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The Christian Group Supporting Up-and-Coming Aussie Artists

30 May 2024

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Australian Christian Records is a brand-new independent music label dedicated to helping young Christian Aussie talent get off the ground. The group has already signed its first artist, with their first release dropping on 14 June.

In early 2023, Adelaide-based EDM artist, DJ and producer Aaron Duff teamed up with Nathan Stanley, a composer and electronic music artist, to establish Australia’s first independent Christian music label, Australian Christian Records — what they are calling “the future of Christian pop”.

The Daily Declaration spoke with Aaron Duff about the story behind ACR and how the label is working to support up-and-coming Christian artists.

A Christian Indie Label Targeting Gen Z

According to their website, the group aims to support “outstanding, young Christian artists, singers, songwriters, producers and other creatives who are starting their careers” — offering young artists free access to studios as well as “mixing/mastering services, music distribution and radio play, gigs, promotions and connections to industry insiders”.

They also partner with organisations like “Heart Song Music Festival” to support and promote Christian music festivals across Australia.

Speaking exclusively with The Daily Declaration, Aaron Duff said he was excited to see what God would do with the label, which aims to impact young lives “through the power of uplifting pop music written with a Christian perspective on life”.

“We have a team of talented young artists and producers that can’t wait to share their talents and stories with Australia and the world.”

He is hopeful that he can uncover many more emerging Christian creatives as the label gets off the ground — urging young artists and producers to get in touch with him via the ACR website or by joining the Australian Christian Musos Network, which he helps administrate.

The group is not connected with any particular denomination and has a ministry focus — Duff explained that “any profits are invested back into the label and the careers of our artists.” His vision is to “be just one part of a thriving Christian indie music scene with our artists on the radio and headlining both Christian and secular festivals in all states of Australia.”

Australian Christian Records

Why Start an Independent Christian Music Label?

Duff explained that there were a range of factors that prompted him to start Australian Christian Records. Perhaps the most obvious was the disappearance of a once-thriving independent Christian music scene.

“Having produced underground electronic music for 10 years and wondering how I could use it for God’s glory, I decided I would find a Christian record label to produce for. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any in Australia…”

Australia’s indie Christian music scene hasn’t always been this quiet, however. When Duff was nineteen, he travelled to a Christian music festival in regional Victoria that included headline acts like two-time Grammy Award-winning rock band Audio Adrenaline and the Newsboys alongside local talent like the Grammy-nominated Paul Coleman Trio and rock band Antiskeptik.

That experience led Duff to join a local youth group, which provided him with an essential Christian support structure and friendships that have endured to this day. But he is worried that today’s Zoomers are missing out.

Australian Christian Records

Secular Pop Has No Competition

Duff has observed a shift in the music industry towards exclusively church-based bands, which has forced many Aussie Christian artists to choose between the “praise and worship” industry — as a part of big Australian churches like Hillsong or Planetshakers — or a move to Nashville in the United States.

This has left Generation Z Aussies (those born from 1997 onwards) with little wholesome and uplifting pop music that can compete with that created by many of today’s morally questionable secular pop artists.

“As a father of two teenage children, I’m very aware they face unique challenges to overcome. Knowing they are not alone in their faith and have confident Christian role models they can look up to is so important. With some notable exceptions, I unfortunately don’t see too many relatable role models their age in Australia today, and within the music scene so many of the most popular songs are filthy in their language, have cheap morals and no message of hope — and let’s not talk about the music videos!”

Since launching Australian Christian Records, Duff says he has been “blown away” by the support it has received and is “excited to start sharing all we are working on.”

One such project is the launch of their pioneer artist (LILLI)’s debut EP, Nostalgia, which is set for release on 14 June this year. Nostalgia can be pre-saved via Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music and other platforms in advance of its 14 June release.

The Daily Declaration also spoke to LILLI about the upcoming launch of her first EP and signing with Australian Christian Records — something she said felt “surreal”. That article is forthcoming.


First photo: Supplied (Heart Song Festival: Aaron Duff on the far left, Nathan Stanley on the far right. Liv Christie, Festival Director of Heart Song, is second from right.) Second photo: Aaron Duff’s website. Third photo: Australian Christian Records

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