‘Skews Right’

27 May 2024

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Proof that political descriptors ‘right’ and ‘right-wing’ have lost all meaning: Ad Fontes Media’s Media Bias Chart places Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi’s Racket News on par with Fox. ‘Skews right.’


As Alex Berenson pointed out, Taibbi is,

“… the former Rolling Stone writer who famously called Goldman Sachs a ‘great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity’ but who these days is called conservative because he, like me, does not endlessly parrot the elite media consensus.”

Personally, I think of Taibbi as Hunter S. Thompson’s natural successor in refining gonzo journalism for a digital news audience, minus the alcoholism (I assume), and with a good degree more discipline.


Eugyppius can help us make sense of how someone like Taibbi might get boxed into the right in these polarising times:

“In this new world, being ‘on the right’ has acquired a different significance; it simply means ‘not being on the left.’ Thus libertarians, free marketeers, the traditionally religious, gun enthusiasts, free speech advocates and even certain strains of environmentalists who are not worried about carbon dioxide all find themselves ‘on the right’.”

It’s not just ‘not being on the left’ though. It’s also not being far left enough.

As an example, an old friend told me I ‘skewed right’ after I expressed misgivings about taking an experimental gene therapy, and confessed that I read a broad range of news media, not just left-leaning news like The New York Times and the ABC.

My Political Compass map at the time, next to my friend’s:


That’s me, on the left, ‘skewing right.’

Soon, it will just be Good People, and Nazis. In some quarters, we’re already there.



Republished with thanks to Dystopian Down Under. Image courtesy of Vincent M.A. Janssen.

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