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Parents Face Prison for ‘Misgendering’ Children

25 March 2021

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Parents are now facing jail for resisting the trans agenda:

When normality and common sense are outlawed, and when the radicals are in charge, you can expect to see a lot of ordinary folks suffering big time — even being thrown into prison. It is now commonplace, and not a day goes by when we do not learn of some new, horrific case of this taking place.

As radical leftists further consolidate their hold on all the levers of power — be it the media or politics or law or the schools, etc — they are increasingly making it difficult for ordinary people to live ordinary lives. They have in fact declared war on us: they don’t just want us to agree with them, they want us to bow down and fully support their diabolical agendas.

And the trans war on everything is certainly a case in point. I have featured far too many horror stories of how the trans militants are causing chaos and destruction and are targeting ordinary folks who dare to not embrace their maniacal revolution. And those who refuse to submit are certainly paying the price.

Consider one of the latest outrageous examples of this. It involves a Canadian dad who might spend five years in prison, all because he will not use a bogus pronoun for his own daughter. Many have already covered this appalling story. Here is how the US-based Liberty Counsel has discussed it:

Imagine you notice a sudden and unexpected change in your young daughter’s dress, demeanor and behavior. Then imagine discovering that without consulting with you, the school had been telling your child she “is a boy in a girl’s body.”

Worse yet, imagine discovering the school has superseded your parental authority by arranging to have your daughter secretly injected with life-changing irreversible hormones.

Such is the case with Rob Hoogland of Surrey, British Columbia, who now faces up to five years in prison for calling his precious daughter a “girl.” And lest you think this would never happen in America, we are working with parents who, except for the prison threat, have experienced the same thing.

The problems began shortly after the local government school showed a series of “transgender-affirming” movies. Shortly thereafter, Hoogland says, school counselors began pressuring his young daughter to believe she is a boy. Worse yet, the school arranged for the girl to be injected with testosterone, despite the fact the father would have objected had he known.

But even though the government school system has been dispensing harmful, irreversible “treatments” to his daughter without his consent, the father, not the school or its employees, is facing five years in prison!

“Rapists get two years in prison. I’m looking at five years. Put that into perspective. That tells you how important this is to the government in their experimenting on children,” Hoogland said.

A Canadian Supreme Court judge assigned to the case, who is known for LGBT activism, says that Hoogland’s refusal to use male pronouns, a male name or to refer to his daughter as anything other than a “girl” is “family violence” — a term that used to be reserved for actual violent acts.

Another write-up says this:

“I’m thinking about these doctors. Here I am facing time in prison,” Hoogland said to Arthur Schaper of Mass Resistance in a Zoom interview. He continued that these two doctors, who are so proud of their work transitioning children, are simply cowards in hiding.

“They are continuing to commit what I consider crimes against humanity. And they are using the government to silence me so that I can’t call them out on this. If they are so proud of it, why are they in hiding? Why won’t they come out and tell everybody how great it is what they are doing?” he added.

He said that this says a lot about what they’re trying to hide. They don’t want you to be aware of what they’re up to with your children. They don’t have to tell parents what’s going on because it’s disguised as a “regulation.”

“What they will tell you is that it is used to protect children from their parents. How insane is that? Because, they are saying, ‘Parents are biased, parents will discriminate, parents will do all these terrible things because they don’t agree that their child who is a girl, is really a boy. So we need to protect these children from their parents,’” according to Hoogland.

He stated that they’re getting children out of school for hormone injections at recess. Parents are unaware of what is happening until it is too late. Parents are no longer told that their child is being “transitioned.”

This is not a stand-alone case. It is happening throughout the West. It is not only tearing families apart and criminalising parents, but it is just as harmful to the children involved. Consider one recent report in The Australian:

A leading expert from the Dutch clinic which pioneered puberty blocker drugs for children distressed by unwanted sexual development has sounded the alarm about gender clinics around the world “blindly adopting” this approach without research.

Dutch clinical psychologist Thomas Steensma said the influential Amsterdam gender clinic did not know if its original “Dutch protocol” of puberty blockers followed by cross-sex hormones and surgery should be used with today’s different and poorly understood patient group.

“Little research has been done on treatment with puberty inhibitors and hormones in young people,” Dr Steensma told Dutch media. “That is why it is also seen as experimental.”

The Dutch protocol has inspired rapidly expanding youth gender clinics across the developed world, including in Australia, with the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne campaigning in 2019 for extra money to become the first public children’s hospital in this country offering on-site transgender mastectomy as well as the hormonal treatments.

The 2018 RCH trans treatment guideline for minors — which relies on research by Dr Steensma and his Amsterdam colleagues — is used for medical interventions across Australia.

In a submission to the Senate inquiry into media diversity, RCH gender clinic director Michelle Telfer has defended her clinic’s treatment guideline following concerns reported in The Australian, saying it was “accepted as the current gold standard care”.

There are plenty more such concerns that the experts have been sharing for years now. Yet the activists and the adults pushing this are unconcerned — so beholden are they to radical sexual ideologies. And as is so often the case, our children are the ones who especially suffer because of all this.

In her very important new book Irreversible Damage: Teenage Girls and the Transgender Craze (Regnery, 2020), Abigail Shrier tells of the many horror stories that are happening because of the trans revolution. She has spoken to many girls, parents, doctors and therapists and she knows full well of the huge harms involved in this radical social experiment.

Some of the closing paragraphs in her book are worth sharing here. She writes:

[I am concerned about] a population we seem to have abandoned in pursuit of identity politics and progressive bona fides. A group that should, by right, be making us awfully proud, but instead seems to be teetering on the edge of disaster, the brink of despair– teenage girls. They hold the very possibility for our future. If only they weren’t tearing themselves apart.

Expressing concerns about teens suddenly identifying as trans has become politically unwise and socially verboten — hateful by definition — an alleged assault on all transgender people, genuine and ersatz. But of course, the social contagion captivating teens has nothing to do with those who have suffered gender dysphoria since childhood and, in adulthood, fashioned for themselves a transgender life.

The fanatics — both transgender and, just as often, not — exploit an honest struggle that besets this tiny few to bully and harass any who might point out the sudden craze captivating our despairing young. Many trans adults I talked to apologised for the trans activists that claim to speak in their name. It’s important to remember that activists are the most extreme members of any group.

All the institutions we’ve built to keep young people from making irreparable mistakes have failed them. The universities, the schools, the doctors, the therapists, and even the churches have been won over by a dogged ideology that claims to speak for a more important class of victim.

Girls who’ve been sold the promise of metamorphosis hold in their hands a bill of goods. But they retain one last redeemable asset: the parents who have never stopped worrying and still hope for a call. As far as I can tell, this card never expires.

I encourage you to get her book. She makes a powerful case for urging great caution about the trans revolution. And she has paid a heavy price for doing so. As has Rob Hoogland and so many other concerned parents who are losing their own children to this monstrous agenda.

While the militants and activists are getting away with murder here, ordinary mums and dads are being vilified, attacked, and even imprisoned for their concerns for their children. Welcome to the combined version of 1984 and Brave New World.


Originally published at CultureWatch.

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