The War On Children

12 March 2024

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On the 18th of February, Elon Musk shared the documentary directed by Robby Starbuck titled The War on Children. The film is a truly harrowing insight into the reality of ‘wokeness’ and its devastating impact on children worldwide. The West, in particular, is under fire from progressive elites seeking to push sexual agendas on unsuspecting minors.

The ‘Corporate Equality Index’ introduced in America, for example, refers to corporations being required to host three events per year promoting LGBT.

Joe Biden has been careful to place gender indoctrination into the hands of corporate America, most likely to shift liability and culpability. Institutions and corporations being regulated by government are therefore becoming woke arms of political entities, doing their bidding, in the same way as they became communist mascots in the middle of Covid-19, when they pushed mandates onto civilians.

Watch the trailer below and see notes under the YouTube trailer on how to watch the full-length movie.

‘Safe Schools’ programs here in Australia have also targeted the education system. Universities push LGBT propaganda and several ‘inclusive’ well-known corporations. None of these entities appear to realise the damage this does to impressionable children who are beginning to grow up in a society that normalises behaviour which research indicates is typical of sexually traumatised individuals.


According to Starbuck’s documentary, kids as young as five years old are being guided into ‘gender-fluid’ ways of thinking and being exposed to pornography in Western schools. Biden has asked corporations to effectively ‘wokify’ young citizens through the LGBT agenda. Commercials, merchandise and toys are brainwashing children with radical gender ideology.

“There’s an all-out assault coming for the brains of your children,” states an interviewee. The mere ‘exposure effect’ appears to be driving a far-left cultural revolution that will destroy the fabric of society and undermine any semblance of morality that remains.

Social media is one of the technological culprits blamed in the documentary, being a tool that has caused trafficking, sexual exploitation and even suicide in children. Layla Jane, an interviewee, was exposed to LGBT pages set up on social media, which target vulnerable children who have been traumatised in the past. Jane indicates the social media algorithms were most likely pushing the idea of transitioning, onto her.

Victoria Kult, an interviewee, was sucked into pornography at eighteen years of age; an addiction that lasted five years. According to research by Dr Elisabeth Taylor titled ‘Pornography as a Public Health Issue: Promoting Violence and Exploitation of Children, Youth, and Adults,’ hardcore pornography viewing will eventuate in deviant sexual tastes and potential violence or behavioural problems outside of the virtual realm. It uncovers a tragic, deeply saddening reality that is unfolding over the heads of millions of children worldwide.

Insidious Assault

Many of the interviewees in the film are finding social media companies are actively pushing sexually explicit content on users. Pornography addictions are proliferating around the world and getting exponentially worse and more malevolent over time. TikTok is designed to target young people. TikTok is feeding children radical gender theory. Children aged 12 are able to access TikTok, even though the platform is rife with pornography. Kara Frederick indicates children are being sexualised for profit.

Not only are social media companies to blame for this assault on children, but several ‘educational’ institutions claim to help kids discover ‘who they are.’ ‘Community schools’ are being rolled out in educational facilities in America that provide LGBT-geared ‘healthcare’ to children, where they are not required to inform their parents.

According to the film, founding members of SIECUS, a child sex education organisation, have said children are sexual beings. SIECUS partners with b-Vibe, which sells BDSM-themed products.

Alfred Kinsey and his research on child orgasms are also exposed in the film. A deep dive into Kinsey brings to light the sick and twisted reality of his unethical research, which underpins much of the LGBT thinking of today. Kinsey’s research is the cornerstone of modern radical gender theory. Interviewees in the film indicate it is hard not to believe that there is an agenda underway to sexualise children en masse.

Kids who identify as non-binary have greater suicidal ideation and more mental health issues. Detrans, a Reddit group, has grown to 50,000 members this year. These youth are being ignored and left without much aid at their most vulnerable stages of life.

The documentary also features Riley Gaines, a competitive swimmer, who expressed frustration over an encounter with Lia Thomas, who was then a 22-year-old ‘biological male’ who disrobed in front of her in a woman’s locker room. Gaines indicates the trans agenda is erasing the existence of women.

She points out that there is a disadvantage to women when men enter female locker rooms and sports competitions, where men gain access to women and several advantages. Many women advocating for equal female rights are incensed at the injustice that’s beginning to brew.

