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13 May 2024

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How the wokes hollowed out a once-great Christian organisation.

The Boy Scouts of America have decided they will arrest declining membership by becoming more inclusive.

(Cue fits of laughter.)

From 2025, the Boy Scouts will be known simply as Scouting America.

At first, I thought the change was an acknowledgement that girls had been able to join the organisation since 2018.

But no, as always it’s about swearing allegiance to the DEI religion and, in particular, to the gender fairies.

CEO of Woke Scouts, sorry, Boy Scouts America, Roger Krone, told Associated Press:

“Membership is at historic lows. Part of my job is to reduce all the barriers I possibly can for people to accept us as an organisation and to join.”

Not historically low enough, apparently!

Krone continued,

“We want to send a message to everyone in America that they can come to this program and they can bring their authentic self. They can be who they are, and they will be welcomed here.”

It must be nice to be a CEO and get paid millions of dollars to drive corporations and organisations into the ground.

Wait until this moron sees how few people want to belong to his organisation after this latest move.

The Boy Scouts lost half its membership between 2019 and 2021… which is quite an achievement.

In the 1970s, scouting membership topped 4 million. Today, it is barely a quarter of that.

Last year’s Jamboree had 15,000 attendees. It was the first time in Jamboree history, dating back to the 1930s, that the event attracted fewer than 20,000 people.

So what happened?


The Boy Scouts of America was once a great institution that, in its 114-year history, provided training for around 100 million boys in survival, community service and faith.

Take note of that word — FAITH.

Kids from church groups overwhelmingly made up the backbone of the scouting membership.

But when the scouting bosses killed the Boy Scouts by preferring the woke over the faithful, it was only a matter of time before the corpse of this once great organisation stopped moving.

The decline began when, in 2015, the BSA’s new leadership officially repealed a ban on homosexuals in leadership.

This was remarkable since, in 2000, the Scouts had gone all the way to the Supreme Court to prevent a gay man — James Dale — from becoming a scoutmaster.

But having won the right to act as a Christian organisation, the Scouts’ own leadership threw it all away just 15 years later.

The decision to appoint gays to leadership disenfranchised 72 per cent of the scout membership who came from faith groups.

But the go woke go broke brigade was only just getting started hollowing out the Scouts.

Stubborn Delusion

Scouts boss Michael Surbaugh made the surprising announcement in 2017 that the BSA would accept scouts based on the gender they identify with rather than their actual gender.

The embrace of fiction came after an 8-year-old girl named Joe Maldonado was asked to leave her boy’s troop after people found out she was a she.

An organisation relying on church kids that decides to embrace homosexuality and gender fluidity, all in the name of inclusion, should not expect to survive. They excluded their key stakeholders — Christians.

Then, after a series of sex abuse claims, the organisation declared bankruptcy in 2020, having sold or mortgaged virtually every asset it had to pay a $2.5 billion settlement.

Not that many people cared by that point. All the people who valued biology and faith over relativism and secularism had moved their kids on.

Now, you might imagine that after all of that, those in charge would return the Scouts to their original vision — the Christian vision promoted by founder William Baden Powell.

But no. Wokes gotta woke.

So now they’ve doubled down even harder in the delusional belief that if they just became a bit more less Christian, they will turn their fortunes around.

And so a program meant to teach boys to become men — rather than to pander to the latest social fads — is increasingly empty while parents wait to see what non-woke activity will arise to replace it.


Republished with thanks to The James Macpherson Report.

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Image courtesy of Katrin Bolovtsova.

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  1. Teri Kempe 13 May 2024 at 9:40 pm - Reply

    Oh heartbreaking! Scouts used to be such a meaningful, constructive and community minded service organisation. Maybe it’s time for Christian groups to revert to their own role affirming programs to teach lifeskills, service, faith and community responsibility. [Boys Brigade, Girls Brigade]

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