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29 November 2022

2.6 MINS

Watch the Prayer Launch for Great Southland Revival and get up to 40% off pre-orders for the book.

After much anticipation throughout 2022, Great Southland Revival is finally available for pre-order. The Canberra Declaration has already received pre-orders for around 600 copies of our latest book. Read on to find out about a special pre-order discount code available for a limited time.

On Monday, we held the Prayer Launch for Great Southland Revival. Joining us on the call were Jenny Hagger AM, Dr Mark Harwood and Ps Jeff Daly. Each of these leaders had read the book in advance and written an endorsement for it. On the call, they shared their reflections about Great Southland Revival and prayed for its release. We were very humbled and encouraged by their words.

Watch the Prayer Launch below.

‘A Book I Could Not Put Down’

Jenny Hagger AM is the founder and former director of the Australian House of Prayer for All Nations. She has given our new book a glowing endorsement, writing:

Great Southland Revival is an exciting, glorious account of the manifestation of heaven upon earth, through the demonstrated power of the Holy Spirit expressed in revivals. This book is an incredible encouragement to all who have been called to weep between the porch and the altar, crying out to the King of Glory to awaken His church and bring in the harvest for His reward.

Dr Mark Harwood is a scientist, writer and the Speaker Coordinator for Creation Ministries International (Australia). He wrote the following commendation after reading Great Southland Revival:

Warning: Do not read this book — that is, if you do not want to be challenged and inspired! But if you realise that our nation is rapidly deserting its Christian heritage, with far-reaching consequences, and if it is the earnest cry of your heart to see revival sweep across Australia once more, then you will be greatly blessed by reading Great Southland Revival. What a wonderful encouragement it is to discover how God has moved powerfully in every part of the globe, drawing people into His presence through revival after revival. Kurt and Warwick have provided a comprehensive survey of revivals through the ages, dispelling many myths along the way, and revealing wonderful accounts of the Holy Spirit at work in the hearts of people from every ethnic group and nation. Especially encouraging are the accounts of revival amongst Aboriginal people that have had lasting positive effects on their communities. What God has done before, He can and will do again. Come, Holy Spirit, come!

Hailing from California, Ps Jeff Daly is the founder of the National Day of Repentance and the director of Jesus Christ Fellowship. He was equally glowing about the Canberra Declaration’s latest publication:

Great Southland Revival is a book I could not put down. It could not be more timely. Kurt and Warwick give wonderful details from the book of Acts until today of how the risen Christ has moved to advance His Kingdom through hearts and minds zealous to follow His way. As an overview of earlier revivals in Australia and all over the world, it is a great resource. But its best feature may be its encouragement for each of us this very day to turn to God, to start our own revival, thanks to His loving presence and His wish for each of us to become more like Him.

Get Up to 40% Off Pre-Orders

We have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement towards this project, and amazed at how many pre-orders have already been placed.

To pre-order your copy of Great Southland Revival, visit the Canberra Declaration’s online bookstore. You can receive 5% off all pre-orders placed before 6th December using the discount code PREORDER6DEC.

In addition to the 5% off, you can save up to 40% off by buying in bulk. Many of the orders we have received already are for quantities of 2, 5 or 10 books, and even whole cartons. Great Southland Revival is the perfect Christmas present to give to family and friends.

Find out more and place your pre-order here.


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  1. Kaylene Emery 29 November 2022 at 11:59 am - Reply

    My order is placed and I am anticipating reading Kurt. Thank you both and thanks also to those who so generously gave of their life experiences. Both personally and professionally.

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