Female athletes are concerned. Parents are concerned. Elon Musk is concerned. And society as a whole is beginning to wake up, as a result.  Musk has a child of his own who identifies as trans, hence his drive to expose this harmful reality on the X platform, which has gained 33 million views in less than twenty-four hours.

With the latest Conversion Practices Prohibition Bill being tabled in the New South Wales parliament here in Australia, it appears that this nation, like the United States, is set on an unscientific and detrimental trend likely to endanger several millions of innocent kids unless the insanity stops.

The war on children is set to destroy many, unless worldwide pushback stops it in time.


Originally published at The Spectator Australia. Photo by Alexander Grey.

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  1. Leonie Robson 12 March 2024 at 4:52 pm - Reply

    Thanks for this very important article Minny.
    Our children and families are under severe physical and mental attack by the enemy, who is bent on their destruction.
    The more people who understand this and are prepared to stand against it, the better.

  2. Gail Petherick 12 March 2024 at 11:15 pm - Reply

    Thank you Minny for exposing the depth of the war on children, in the US and the west and here in Australia. It is sickening and incredibly wicked and so very alarming. It is beyond comprehension how quickly the change of values has occurred and how the media and giant corporations have pursued such evil and corruption – all targeted at young children and teenagers.
    I hope and pray we can keep fighting against this movement in prayer and also at a Government, school and family level.
    Your article would wake up anyone who hasn’t realized what is going on but it also shares details we need to know. The trailer ‘the war on children’ by Robby Starbuck says it all so graphically too. Thank God that has been released. May it be used to warn many more.
    In early history, kingdoms like Rome rose to power and fame, but then became steeped in debauchery and perversion, and so God let them fall apart and seemingly His judgement fell on them. So shall it fall when ‘Babylon’ the great city falls as in the Book of Revelation.
    For us in the West so much is blatantly shown on TV, on the NET, in films/movies, on phones and in magazines but in other countries e.g. Middle east and Asia these things are hidden. yet God sees all. he will ask an account of how we have nurtured, educated and protected our children. All will have to give an account- individuals, the Govt and business leaders – but meanwhile we must stand up and fight for our children and not let them fall prey to these perverse lies, nor fall into the hands of sexual deviants and predators.
    May God help us pray through, as demonic forces try to steal our children. May we make a stand and help us speak out there we can and support those who lobby in Parliament, in schools, libraries and public places for wholesome values.
    These children and teens are but lambs in a world of lurking wolves. Thank God they have a Good Shepherd who loves them and others who love them, but tragically so many seek to exploit them.

  3. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich 18 March 2024 at 4:22 am - Reply

    One of the most important articles I have ever read ! I voted “NO “to Marriage Equality. I loath Turnbull. Do we want him as a possible Head of State as a President in a Republican Australia ? WHAT benefit to Australia if we become a Republic ? None , in my opinion , only the end of our Freedoms , more attack on religion, and more of this Evil which is the end- product of those many well-meaning idiots who voted “Yes ” to “Marriage Equality “, and, in so doing, attacked the Family.
    Thank you Starbuck , Elon Musk and Dr. Elizabeth Taylor for enlightening people about “The War on Children ” , porn being pushed on children as young as 5; the “Community Schools ” being rolled out in Biden’s US which provide LGBT -geared “healthcare “without the knowledge or consent of parents ; Kinsey’s sick , twisted”research”into child orgasms; SIECS and its partner b-Vibe, etc. Result ? Millions of children sexualised world-wide for profit by Tick-Tok algorithms , leading to brainwashing into trans gender, hard core Porn , violence and even suicide of children. This is the reason why recently male students in a famous NSW school harassed with Hard Core Porn a female teacher which led to her great distress and resignation and the sacking of the male School principal.
    Tick Tok is an attack on Family and still the Albanese Government refuses to ban it and the NSW govt. has introduced a “Conversion Practices Prohibition Bill ” to protect brainwashing children into Trans Gendering , WHY ? Because , to paraphase the article :” it is FAR-LEFT Cultural -Revolution that will destroy the fabric of Society and undermine any semblance of morality which remains “. I fear for Australia’s future and for my unfortunate grandchildren who are prohibited all contacted with me because I am religious and have “old-fashion ” values.
    This malevolent Left agenda will be FORCED on all schools by the threat to cut funding to Catholic and Private schools . WHEN will Australian church leaders show a little backbone and follow Jesus’ example of defiance ( He overturned the tables of the Money-lenders outside the temple ) “my house is a house of prayer !”

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