Hamas praises Albanese Govt

Hamas Praises the Albanese Government

20 October 2022

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We may have alienated an ally, but look at the new friends we have!

The Albanese government’s latest foreign policy move has received generous praise… from terrorists.

The decision to reverse Australia’s recognition of West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has pleased all the wrong kinds of people.

Within hours of the move, Palestinian Islamic Jihad praised Australia.

A courageous step and a victory for the Palestinian cause and narrative,” they said.

When your foreign policy is being praised by jihadis, you might want to rethink it.

But it wasn’t just the old boys at Islamic Jihad going all Allahu Akbar for foreign minister Penny Wong, peace be upon her.

Hamas was also pleased with the ALP, welcoming Australia’s decision as “a step in the right direction”.

When a terror group says you are taking a step in the right direction, you know you are going in exactly the wrong direction, or in this case the Wong direction.


Not that the Labor government cares.

Sure, we have alienated a friend and ally. But on the plus side, look at all the new friends we have!

If only the Taliban and Islamic State loved us like Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad now love us.

Give it time. Labor are working on repatriating a dozen ISIS brides!

The Albanese government can’t cut your electricity prices by $275, but they can kowtow to jihadis.


The Morrison government recognised West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It’s true that they took some heat for doing so, particular from Muslim majority Indonesia.

But that angst has since subsided.

There was zero reason for Labor to reverse the decision. There was not a single thing to be gained from it, except to demonise Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East.

The decision was announced by Foreign Minister Penny Wong, who said Australia would go back to recognising Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital.

Since when do we tell other nations what their capital city must be? It is to be hoped the nations of the world don’t start telling Australia they will only recognise Toowoomba. But I digress.


Wong said Australia had only decided to recognise West Jerusalem because then-Prime Minister Scott Morrison was chasing Jewish votes in Eastern Sydney.

“This was a cynical play, unsuccessful, to win the seat of Wentworth and a by-election,” she said.

What would Wong know about “cynical”?


Wong reckoned that recognising West Jerusalem as the Jewish capital undermined the prospect of a peace deal with Palestine. Really? Wong knows full well that Palestinians claim East Jerusalem, not West Jerusalem, as the future capital of a state of Palestine.

As for the prospect of peace, Israel’s “partner” in the peace process, Hamas, have as their stated goal, the “obliteration” of Israel.

The Albanese government’s decision to insist that Jerusalem is not Israel’s capital is a sop to Arab nations and to terror groups who, far from wanting peace, want Israel to be destroyed.

Slowly but surely, the hard ideological Left of the ALP is beginning to tighten its grip over this government.

But don’t worry. Wong reassured the Jewish community that “Australia will always be a steadfast friend of Israel”.

Which, I suppose, explains why Penny Wong forgot to tell the Israeli ambassador that the government no longer recognised Jerusalem as their capital.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.

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