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We Are Witnessing the Birth of a New Religion

29 April 2022

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Transgender ideology is becoming sacrosanct, taken as a fact and not permitted to be questioned or criticised. It is treated as a sacred religion by those who actually believe in it. This has implications for all of society.

I don’t think most people believe that “trans women are women”, even when they say it.

I think most people who say it are afraid not to say it.

And then there are a small group of people who say it to make those who don’t say it afraid; very afraid.

“Trans women are women. Trans women are women. Trans women are women.”

Woke Confession

If you’re on social media, you would have seen everyone from the United Nations to US President Joe Biden and London Mayor Sadiq Khan repeat the phrase.

“Trans women are women. Trans women are women. Trans women are women.”

It’s like a religious confession; a sacrament of woke, if you will. When you say it, you prove that you have abandoned truth in order to fully embrace the new religion. You are a believer.

Repeating the woke liturgy is a way of signalling to everyone else that you have converted and so you won’t be any bother.

No matter how ridiculous or absurd things become, you won’t question anything. You’re a loyal member of the congregation of woke. You’ll go along to get along. And don’t the Emperor’s new clothes look good!

Total Control

If you secretly yearn to control and boss others around, the “trans women are women” confession is especially appealing.

Imagine having the power to bully people on social media or to get them fired from their job for not agreeing with obvious falsities.

Up is down! And if you don’t disagree, you’re a bigot who should be run out of town.

Imagine having that kind of power!

Forced to Lie

In George Orwell’s famous novel, 1984, Winston Smith is repeatedly asked how many fingers his captors are holding up. He is tortured every time he gives the correct answer. But he is rewarded when he gives the incorrect answer.

He is trained to lie and only allowed to get on with his life when his rulers are confident that he has bought the lie and will not deviate from it.

Consider what is happening today …

  • Claim 1: A man cannot become a woman
  • Claim 2: A man can become a woman
  • Claim 1 is obviously true, but if you say it, you may lose your job.
  • Claim 2 is obviously a lie, but if you say it, you may get hired and/or promoted.

Most people are going to stick with Claim 2, right?

I say all of this to say that it’s smart to remember that when you hear someone say “trans women are women”, they probably don’t believe it. Not even a bit.

They are saying it out of fear.

Or they are saying it just to let you know they have power over you. They’re putting you on notice that if you dissent, they will hound you off social media and perhaps ruin your livelihood.

So why not just go along. What’s the big deal? And besides, if it makes people happy, then isn’t going along with it a kind thing to do?


Going along with trans ideology is one of the worst things we can do.

If they can make everybody bow down to this foolishness, as they are in the process of doing, then this foolishness will quickly become a sacred creed that no one can question, if indeed it has not become that already.

Our children learn that 1+1=2; ABC is followed by DEF; and “trans women are women”. Within a generation, it becomes impossible to even question. They are taught “trans women are women”, not just as an unquestionable empirical truth but as a moral truth.

This has consequences.

A society that begins with a false premise will arrive at false conclusions and end up with huge contradictions. Terrible decisions will follow.

Girl’s sport will become a pantomime. A man, like Lia Thomas, will win every event. Fellow competitors will applaud while muttering under their breath, “Cheat!”

And within a few years, young girls will realise there is no point in dreaming of playing sport.

Women’s spaces will become unappealing and, increasingly, unsafe, as women are forced to share bathrooms and prison cells and domestic violence shelters with men.

This is already happening.


But there is something yet worse happening that no one is talking about.

Having people repeat the mantra “trans women are women” destroys the moral fabric of the populace.

When you force the population to tell lies — to themselves and to their own children — you weaken their character, and you make them pliable for worse evils.

To say “trans women are women” is to willfully distort reality. When you speak nonsense, you eventually think nonsense.

If cultural elites can make you believe that men can get pregnant or that men can have periods, then they can make you believe anything at all. Anything.

While it’s true that most people don’t believe a man can become a woman, the frightening thing is that the majority are willing to pretend that they believe it. What other untruths might people be prepared to pretend in order to get along?

Where does a society like that end up?

We are witnessing the birth of a new religion and, with it, the potential for all kinds of evil.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.
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Photo by C. Percheron.

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  1. Martin 29 April 2022 at 8:52 am - Reply

    The problem here is that 1 in 59 people (1.7% of the population) are born genetically and/or physiologically part-male AND part-female to a greater or lesser degree (Intersex people – the “I” in LGBTI) while only as few as 1 out of every 30,000 people identify as “transgender”. How many of those transgender people actually have an Intersex condition? What you have written is incredibly hurtful to so many of these people who through no fault of their own are not a “simple” binary XY Male or XX Female.

    How can you criticise the process of recognising these poor people as being a “religion” when it is instead compassion? Isn’t compassion what we as Christians are supposed to be all about?

    1 in 500 males have a genetic condition (Klinefelter’s Syndrome) where they have XXY or XXXY or XXXXY chromosomes which often gives them a body and musculature that gradually feminises as they get older, often growing breasts at puberty.

    Then there are even more serious conditions like CAIS (Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome) where people are born looking and sounding completely female and often only find out that they are actually genetically XY male at puberty. And there are over 1,250 people with CAIS in Australia, around the same as the number of people who identify as transgender in our nation.

    The fact is that 52% of all these Intersex people identify as non-heterosexual and up to 20% of them admit to suffering from gender dysphoria which is not surprising when your body doesn’t seem to know if it is male or female. 🙁

    In contrast, only somewhere around 1:30,000 up to 1:1,000 people are classed as Transexual but what do we always hear about? Transexuals. We brush off Intersex people as being too small a percentage to be relevant despite them being *more* prevalent than we care to admit.

    Considering the greater stigma against admitting to having these Disorders of Sexual Development (DSD), how many instances of a child or teenager or adult suffering gender dysphoria are actually an Intersex person but we’d never know as that would not be publicly disclosed for privacy reasons?

    These poor people have no choice in their genetics but so many crucify them as “sinners” when their very nature is messed up or pointing in a different orientation. Would God really convict them of “sin” in these cases where their nature is not a matter of choice? God after all is a Just God.

    I personally am attracted to the female sex and feel repelled and have to turn away when I see blokes passionately kissing on TV because I am heterosexual. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I was encouraged or forced to change my in-built biological/genetic orientation or be told it was sinful.

    Now all of that said, I do not believe it is healthy or right for anyone to switch their gender identification or orientation or have a sex-change operation just to “experiment” or as a “choice” and yes there are certainly some people who identify as gay because of abuse or less physically obvious hormonal or physiological conditions, but what I see so often is these people saying it is not their choice – it is their nature.

    This is why I am slow to condemn and desperate for compassion and understanding and empathy to rule when I hear about a kid being counselled for gender dysphoria or whatever. Who knows if they have an Intersex syndrome?

    The Bible says both Male and Female have been made in God’s image, which means God is both Male AND Female. Perhaps we should allow in our theology for the fact that there are also humans who through no choice of their own, are born part Male and part Female as well.

    As Christians we need compassion, not condemnation please everyone. 😞

  2. Dick Nicholls 29 April 2022 at 9:23 am - Reply

    Another great article, thanks James.
    I’m becoming convinced more and more, that if you reject God; you become irrational.
    Maybe the new religion is based on rejecting God and rational objections.
    The outcome of this evil is that the evil one will steal, kill and destroy more abundantly.
    But God………

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