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Farage Factor Anchors Reformed UK’s Fight to Save Britain in General Election D-Day

11 June 2024

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The Farage factor is inbound and on board for the July 4 UK General Election, in what is fast becoming a metaphorical D-Day.

The political difference between now and 80 years ago?

This isn’t a Battle for Britain, it’s now a fight to save what’s left of Britain.

By entering the race, Nigel Farage’s former Brexit Party has put what he calls the social democrat uni-party – made up of the Conservative-lite Tories and Marxian-woke UK Labour – on notice.

His chief political aim is modest.

Prompted by political realism, Farage isn’t overestimating his chances or underestimating those of his opponents.

With how bad the conservative infighting and inaction have been, he believes the election is done and dusted.

UK Labour will win government, he predicted, adding that all that’s left to find out is what kind of majority UK voters will hand them.

Alongside widespread concerns about uninvited Islamification, and unvetted mass immigration, Nigel Farage said his decision to step up was influenced by supporters.

In an intimate update on X, Farage explained his reasons, saying he realised the reluctance to lead Reformed UK into the carnage was letting millions of supporters down.

“How could I? In fact, how dare I, let down these millions of people who helped me gain the biggest constitutional win for centuries by getting the UK out of the EU.”

So, he added, “I changed my mind. I’m going to do it.”

A Credible Choice

Crediting Tony Mack for stepping aside – Mack will take on a role as campaign manager – Farage said, first, “I’m going to stand, and I’m going to stand in Clacton.”

Second, “I’m coming back as the leader of Reformed UK, not just for this election, for the next five years, up until the 2029 General election.”

Farage said he believes the election is “done already,” stating that Labour will win and there’ll be no real opposition, because the Tories will be too busy fighting each other.

“They will not form a coherent opposition to a Labour government led by a socialist, Sir Keir Rodney Starmer, that is going to be at best incompetent, perhaps even worse than that,” Farage argued.

“They’re going to nationalise energy production, to turn us all Green; well, I think, goodness only knows what that’s going to cost everybody.”

Determined to make Reformed UK a tour de force with a serious political punch, he said, “For democracy to function, there needs to be a proper coherent opposition voice, and that is the short-term aim of Reformed UK.”

The aim is to “get a bridgehead into that parliament to provide the voice of opposition.”

Farage then welcomed any conservatives on the “right side of the argument” to join Reform UK: “That is just great.”

“We’re not here as wreckers. We’re here as builders.”

As Caldron Pool reported in January, Farage’s decision to enter the fight is neither a backflip nor is it an act of desperation.

Although cagey, Farage has never completely ruled out another Westminster re-run.

He also polled well in Clacton earlier this year, suggesting he could win the Essex seat.


Notably, the Brexit pioneer’s bombshell announcement triggered the usual left-wing double standard on extremism and political violence.

In what could have been anything from acid to anthrax, Labour supporter and OnlyFans “model” Victoria Thomas-Bowen lunged at Farage, throwing her milkshake over him, as he left a pub on the campaign trail.

Celebrating the attack, Stand Up to Racism snarked, “Looks like Farage will be met with opposition in Clacton”

Seemingly inciting the attack, the same group posted a day earlier on X, “We call on anti-racists everywhere to support our campaign to stop him and fight to keep racism out of the election.”


Responding, popular public thinker Konstantin Kisin said the acceptance of left-wing political violence is “largely a product of the fact that left-wing extremism is never actually described as extremism.

“What is considered extreme is pointing out that there is a problem with any of this.

“Destroying your country’s history and culture is not considered extreme, but defending it is,” he concluded.

Tommy Robinson, another “Stand up to Racism” target, rightly criticised the Left’s intimidation tactics, saying, “Whatever you think of Farage, he shouldn’t have to live like this.”

Woke-Marxian extremism is another reason for Farage’s fight to save what remains of Britain.

He was infamously debanked in 2023 for political reasons.

He was berated, threatened, and accused of spreading misinformation when he called that out.

To this is said, “If they can do it to me, they can do it to you.”

Reformed UK isn’t just THE party of Brexit, it’s also the first anti-lockdown party.

In April 2020, an initially supportive Farage baulked at COVID rules saying, “I will not be put under house arrest by police and politicians, or anybody else.”

Farage furthered the Left’s hatred by joining the groundswell of discerning voters who rejected the West’s “ridiculous” walk hand-in-hand with the CCP down lockdown lovers’ lane.


Republished with thanks to Caldron Pool.

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  1. Jim Twelves 11 June 2024 at 9:57 am - Reply

    Rod, thank you for bringing this to us on our alternative media DD. Lets look a little closer, we might admire or loath Nigel but consider this. Here is a leader with passion that people, some people, a lot of people, respect. Now we might loath Nigel, but what are we saying about the millions who respect him?
    Let’s rejoice that we might be seeing the germination of an effective opposition in the UK. This is nothing to do with racism or divisive policies, its simply democracy.

  2. Stephen 11 June 2024 at 9:59 am - Reply

    so glad Nigel running in my Granfathers and Mums home aeea of Essex an Essex boy who chsllenged ex PM Blair to stiop the rot of embracing EU wayd ,i say a big thank you and praying some common sense etc comes into government there and slso here and Western World in esoevislly education. defence, i.migration , family, housing etc

  3. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich 11 June 2024 at 10:23 am - Reply

    i pray Farage stops the rot of the UK from extremists within.

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