Covid Revisited

Covid Revisited: Lessons Learned, Challenges Faced, and the Road Ahead

22 March 2024

4.1 MINS

You are invited to attend one of the most exciting and potentially transformative events of 2024, featuring UK Dr John Campbell (semi-retired nurse) and Professor Colleen Aldous from South Africa.

Covid Revisited — Lessons Learned, Challenges Faced, and the Road Ahead” aims to shed light on the strengths and weaknesses inherent in the approaches adopted, emphasising the consequences of pivotal decisions such as community-wide lockdowns, the prohibition of readily available anti-Covid-19 repurposed drugs, the limited regulatory assessment and monitoring of novel vaccines, censorship and the imposition of vaccination mandates for continued employment.

Watch this recent video below from Dr John Campbell:


Venue: State Library NSW Auditorium 

Date: Tuesday 2nd April, 2024

Time: 8:45 am – 5 pm; Library doors open at 8:30 am


Tickets from March 1:  $140

RSVP by: Monday, 25th March

CPD: 8 Hours

Event details and to book your ticket:

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Covid Revisited


Session 1:

  • Dr Christopher Neil (AMPS President) – Welcome and introductory comments
  • Dr John Campbell – Evidence-Based Communication
  • Professor Gigi Foster – The Covid policy analysis Australia should have done — and what’s needed to avoid a repeat of the catastrophe
  • Emeritus Professor Robert Clancy – THE DISQUISITIVE NARRATIVE OF COVID-19 — Where have all the leaders gone?
  • Morning tea – Tea and coffee station, premium biscuits and pastries (GF, V options)

Session 2:

  • Professor Colleen Aldous- Evidence-Based Medicine (T-EBM) Wheel
  • Professor Nikolai Petrovsky – What COVID-19 vaccines can and cannot do and why.
  • Associate Professor Peter Parry – Big Pharma & Marketing-Based Medicine in the Covid Era
  • Lunch – Tea and coffee station, selection of sandwiches and baguettes (GF, V options)

Session 3:

  • Professor James Allan – Principleless, Panicked and Power-hungry: The Three ‘P’s of Society’s Elite During COVID
  • Dr Melissa McCann – A General Practitioner perspective on the Covid-19 era
  • Dr Phillip Altman – COVID-19 “Vaccines”: A Failure of the Drug Regulatory System
  • Dr Jeyanthi Kunadhasan – Analysis of Pfizer data
  • Arvo tea – water station

Session 4:

  • Workshop session, 1 1/2hr – Run by Professor Philip Morris

Speakers supported by Professor Wendy Hoy, Emeritus Professor Ramesh Thakur, and former Barrister Julian Gillespie.

Covid Revisited

First Three Sessions:

Evidence-Based Communication 

Speaker: Dr John Campbell 

So many issues have been made obvious in the past few years regarding communication, trust and the public understanding of science. Traditional modalities for publication and dissemination of new thinking have become ambiguous, often clouded with claims of vested interests pushing their own ideas to the detriment and even ridicule of any opposing views. Strangely, interventions which are the most expensive have often come to the fore and been officially adopted by our governments.

Investigative journalism, mainstream (legacy) media and medical journals have failed to step up to the plate. For example, excess deaths have been occurring in Australia, Canada, the United States, NZ, the UK and most other ‘Western’ countries. Where are the government and academic investigations, the clamour for answers amongst our elected representatives, the outrage and grief, even the simple questions?

We need to base our thinking, decisions and actions on the best possible evidence, or default to a threatening new dark age. Principles of evidence-based medicine must be re-emphasised: empirical evidence, expert opinion, patient preferences and acceptability.

I propose evidence-based communication will be increasingly important over the next few years. Information that is based on science, explanation of science, expert teaching and explorations of the human experience. Government, science and health care alike should be of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.

The Covid policy analysis Australia should have done — and what’s needed to avoid a repeat of the catastrophe

Speaker: Professor Gigi Foster

Australia’s leadership cadre in COVID-19 times wrought unprecedented destruction upon the Australian population in their charge.  Their actions were informed only by incomplete and politicised sources of information, while dissenting voices were denigrated and suppressed. The process by which this poor policy-making gripped the country for over two years is illustrative of the problems in governance and in our wider society that will continue to damage Australia unless we see and act on the need for change.

In this talk, Professor Gigi Foster will discuss the costs of Australia’s COVID policy response to Australia’s health and wealth, and contextualise this analysis within a broader view of what types of reforms are required in order to avoid a similar tragedy the next time that a perceived health crisis arrives. Particular attention will be paid to the proposal of embedding more direct democratic elements into our present polity.

THE DISQUISITIVE NARRATIVE OF COVID-19 — Where have all the leaders gone?

 Speaker: Emeritus Professor Robert Clancy

Australia has a proud record of managing pandemics over a 120-year period. Led by physicians and scientists, this experience created an enviable public health service and embedded an extraordinary lineage of scientists that have provided international benchmarks in infection disease and vaccine research: Ashburton Thompson, Macfarlane Burnet, Frank Jenner, and Peter Doherty, to name a few!

The momentum of “owned” experience culminated in a national plan for the next pandemic (most recent version 2019: based on the assumption that it would be a viral infection of the airways) developed, coordinated and supervised by Australian Health Professionals.

The “plan” was based on a public health response determined by the epidemiology of the pandemic, a vaccination programme to support the public health initiative and drug therapy based on screened existing medication until and unless specific viral chemotherapy was developed, all in the science frame of modern airway immunology and host-pathogen relationships including 80 years of experience of influenza vaccines.

The Covid pandemic in Australia, did not follow this plan as it was in Sweden. Outcomes from both countries will be discussed. Management of COVID-19 in Australia and most of the Western world was dictated by a narrative developed to support a novel genetic vaccine by international pharmaco-political directives outside of traditional professional operatives.

This presentation will outline how well the core components of pandemic management: epidemiological analysis; vaccine efficacy and safety; and pharmaceutical value, turned out. Focus on the conflict between narrative and science will include comment on the damage done to the traditionally strong and effective medical influence at the centre of Australian medicine. What have we learnt, and what changes must be made?


Photo by Anna Shvets.

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  1. Stan Beattie 22 March 2024 at 11:31 am - Reply

    why has on one in Australia, requested the Police commissioners investigate the crimes here as Brigden has done in the UK. The health officials followed the same directives here, we had similar catastrophic results, and nothing is being done. The medical people are still declaring safe and effective, when the evidence is clear that it is not . WHO is set to do it all over again with disease X. When are we going to say NO

  2. Stephen Lewin 23 March 2024 at 9:35 am - Reply

    Thsnks Kara for all the hard work put into this and other worthwhile medical ebdeavours ..praying for you and Doctors .Professors and upcoming April events

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