Never Again is Now Mlebourne

Never Again is Now, in Melbourne Sunday 19 May!

15 May 2024

2.2 MINS

Melbourne’s Greeks, Italians, Iranians, Christians and other communities rally to support Melbourne’s Jews at Never Again is Now.

After living side by side for years but never really mixing or taking much time out to understand each other’s cultures, a crisis has motivated Jews and Christians to have a discussion. Knowledge of our shared history is being galvanised.

Mark Leach has worked in Melbourne since February on the Never Again Is Now project that calls all Victorians to stand with our Jewish fellow Australians in their time of isolation and rejection.

The alliance (or the kinship or the association) began tentatively, but yesterday (Tuesday), on a sunny, autumn afternoon, the warm relationships were evident. Jews and Christians from several different countries, stood on the steps of Parliament to call on the authority of the state. They must protect the social cohesion and tolerance we have been so blessed to enjoy. They were a picture of Melbourne’s diversity.

In Victoria, hatred of this small group of people is out of control. We say simply, “Love Thy Neighbour”.

Never Again is Now Melbourne


A pre-event photo and interview opportunity held on Tuesday on the steps of Parliament House included Jasmine Yuen, Australian Christian Lobby; Rabbi Moshe Kahn, President, Rabbinical Council of Victoria; Dale Stephenson, Senior Pastor, Crossway Baptist Church; Pastor Victor
Soo, Reach Community Church; Rev John Smith, Iranian Church for Christ and Mark Leach, Senior Minister, Darling St. Church (Sydney) and the leader of “Never Again Is Now” movement.

Main Event: Sunday 19 May 2024

The first “inter-community” rally to support Melbourne’s Jews will take place on Sunday, 19 May, at 1.30 pm on the steps of Parliament House with “STOP HATE, MATE!” as the theme.

“Whatever one’s views on the Middle East conflict, there’s no justification for the hate being inflicted on our Jewish community,” asserts Pastor Mark Leach, leader of “Never Again is Now.”

This rally transcends religious and cultural divides, uniting Christians, Jews, Greeks, Iranians, Indigenous Australians, Italians, Vietnamese, Indians, Assyrians, Persians, Hindus, and others in a resounding declaration against discrimination and hate. It exemplifies Australia’s vibrant multiculturalism and collective commitment to standing together against bigotry.

The rally marks a pivotal moment in Australia’s fight against hate, forming part of the major “STOP HATE, MATE!” campaign aimed at restoring the social cohesion fundamental to our democratic society. Recent statistics reveal a staggering 738% surge in antisemitic attacks since October 7th, 2023, including assaults, business intimidation and bullying and harassment at schools and universities which underscore the urgency of this community call to action.

With over 3,000 already pre-registered for this event, Mark Leach hopes that even more people across Melbourne’s cultural spectrum will attend the rally on Sunday at the Parliament Steps.

Rabbi Moshe Kahn, President of the Rabbinical Council of Victoria says, “I am deeply moved by the solidarity shown by Melbourne’s diverse communities in rallying to support our Jewish community. This inter-community demonstration of unity against hate sends a powerful message that discrimination has no place in our society.”

Never Again is Now

WHO: Mark Leach, Leader of NEVER AGAIN IS NOW along with other religious leaders

WHAT: Speaking out to promote “Stop Hate, Mate” Rally

WHY: Community support for Melbourne Jews facing unprecedented antisemitism

WHERE: Victorian Parliament House Steps, Spring Street, East Melbourne

WHEN: Rally event is being held from 1.30 pm on Sunday 19 May 2024

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  1. Nat Marsh 15 May 2024 at 10:12 am - Reply

    Love this! Great work Gerardine, and will be praying for Ps Mark Leach and all the team at Never Again Is Now.

  2. Warwick Marsh 15 May 2024 at 10:26 am - Reply

    Wonderful story Gerardine!!!!!

  3. Gail Petherick 15 May 2024 at 10:58 am - Reply

    Thank you , Gerardine and team. What beautiful photos and what a powerful stand against hate and anti Semitism in Melbourne and Victoria. May God bless every aspect of this Sunday coming Sunday rally and cover all who attend in His magnificent cloud of glory and peace.
    May every Jewish person present know the love and solidarity of Australian people and from those who have immigrated to make Australia their nation.
    The call for a stand against the tide of prejudice would never be more vital at such a time as this…Thanking God for the 3,000+ who have registered and who will attend. May God hold back any of a different mind set and speak to their hearts and consciences.
    We have been warned and reminded of1939 pre WW2 there was a similar ground swell of hate and divisiveness by those who had an agenda to use Jewish people as a scapegoat, while the media was used to engender fear of standing with those who loved their Jewish countrymen. Few stood with the Jews- but Dietrich Bonhoeffer was one who blazed the trail and stood for truth and love and God’s chosen people.
    May Melbourne’s rally be the opposite of that -where love, acceptance, dignity and respect of all is demonstrated. May many courageous Christian and others stand firmly with their Jewish brethren and the right to their God given land and heritage, while war drums beat in the distance.
    Lord, Shine your glory over this rally and bring in Your peace and love to conquer hate and prejudice. Amen

  4. Severina Groza 15 May 2024 at 8:46 pm - Reply

    Thank you for organizing this and standing up for righteousness! God bless you all as you continue to give your time and efforts to this vital cause!

  5. James 20 May 2024 at 12:20 pm - Reply

    Yesterday was indeed a successful day, despite intermittent rain, with well over 6000 people in front of the State Parliament in Melbourne. The atmosphere was optimistic and very respectful. We were undaunted by the shouts, drum beats and other antics by a counter protest that the Victorian police kept about 150 yards away from the rally.
    Many thanks to Mark Leach and all who organised this rally. Anti-Semiticism has NEVER been acceptable to the overwhelming majority of “ordinary Australians.” Unfortunately, at various times governments have apparently thought otherwise

  6. Inger Streeter 21 May 2024 at 4:31 pm - Reply

    A very big thank you to Pastor Mark Leach and everyone who walked alongside him.
    The most positive thing that has happened since October 7.
    I live in Brisbane and watched your interview on Sharri .

    Inger Streeter

  7. Gail Petherick 26 May 2024 at 10:23 am - Reply

    Thank you Gerardine again, Darren and Sylvia, Rev Mark Leach and all the organizers, and the police. May the glory of God remain on Parliament House steps and the surrounding area where the rally took place. May the legacy of this rally standing with Israel be remembered by all who attended and may every Jewish person be blessed who hears of it or who attended. May the Christians and others who stood with Jewish brethren also be blessed and may the Melbourne Police be rewarded for the hard task they carried out so amazingly. May Melbourne people see the tide is turning against hate and anti-Semitism, back to love and honor of the Jewish people. Let all know and remember that they are God’s chosen people who also remain innocent when their nation has been attacked once more by their enemy. They are simply defending their own nation and people and hostages- and have done all they could to obtain pace with their neighbors until the Oct 7 barbaric attack changed everything.
    Most of all to God be the glory for great things he has done – with many willing and courageous Christians who have stood with Israel and share in her grief at this time. Amen

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