Day 5: Evangelism Begins and Ends With Prayer

5 May 2021

4.4 MINS

Doing the Lord’s work in the gospel harvest begins and ends by connecting with His heart.


“He who continually goes forth weeping, bearing seed for sowing, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.”Psalm 126:6

When we are in the place of prayer, we are in a place in the Father’s heart where we hear His heartbeat for those He created who have not yet come into intimacy with the Father God through His Son Yeshua.

When we are in the secret place, in the early hours of the morning, we can hear His heartbeat when there are no disturbances. This quiet place carries us throughout the day and into encounters where He prompts us to share His love with a person that we might meet that day.

The way it works for me is that the Lord highlights to me people with mobility problems, e.g. a walking frame, a walking stick or a cast etc. Many times, I am out of my ‘comfort zone’ when He prompts me to reach out to someone, but it is the Father’s heart working through me compelling me to reach out. Sometimes these encounters come together beautifully, and the person receives a prayer and is blessed. At other times my reaching out is rejected.

Last week, my husband Kym and I were having a break on Kangaroo Island at a Christian hotel called Kingsgate Haven. We went to The Deck cafe to have breakfast. I felt that I needed to reach out to the lady in black at the counter, and so in the middle of my breakfast, I went up to her and said, “I just want to bless you so that you will have a blessed day.” She thanked me and was very open.

Later as she came to serve a table, I noticed that she was limping, and I did not even know that she had a problem. Again, we chatted, and I asked, “What happened to you?” She told me that she had been in an accident and was now limping. I asked her if I could pray for her, and right there in the café, she accepted the prayer and was grateful. These are special moments in the Lord that we cannot plan for or prepare for. We are walking in Him, in His grace and sharing His love.

1 Corinthians 3:7 tells us that “neither he who plants is anything, nor he who waters, but God who gives the increase.” My style may not be your style, but as you walk with God, He will give you opportunities that are just tailor-made for you and the person you encounter. When one feels an urge, an emotion, even a teary sadness for an individual, this is the Holy Spirit working through you so that you can reach out to that person with the compassion of the Lord.

It has taken me a long time to understand these promptings of the Holy Spirit. Yes, we live by the Word of God and obey His commandments but there is a different kind of being led by His Spirit into specific areas which a Scripture may not cover.

Some believers are reapers like Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke, and other evangelists that we might be aware of. As for me, I know that I am a sower. Mostly, the people I reach out to tend to be unchurched, and it is a matter of breaking hard ground in a loving way to plant a seed of God’s love through a prayer encounter where His compassion is displayed. Very often, I do not feel emotional at the time but when I leave the individual, weeping comes upon me as I travail for that soul.

In these encounters, it is the Lord who does the reaping. We do not get the glory: all glory goes to the Lord alone.

And then the praises start when a person comes to the Lord and is baptised. Indeed, even the angels rejoice! Often, the person’s family realises that they have a new family member who is different from before.

Praise the Lord for His amazing grace that is upon our lives—not just so that we are blessed ourselves but so that we can also be channels of blessing. As Genesis 12:2b affirms, we are blessed to be a blessing to others. “You were called to this,” 1 Peter 3:9b adds, “that you may inherit a blessing.”

Perhaps, even as you are reading this devotion, things are a little clearer about how the Lord wants to use you. 2 Corinthians 6:2b declares that “now is the day of salvation”. It is always ‘today’ with the Lord. It is my time, it is your time, it is the time for the man or lady He has chosen for you to encounter. God lives in the eternal now.

And if we make a mistake, He even gives us grace for this learning curve. He is truly “altogether lovely” (Song of Solomon 5:16a).

Come, dear brother and sister, and say “Yes Yeshua, I can move at your prompting to reach the person you are highlighting to me today.” You, like the psalmist, will doubtless come again, bringing your harvest sheaves with you.

Eternity will reveal all. Our work down here has a ripple effect, and you will not know until the Lord shows you one day how each act of kindness affects not just one but many lives for His glory.

Lord Jesus Christ—Adoni, Yeshua, Moshiach. I come to you as Your child saying. “Please use me in Your end time Harvest to bring sons and daughters to your heart”. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer Points for May 2021
1. Pray for Revival and Transformation for Australia
2. Pray for 1 Billion people worldwide to hear the Gospel
3. Share the Good News of Jesus with 5 people

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Nel lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her husband Kym, and leads a ministry called Celebrate Israel, which is a prayer and support ministry for Israel. She is also a prayer leader with Love Adelaide, which is a pro-life ministry.

Before leading Celebrate Israel, Nel was the prayer leader for Rahab Ministries for about five years.

Kym and Nel fellowship at Field of Dreams Church Maylands; both are active in local, national, and global ministries, and have ministered in various nations.

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