abandoned by Australia

Albo Abandons AUKUS, Sends Hugs to HAMAS instead of the HMAS ANZAC

22 December 2023

3.2 MINS

Albanese’s refusal to participate in a ten-nation initiative protecting Red Sea shipping lanes is Albo abandoning AUKUS.

The Prime Minister’s call isn’t just a massive slap in the face to Australia’s allies; he is living out Labor’s loud contempt for the ADF.

RAN has served to protect merchant shipping in international waters for over 30 years. They are capable, experienced, and well-suited for the role of peacemaker.

Additionally, deploying Australia’s best sends a message of strength, and solidarity to friends. As well as a message of deterrence to Australia’s foes.

It’s win, win.

Hence, veteran analysts’ outrage.

Cheered by the CCP and Hamas

Riding on the back of the ridiculous abdication of national security, whereby absent Albo allowed the Communist Chinese Party to keep the Port of Darwin, analysts are — rightly — bewildered by this latest decision.

Putting the Royal Australian Navy on hiatus during an emergency in international waters has them justifiably angry.

The decision sends hugs and kisses to the Chi-comms, as much as it coddles genocidal Islamists in Iran, Gaza, and Yemen.

Communist China’s propaganda outfit cheered on the decision.

Mao’s murderous acolytes were over the moon that Australia – with CCP-cosy champagne socialists at the helm – refused to condemn Hamas, and instead demanded Israel cease its defensive operations.

With the same breath, they applauded Albanese for pleasing dear leader Xi, by refusing to deploy an Australian warship to deter Houthi Islamists (Ansar Allah) from attacking merchant shipping in the Red Sea.

Likewise, Hamas handed Albo praise for condemning Israel, instead of Islamists.

Baffling Cowardice

Cameron Stewart, The Australian’s Chief International Correspondent, described the move as political.

RAN has assured Canberra that it is mission-ready, should it be called into active service.

‘Instead, Albanese has opted to send a small number of RAN (diplomatic) personnel,’ Stewart chided.

‘The decision,’ he added, ‘reveals a timid and insular government, afraid, unwilling, or unable to send a single warship to the world’s most pressing hot zone.’

‘Exactly why the Albanese government would refuse such a request is a mystery.’

‘This secretive government refuses to publicly explain its thinking beyond vague generalities about giving priority to our immediate region in its navel deployments,’ Stewart continued.

On the latter, government justifications for its limp-wristed response to helping secure trade lanes important to Australians, and Australia’s defence, boiled down to political theatre.

The Guardian, appearing way too happy about the news, wrote, ‘It’s not every day Australia says NO! to Uncle Sam.’

Albanese is ‘trying to stabilise his relationship with the Chinese Communist Party,’ they explained.

Labor’s sedated party line, which has been spouted repeatedly by Chinese Communist admirer, defence minister Richard Marles, is: “We’re focusing on our own region.”

Savvy Greg Sheridan, no stranger to reporting on defence, foreign affairs, and geopolitical intrigue, put refusal to send the RAN down to the Labor government’s mismanagement of defence.

Sheridan described the refusal to participate as ‘bludging’ and an overall ‘appalling strategic judgement.’

The banal excuses cover up ineptitude, he then inferred.

‘The one overriding reason Albanese isn’t sending a ship, is because the Navy is incapable of fighting Iran-backed Houthi drones.’

‘Another reason is a lack of navy personnel,’ he recounted.

Australia’s defence force, he said, has been ‘losing more than 10% a year in radically underperforming recruitment.’

This isn’t surprising.

With the increasing wokefication of the ADF, personnel are forced to be more concerned about complying with LGBTQ+ safetyism and using proper pronouns, than preparing for battle.

Next to a cover-up, I’ll add Albo courting re-election in Australia’s “multicultural” pro-CCP and Muslim-majority suburbs.

Albo seems determined to transition Australia from peacemaker to PLA and “pro-Palestinian” people-pleaser.

Note the contents of the Australian Labor Prime Minister’s speech acknowledging the 70th Anniversary of ANZUS in 2021.

There’s plenty of discussion about the threat of climate change, and nada about challenges presented by Communist China.

Stewart and Sheridan are right.

Albanese has sent hugs to HAMAS instead of the mighty HMAS ANZAC.

As such, Albo has abandoned AUKUS, and the fresh ink ratifying this important alliance isn’t even dry yet.

The Labor Party’s abandonment of Australia’s allies communicates a woeful political paralysis.

This is a party serving its own self-interests, over and against the interests of the people their office is supposed to serve.


Photo by Juan García.

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  1. C. Paul Barreira 22 December 2023 at 9:31 am - Reply

    Two matters further define the situation. The first is whether the Australian Navy has a suitably equipped warship. Using missiles that cost a million dollars each to destroy a drone costing a thousand dollars only is a poor choice. (There should have been a way through this.) Secondly, the government likely determined that the general public (or electorate) might not be pleased to be involved in what may prove to be a dangerous mission “over there”.

  2. Jillian Stirling 22 December 2023 at 10:22 am - Reply

    These ideologic, idiotic and incompetent morons who attempt to govern us are just a disgrace. I am ashamed to be Australian. To court the praise of totalitarians death cults who worship Satan is beyond the pale.
    I have my reservations about AUKUS. I don’t regard the US as our friend either.
    This mission is in our interest and should be embraced.

  3. Vicki Pearson 22 December 2023 at 12:44 pm - Reply

    I did not think we could have a worse Labor govt than the dreaded Rudd-Gillard-Rudd years but here we are livin the dream!

  4. J. Docker 22 December 2023 at 4:49 pm - Reply

    Albanese is an absolute disgrace. The sooner he is removed from office the better Australia will be.

  5. H Gormlie 22 December 2023 at 8:47 pm - Reply

    Albanese is a traitorous spineless turd. As for his whole party that are greedy self serving clowns. the whole party need to be removed via a vote of no confidence.

  6. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich 25 December 2023 at 11:28 am - Reply

    We are now friends with terrorist Hamas and Communist China which has our port of Darwin. Our “Armed ” Forces are virtually non -existant—would last minutes in armed conflict and are more involved in woke matters than defence. Without supplies of fuel from Overseas, ALL Australia will grind down to a halt in a few days (vehicles won’t work, food will run out, etc ) , yet, these buffoons insult our only real ally, the USA . Australia is in grave peril and China is laughing !

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