Reasons that Roe v Wade is Losing the Public’s Support

9 December 2021

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As Roe v. Wade enters the news cycle once again, abortion advocates have plenty of reason to be frightened and pessimistic. The pro-life side has seen a resurgence in recent years. Find out why.

Several years back, an average of seven abortion clinics closed each month. No wonder Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, is frantic about securing federal funding: 70 per cent of abortion clinics in the U.S. have closed over the past 22 years.

By their recent abandonment of the “pro-choice” rhetoric, it is evident that Roe’s supporters also recognise that pro-life forces are prevailing with the American public.

Why the Pro-Life Position is Gaining Ground

One of the reasons for this is that far too many abortions are for frivolous reasons. Moreover, the abortion movement does, as one pro-choice insider has criticised, lack gravitas. Its arguments and its rationale lack depth, legitimacy, and logic.

The pro-life movement is getting increasingly more sophisticated and effective. Additionally, science and technology are on the pro-life side. As sonograms get higher definition and more parents-to-be post them on social media, the pro-life cause strengthens.

One study tracked seventy-five patients, and all but five changed their minds about abortion after seeing a sonogram of their baby in the womb. The facts about the child in the womb revealed by science and technology are changing America’s view of abortion. Many Americans are now asking, “What Hath Roe Wrought?”

Studies Document Harms to Many Women from Abortion

The harmful experiences of many post-abortive girls and women raise questions about the unquestioning promotion of abortion in America. The refusal of abortion advocates to even consider the potential harms to women’s health and well-being is particularly odd.

study in Finland that used official government data showed associations (there is no way to show causality) between abortion and dire outcomes. In a one-year study, abortion was 3.5 times deadlier than childbirth, suicide was seven times higher among post-abortive women, and deaths from homicide were four times higher among post-abortive women.

British study (published in the British Journal of Psychiatry) reviewed over one hundred international studies and found a link between abortion and mental health problems.

Abortion advocates have gone to great lengths to discredit the evidence linking abortion and breast cancer. They point to nearly a dozen articles denying the link. Yet, a peer-reviewed analysis of those articles published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons points out serious methodological weaknesses and flaws in the studies that deny a link. The research concludes that there is an increased risk for breast cancer after an abortion.

More and more Americans are asking why these concerns are so quickly dismissed. Do we not care about women’s well-being?

Too Many Abortions Are Driven by ‘Designer Baby’ Goals

Another disturbing aspect of today’s abortion problem is so-called “therapeutic” abortions. At least “92 per cent of babies found in prenatal testing to have Down Syndrome are aborted”. And at least 73 per cent (some researchers believe the rate is 80 to 100 per cent) of unborn babies believed to have neural tube defects, such as spina bifida, are aborted. 

There are numerous reports of women being pressured to undergo prenatal testing in order to “diagnose disorders or undesirable disabilities early” so that the mother can “easily undergo an abortion.” In effect, the doctors and abortion advocates are playing God and “saying that human beings born with physical and mental disabilities are not fit to live.”

There is also the ugly contradiction between the fact that abortion is being “sold” as a matter of “women’s rights” when at the same time the more frequent target of abortion is the “girl child” in the womb.

These two alternatives are mutually exclusive – you cannot embrace abortion and then turn around to condemn sex-selection abortions. The United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA) reported in 2007 that there were at that time at least 60 million “missing” girls due to sex-selection abortions or neglect of the girl child.

Planned Parenthood’s Corruption and Targeting of Minorities

As more Crisis Pregnancy Centers open up around the nation, more abortion clinics close.

More information about Planned Parenthood is being exposed. This includes the criminal charges brought against them, the cover-ups of underage rape and abuse, the videos of personnel protecting pimps involved in child sex trafficking, the unseemly profits of an organisation that claims to be non-profit, the misuse of taxpayer funds, and overcharging the government.

As Planned Parenthood’s abortion numbers continue to climb, fewer people buy into their advertisements about being a “women’s health facility.”

Americans are discovering that the abortion industry targets minorities for abortions. Black girls and women have more abortions than white women, and they have more than one-third of the total number of annual abortions.

Further, abortion clinics are disproportionately located in minority neighbourhoods. The public is also learning that abortions are, increasingly, a matter of selfishness or convenience rather than a health necessity. Far too many abortions are second, third, and even fourth abortions, making it obvious that with repeat abortions, the girl or woman is using abortion as a means of birth control.

Every Abortion ‘Statistic’ is a Tragedy

While public policy organisations analyse “trends” and look at abortion in the aggregate, every abortion “statistic” is a tragedy for two: an individual girl or woman and her baby.

The pro-abortion advocates offer that girl or woman the opportunity to erase her “mistake” and get on with her life, as though nothing happened. But science and technology are now showing her that, indeed, something did happen. With the widespread use of sonograms, more and more people realise that “abortion stops a beating heart.”

In addition, more and more Americans understand that the abortion industry, founded on Roe decades ago and led by Planned Parenthood, is a business. It is a very lucrative business – more dedicated to the bottom line than to women’s or children’s well-being.

Originally published at American Thinker. Image via USA Today.

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  1. Christine Stevens 10 December 2021 at 11:10 am - Reply

    Focus on the Family has run a program across the USA facilitating sonograms for women considering abortion. They estimate approx 500,000 babies have been saved from abortion. They have found when, through sonograms, mums meet the child growing inside her God uses that moment to change hearts and minds and save lives. They estimate over 54% of abortion-minded women who receive counseling and an ultrasound choose life. Below are links explaining:

  2. David Williamson 11 December 2021 at 3:49 am - Reply

    I am a man. My concern is for the mental health of the women choosing abortion. I would expect that there will be both short-term and long term issues. The sexual act to produce a fertilised ovum has the linking of two minds and bodies to become one at least during and after the sexual union. This leaves a personal memory of the union, consciously or unconsciously. Where there is some regret that the unique character of the union may or will be breached, there will be mental responses which can be very challenging, potentially fuelling an even greater sense of regret at giving in to the other person. Hopefully, this regret brings the decision not to engage in “free” sexual activity outside of the covenant relationship of true heterosexual marriage.

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