VDARE vs Cancel Culture: How New York’s Anti-Trump Activist A-G is Weaponising Hate Speech

19 March 2024

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Former President Donald Trump and family are not the first victims of New York’s activist Attorney General Letitia James.

The VDARE Foundation, an advocacy group for responsible immigration, has been fending off Letitia’s hard-left lawfare for the past two years.

Publisher and president Lydia Brimelow told Tucker Carlson that VDARE is the subject of ongoing investigations, which originated in New York State’s “hate crimes division”.

There is, Mrs Brimelow said, “no clear trigger,” because the AG has, so far, refused to tell VDARE what her office is investigating.

“It’s been two years of us just being crushed under this burden of investigation.”

The assumed “hate crimes” charge came with a formal written order to hand over every documented interaction going back as far as 2016.

A big call for the husband-and-wife-run small journalistic enterprise.

VDARE’s Facebook subpoena was the most concerning.

“We had not even been on Facebook to interact in many years,” Mrs Brimelow asserted.

Yet, Letitia James’ hate crimes division was “asking for all of the data that VDARE had ever accumulated, created, while we were on Facebook.”

Facebook didn’t just boot VDARE; “every one of the people involved in our organization was kicked off, including myself.”

Personal Cost

In addition, Mrs Brimelow said,

“I had never posted anything political online, at all, but they took all my baby pictures.”

“The video of my daughter’s first steps, which was not saved anywhere else. Facebook still has that.”

Worse, “they’ve told my lawyers that we are too dangerous to get our data back, including my daughter taking her first steps.”

Mrs Brimelow then clarified they have never advocated violence.

Although they are victims of false accusations all the time, such as “white nationalist, white supremacists, racist, xenophobe” – “whatever the flavour of the day is” – VDARE, she said, is none of these things.

VDARE’s reason for existence is to provide a non-profit news service with a strong belief in three core principles:

“1. America is real. 2. Demography is destiny. 3. The cultural identity of America is legitimate and defensible.”

Underpinning these three core principles is their goal of “informing to keep America American.”

This is the most likely reason the anti-Trump A-G has her activist angst in a twist.

For paranoid Critical Race Theory devotees, “keep America, American” is a white supremacist euphemism for “keeping America white.”

Lies and Lawfare

We should all know by now that an accusation doesn’t have to be true for the hard Left to make mud stick.

Activists know that in a world where questions come with the threat of cancellation and character assassination, appearances matter more than substance.

Nothing illustrates this better than Critical Race Theory.

The CRT party line that Letitia James serves, holds to the idea of “whiteness.”

“Everything and everyone white is racist. Racism is everywhere. Even if it’s not.”

This anti-white racism, we’re told, is not racist because it’s “anti-racism”.

The CRT conclusion is that responsible immigration is racist. The recklessness of mass migration isn’t.

VDARE is for responsible immigration; therefore, “that’s hate speech.”

As things go with hard-left activists in high places, ‘the process is the punishment.’

James’ cruel leftwing lawfare is costing the mum-and-dad-run organisation USD $500,000 just to meet the NY Attorney-General’s subpoena demands.

The Brimlows’ annual budget for operating expenses is USD $800,000.

Abusing the judiciary to impose ‘struggle sessions’ on their targets is, in and of itself, a Woke win.

VDARE’s apparent political persecution is another example of woke bigotry weaponising bankruptcy.

This is the same “get Trump at all costs” play.

VDARE will be scrutinised until the NY A-G can match the organisation with a crime.

The same tactic being deployed to bankrupt Biden’s leading political opponent appears to be a weapon of choice for leftist Letitia.

Imagine being fined for paying off your loans on time, then having those lenders defend you.

The state then prosecutes, wins, and the head bureaucrat in charge goes on social media to gloat about it.

There the bureaucrat points out the fine is accruing 9% interest until paid.

If unpaid by the date set by the state, the state takes your hard-earned property, not just your hard-earned money.

Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.

So seemingly vindictive is Letitia James’s game plan, the NY A-G passive-aggressively boasted on X about interest being charged to Donald Trump’s $355-million-dollar fine.

Letitia James’ smug unprofessionalism is matched by her arrogance.

She appears genuinely buoyed by the prospect of commandeering all of Trump’s NYC properties.

This happens if he fails to pay the 355 million (now upwards of USD $436 million) within the 30-day allotment.

The cruelty and spite thrown at the former President is a taste of the cruelty and spite far-left extremists will throw at you, should they ultimately win.

VDARE vs. cancel culture is another canary in the cage.

This example isn’t just reflecting a highly mutated strain of the woke mind virus; it is Death-to-America, Trump Derangement Syndrome on full display.


Originally published at Caldron Pool.

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