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Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes Gives Glory to God for Chiefs’ Back-to-Back Win

13 February 2024

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Patrick Mahomes is surrounded by other believers at the Kansas City Chiefs — the team that won this year’s Super Bowl.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes gave glory to God after leading his team to a second straight Super Bowl title on Sunday night against the San Francisco 49ers.

“I just gotta give God the glory,” Mahomes told millions of viewers during a live TV interview, just moments after throwing the touchdown pass that secured the Chiefs’ thrilling 25-22 victory.

Mahomes was named the Super Bowl MVP (Most Valuable Player) for a second year in a row, following last year’s win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

In total, it was the third such accolade for Mahomes, who also led the Chiefs to defeat the 49ers in 2020, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

The Chiefs overcame a 10-point deficit at Sunday’s closely contested game, ultimately winning in overtime with just 13 seconds left on the clock.

They are the first team in 19 years to win the Super Bowl back-to-back.

“He [God] challenged us to make us better,” Mahomes told cameras during the impromptu sideline interview. “And I’m proud of the guys, man. This is awesome. It’s legendary.”

Mahomes has regularly spoken publicly about his faith, explaining in an interview before last year’s Super Bowl, “My Christian faith plays a role in everything that I do.”

Chiefs’ CEO Also a Believer

The owner and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs is another outspoken Christian, Clark Hunt, who likewise used the weekend’s victory to point to God.

“I want to thank the Lord for giving us this opportunity,” Hunt said after being handed the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Sadly, some spectators could be heard booing Hunt’s remarks.

However, Hunt is not one to hide his faith to avoid criticism. Two weeks ago at the AFC playoffs — the game the Chiefs won to advance to the Super Bowl — Hunt and his family prayed on-field before the game began.

According to Sports Spectrum, Hunt leads his football team with his Christian faith front-and-centre:

He has built a Chiefs culture centered around faith in Christ, and he makes it a top priority for his staff. He’s even helped organize pregame chapel services for fans and contributed to projects that proclaim Christ in Kansas City and around the country.

“We want our employees to develop spiritually,” Hunt said in October 2019, according to the Tyler Morning Telegraph. “In the National Football League, Christ is really glorified. My identity is my faith in Christ.”

Before last year’s Super Bowl… Sports Spectrum briefly caught up with Hunt to ask him about his faith.

“In our family, it’s faith, family and football, and in that order,” Hunt said. “That’s a challenge, but it’s something we really focus on as a family and it’s the No. 1 thing in our lives.”

Chiefs’ Pro-Life Kicker

Another man of faith at the Kansas City Chiefs is the team’s kicker, Harrison Butker, who contributed an impressive 13 points to the team’s scoresheet on Sunday night.

In addition to his touchdown conversion, Butker kicked four field goals, one of which sailed 57 yards to set a new record for the longest field goal kicked in the Super Bowl.

Butker is a devout Catholic and an outspoken advocate of life.

Following the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory last year, the team was invited to visit the White House. Butker used the opportunity to speak up for the unborn.

“I want to give the most vulnerable, the unborn, a voice at a place where every effort has been made to allow and normalize the tragic termination of their lives,” Butker said in a statement following the visit.

“As a father who has experienced three miscarriages, my wife and I understand the hardships that come with losing a child. Every life is precious and should be valued whether outside or inside the womb.”

One Super Bowl, Two Christian Quarterbacks

While it is uncommon for a Super Bowl quarterback to be a vocal Christian, this year’s big game featured two of them.

Brock Purdy is the San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback and has given several interviews about his faith since his debut with the team in 2022.

Taking the weekend’s loss in stride, Purdy has acknowledged the mistakes he and his team made and what they hope to learn going forward.

He also recently explained that his sense of self-worth doesn’t come from winning or losing, but from God.

“My identity can’t be in football, it can’t be in the things of this world,” he told Sports Spectrum. “It’s got to be in Him.”

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  1. Ian Moncrieff 13 February 2024 at 11:02 am - Reply

    So refreshing that God gets the glory on the big stage.

  2. Warwick Marsh 13 February 2024 at 12:38 pm - Reply

    Amazing story of Christ. Almost a case of REVIVAL in the sports world.

  3. Stephen Lewin 13 February 2024 at 1:11 pm - Reply

    brilliant testimonies ..thank you for posting

  4. John 13 February 2024 at 10:01 pm - Reply

    Ok…If this is what’s on the NFL center stage…I may think about watching again.

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