March for Life Brisbane 2024

Pro-Life Advocates Take a Stand at the March for Life Outside Queensland Parliament House

20 June 2024

2.7 MINS

by Michael Howard

“Pro-life is pro-woman”

That was the message of Brisbane’s March for Life rally on 8 June.

The event saw hundreds of pro-life supporters gather in the CBD, promoting the dignity of human life and protection of Queensland’s most vulnerable.

A number of pro-life voices spoke at the rally, including Member for Traeger Robbie Katter, Australian Christian Lobby chief executive officer Michelle Pearse, and advocates Annouska Firth and Dr Joanna Howe.

Under Queensland law, babies who survive late-term abortions are refused medical attention, and effectively left to die.

More than 240 babies have survived late-term abortions and died between 2015 and 2022, according to an answer provided by Shannon Fentiman to Mr Katter in Parliament.

Ms Fentiman is the Minister for Health and Ambulance Services and Minister for Women.

Mr Katter is leading the charge to put an end to Queensland’s infanticide dilemma, with his proposed bill in the Queensland Parliament back in discussion again.

Robbie Katter MP

Robbie Katter MP

Mr Katter’s private member’s bill looks to put a stop to this practice, and save babies born alive in late-term abortions.

“I can’t get my head around the wickedness that’s sort of involved in that way of thinking,” Mr Katter said.

“One of my cousins has a daughter with Down syndrome, and my sister has a kid with autism, and I suppose there’s a lot of people out there that think they should be knocked on the head when they’re kids,” he said.

Speaking Up

Dr Joanna Howe is a Professor of Law at the University of Adelaide, and has amassed a large online following as a pro-life voice.

Speaking about the proposed changes to the law after the march, she said, “The new bill will treat babies born alive in Queensland (after abortion) no different to any other baby.”

“I put my life and career on the line for this,” she said.

Dr Joanna Howe - March for Life

Dr Joanna Howe

“Daily I am getting threats, I’m getting harassed, I’m getting bullied.”

Dr Howe spoke about her interactions with midwives, and how she had to protect the identities of those who were willing to speak up about the reality of Queensland abortion laws.

The bill would protect babies like Xanthe, whose story Dr Howe has been vocal about.

Xanthe survived a late-term abortion in late 2020, and was left without medical care for seven minutes, abandoned in an empty hospital room at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

Pro-life supporters said it was for babies like Xanthe the March for Life took to the streets.

Growing Movement

Cherish Life executive officer Matthew Cliff, who helped organise the rally, said the march was a success.

“We got even more people than last year, and there was a great atmosphere around the whole thing,” he said.

“It’s great because we often feel as individuals that we can’t do much, but then when we come together in these marches, we kind of see ourselves as part of the movement.

“It kind of gives people a bit of encouragement.”

Mr Cliff said although the political side of things was crucial, the personal testimony of advocates like Ms Firth were even more important.

Ms Firth is a part of the Right to Life Association of Western Australia, and spoke about her own experience with abortion.

Ms Firth said that after her first abortion at 25, she woke up feeling empty inside.

“From my very cold core, I had been shredded apart,” she said.

“The sound of a baby crying would send me into panic attacks. I had horrific nightmares and I was diagnosed with PTSD.”

Ms Firth’s experiences have led her to become a pro-life advocate, sharing her story across the nation.

Queensland law allows for abortion up to birth, and has seen the death of hundreds of gestationally viable babies.

Numbers which have doubled since the laws were first introduced.

Abortion supporters also attended the rally, eventually needing to be separated from pro-lifers by police.


Republished with thanks to The Catholic Leader. Images courtesy of Cherish Life.

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