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Labor’s Latest Attack on Religious Freedom

18 March 2024

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Queensland Premier Steven Miles read 1 Timothy 3, screwed up his face, and said, “Pffft!”

The push to replace Christianity with State-imposed relativism is gathering pace in Queensland.

That’s really just a fancy way of saying the Labor Government wants to destroy Christianity.

Premier Steven Miles will giggle all the way to the gates of hell — and beyond — if he and the demonic hordes comprising his cabinet are not removed from government.

October should not so much be an election as an exorcism.

State Control

Miles’ hopelessly inept administration, not content with destroying the economy and setting fire to law and order, is now intent on banning religious organisations from sacking staff whose lifestyles violate Christian ethics.

In Queensland “my truth” must be protected, and “your truth” must be recognised, but upholding the God-honest truth will be criminalised.

Here’s what they are proposing:

In effect, new laws outlined in The Australian will make it illegal for a Christian organisation to discriminate (by which I mean discipline) a teacher or student who violates deeply held Christian ethics.

A teacher who violated Christian sexual mores — such as having an affair or coming out as gay — would be protected from getting the sack.

And while a school could refuse to take on a gay or trans student, the school could not expel a student who came out as gay or trans after being enrolled.

But the Labor laws go even further than that.

Church Employees

According to legal experts, the new bill would prevent religious organisations from sacking or disciplining ministers who violated Biblical sexual ethics.

While the church says, ‘If you want to commit sexual sin, no one is stopping you, but just understand you cannot be in church leadership,’ the government says: we don’t recognise sin, or apostolic leadership for that matter, so you or anyone must be able to lead in the church.

Steven Miles read 1 Timothy 3, screwed up his face and said, “Pffft!”

The code of conduct that most Christian organisations require staff to uphold upon accepting a position would become worthless. And it would become illegal to uphold Biblical standards of leadership.

The Government is effectively saying that Christian organisations have no authority to require that their distinctives are recognised or respected.

Christianity and its teachings would be made subordinate to those of the State. And how will they do it? By using discrimination to stop what they claim is discrimination.


Impending Doom

Freedom of association is everyone’s right in a democracy. Religious schools promote a particular ethos and worldview for those who want it. But how can religious schools do that if there are people working in them who hold a contradictory ethos and worldview?

Despite all evidence to the contrary, Miles is not completely stupid. He knows exactly what he is doing.

He cannot ban religion, so instead, he will make it impotent and unable to reproduce.

Want to know just how much the Labor Government hates people of faith?

They are proposing to transform religious schools into public schools in all but name, and then pay just 75 per cent of the cost of sending your children there.

I can see the day coming when Christian schools will just close their doors and walk away, leaving state governments to take up the sudden influx of hundreds of thousands of students into an already underfunded, under-resourced and failing state school system.

If you think our kids are struggling to learn now, just keep pushing this absurd intrusion into Christian education and see what real disaster looks like.

Disaster seems to be the Labor way.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio.


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  1. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich 18 March 2024 at 7:17 am - Reply

    Spot on James ! It’s been moving in that direction across Australia since Labor Govts. came to power since John Howard left and Tony Abbott was knifed in the back , which is when I resigned from The Liberal Party and have not voted for them since. I do not like the Liberal Premier of Tasmania(Rockcliff ) because I see him as a quasi-Labor man as he supports Albanese and refuses to do anything about reforming the Tasmanian judiciary , the Attorney-Generals’s Dept , the Tasmania Police and abolishing that the waste of money, the so-called Consumer Affairs Dept, which refuses to do anything and whose standard repy is : “Take it to court !”, and, to reform the Integrity Board which is supposed to investigate corruption by govt. entities or staff , but, refuses to do its job , eg in my case in which my husband and I suffered a terrible injustice because of blatant corruption in one case, and, in another, property damage by police which can never be repaired or replaced to my home security . Things got so bad for the 1st Head of The Tasmanian Integrity Board, that poor , former Assistant Police Commissioner in WA , a woman of the highest Integrity and intelligence , Barbara Etter, was forced to resign almost immediately by the “Boys’Club “. So, she became a lawyer which she no longer practicises as they threatened to have her disbarred ! What is her “crime”? She was the defence lawyer for Susan Neill who was convicted of murder in the most questionable circumstantial circumstances ! I have the highest respect for Barbara Etter whom I regret I have never met , but, I have read her wonderful legal arguments .
    Since Mass – Migration of Moslems this country is full of corruption , murders , violence ,Hard Core Pornography and Sex Trafficking involving Minors. I object to millions of our Taxpayers money being donated to the Gazans who support Hamas , aTerrorist Organisation. Let the Moslem nations take in their refugees and pay for their food , etc. Why should we who live on the other side of the World ? Answer : –because Albanese and Co depend for their re-election on Moslem votes , and, these people are the ones producing the babies , while ours are being aborted or the parents cannot afford more than one child because of the high interest rates on mortgages .
    The Left is determined in Australia to destroy the Christian Religion and the Family and aided, in my opinion by idiots who have always voted Labor or Greens. I was always for Australia becoming a Republic , but, the idea now horrifies me , so, to protect our Chrstian Religion and other Freedoms, I have become a Life Member of The Monarchist League of Australia Inc. because the King does not interfere , plus he represents Christianity and Western Values.

  2. Brian Geytenbeek 18 March 2024 at 2:36 pm - Reply

    Over a period of decades, while doing linguistic work on Aboriginal communities, I have seen wonderful transformations of Aboriginal friends from whom evil spirits were exorcised. James McPherson’s comment about Steven Miles needing exorcism is, alas, true of many of our politicians in both Federal and State Parliaments at present. They should never have been voted into places of power in the first place. Once in, they work towards generating a lot of irrational and often immoral legislation. Australians need to be much more discerning as to who they vote into Parliament.

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