Coles Leads Australia Day Fightback

15 January 2024

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Coles has confirmed it will stock Australia Day merchandise after woke Woolworths launched a petty attack against our national holiday.

Well done Coles Supermarkets for pushing back on the anti-Australia pile-on that has come to surround our national day.

Could this be the start of woke corporates re-joining “team Australia”?

Coles announced this week it would continue to stock “Australia-themed entertaining merchandise” for celebrating the Australia Day weekend and other summer activities.

It followed rival Woolworths’ announcement it would no longer stock Australia-themed merchandise in its supermarkets or Big W outlets, in a further attack on pride in our nation.

Pro-Australia group Advance, which backed the successful Fair Australia campaign opposing the racially divisive Voice to Parliament, said Woolworths had learnt nothing from Australians’ overwhelming rejection of the Voice.

Why We Can Take Pride in Australia

The Albanese Labor Government also has learned nothing, greenlighting woke local Council’s cancelling of Australia Day citizenship ceremonies.

Migrants love becoming citizens on Australia Day, but elites would rather make it a day of shame.

Family First believes Australians should be free, and encouraged, to take pride in Australia Day, the day Governor Arthur Philip raised the Union Jack at Sydney Cove heralding the start of European settlement.

This led to the establishment of what has become a highly desirable nation for immigrants from all over the world.

People rush to get here because of our tolerance, freedoms and to share in our prosperity.

Australians have been collectively at pains to acknowledge the sins of the past, rectify them where possible, but also recognise that while no nation is perfect, the Australian achievement has been overwhelmingly positive.

The attack on Australia Day in recent years is an attack on the legitimacy of the nation, robbing Australians of all background the opportunity to take legitimate pride in what by any measure is a successful, tolerant nation that treats its indigenous citizens equally and with respect.

Colonisation Overwhelmingly Positive for Indigenous People

Fair Australia spokeswoman and hero of the No campaign, Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, famously told the National Press Club last year that colonisation had been overwhelmingly positive for indigenous people.

Here’s what Family First blogged at the time:

Asked by the left-wing Guardian reporter Josh Butler if indigenous people remained traumatised by colonisation, Price’s response was succinct.

“No”, she said, before elaborating.

“I’ll be honest: no.

“A positive impact? Absolutely. I mean, now we’ve got running water, we’ve got readily available food.

“I mean everything my grandfather had when he was growing up, because he first saw whitefellas in his early adolescence, we now have.

“Many of us have the same opportunities as all other Australians in this country.

“We certainly have probably one of the greatest systems around the world in terms of the democratic structure in comparison to other countries – that is why migrants flock to Australia.

“If we keep telling Aboriginal people that they are victims, well, we are effectively removing their agency… That is the worst possible thing you can do to any human being – to tell them they are a victim without agency and that’s what I refuse to do.”

Clearly rattled by this answer which did not fit the narrative, Press Club President David Crowe of the Nine newspapers asked a follow-up question, asserting that many indigenous people were indeed traumatised by colonisation.

“That would mean that those of us whose ancestors were dispossessed in their own country and brought here in chains as convicts are also suffering from intergenerational trauma, so I should be doubly suffering,” Price said.

Let’s look forward to January 26 with love for our nation and for all of our fellow Australians.


Republished with thanks to Family First Party Australia.

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  1. Kathy Gasper 15 January 2024 at 8:32 am - Reply

    Coles May have stocked merchandise, but it is not in a prominent place (up the back of the store) and my friend had to ask if they had certain items which were duly brought out from the stock room. My interpretation of these actions is one of timidity, unlike last year when Australia Day merch was given a whole section.

  2. Dan 15 January 2024 at 9:14 am - Reply

    Coles is and always has been anti-Australian. This is purely business, not patriotism.

    And how exactly do we “share our prosperity” with immigrants? From where I’m standing we give it all to them, and the scraps to Australians. Maybe.

    Change my Mind…

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