Trump not Hitler

“Trump is Hitler” Say Democrats Using Hitler’s Tactics

3 January 2024

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“Trump is Hitler” 2.0 is hitting headlines with the full approval of the Joebama administration.

Joe B., channelling his Joe G., appears to have orchestrated the “hate Trump, loves trumps hate” dissonance revival.

Apparently, unsatisfied with the far-left – and just as tyrannical – Soros-funded judiciary’s failing weaponisation of the justice system against Donald Trump, Biden Inc. is padding the process with propaganda.

Championing “Save Democracy”, Washington’s woke media, hand-in-hand with “Death to America” Democrats, are pushing Godwin’s law in a trip down Joseph Goebbels’ lane.

From CNN, Forbes, The Guardian and CBS up to Newsweek, “Trump is Hitler” articles have flooded the internet in what The Federalist called a ‘coordinated conspiracy’.

A quick online search under the parameters “Trump is Hitler propaganda” gets 279,000 hits, with the first two pages filled with fresh content posted within the last week.

The Federalist dug deeper, stating that from 30 November up to 18 December, the Washington misinformation machine was working ‘hand in glove with the media to underline, shore up, and enforce’ Biden’s interests.

In particular, the Deep State’s shot at re-election in 2024.

“It’s no different from just a couple weeks ago when the emphasis was: “It doesn’t matter how ghetto and poor this country gets,” The Fed argued.

Voters are being brainwashed into thinking they “should and must vote for Biden” because “Trump is a threat to democracy.”

“The pattern is always the same,” The Federalist explained.

“The national media are told what the preferred storyline is and, within minutes, some variation of the same story comes out everywhere.”

That, The Fed rightly noted, is called “propaganda”.


Biden’s legislative abuse of power also now extends to a recent Colorado ruling, which puts in motion plans to keep Donald Trump off the State’s 2024 election ballot.

Colorado’s Supreme Court “declared the former president ineligible,” citing the debunked J6 “incitement to insurrection” narrative as reasons for disqualifying Trump’s candidacy.

All justices who made the ruling “were all appointed by Democrat governors,” recalled the AP.

The politically motivated ruling against Trump is now on hold until 4 January, unless SCOTUS (the US Supreme Court) intervenes through a challenge.

Noting the precedent, the AP said Colorado’s Democrat judges were aware of the dangerous precedent they’ve set, stating, “We do not reach these conclusions lightly.”

Pushing through crocodile tears used to mask the smiles, lies and high-fives, they added,

“We are mindful of the magnitude and weight of the questions now before us.”

Replying, Trump attorneys called the decision “flawed, and deeply undemocratic.”

They have vowed to proceed with a SCOTUS challenge.

Abuse of Process

Reactions on X expressed were just as defiant as they were perplexed.

Australia’s national affairs editor of The Daily Telegraph, James Morrow, said,

“This Colorado decision is extremely dangerous precedent. Those cheering a Trump loss are unable to conceive that this could boomerang on them one day: Are all the 2016 Democrat election deniers to be disqualified, too?”

End Wokeness wrote,

“They impeached Trump 2x, arrested and indicted him 4x, and charged him 91x.

“That didn’t work, so now the Colorado Supreme Court has ruled that they are removing him from the 2024 ballot.

“It looks like other states will follow. Saving democracy by ending it.”

Co-founder of news organisation Trending Politics Collin Rugg stated,

“They’re not even trying to hide rigging elections anymore.”

Actor James Woods slammed the loaded Democrat judicial call, saying,

“Donald Trump has never been found guilty of any crime, ever.

“Most certainly, he has never been convicted of insurrection. The real ‘war on democracy’ is being waged in Colorado. #Shame”

He’s right.

Those calling Trump “Hitler” are projecting. They don’t want you to see the fact that the devil, in this context, is the one doing the finger-pointing.

To once again restate the great Jimi Hendrix, “Hey, Joe, where ya goin’ with that gun in your hand?”


Originally published at Caldron Pool. Photo: The White House/Wikimedia Commons

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