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Religious Freedom and Education Forum: A Snapshot

20 March 2023


(Editor’s Note: This Religious Freedom and Education Forum did not include Lyle Shelton in Group A standing as an independent on behalf of Family First in the Upper House for the 2023 NSW State Election. You may feel that you would like to add him to your list of possible candidates who are making a strong stand for religious freedom.)

Held at New Hope Church, Caves Beach, New South Wales, the people in attendance were eager and attentive to hear what the speakers had to say on many topics. The state of degradation we continue to see happening across Australia is obvious. Being equipped with good information is critical in the lead-up to the NSW election on March 25.

The speakers in person were Michael Andjelkovic (Independent, and community campaigner on religious issues), Joel Jammal (head of Turning Point Australia), Tania Mihauluk (One Nation Candidate for the Upper House), and Host Ps. Colin Grigg (One Nation Candidate for the Upper House). Joining via a video message was Dr Con Kafataris (from CAUSE — Coalition Against Unsafe Sexual Education).


Michael Andjelkovic

(Beginning at 1:23)

Michael explained how he attended a religious issues rally with Mark Latham, who set out the findings of the Ruddock Report on Religious Freedom and Discrimination in NSW.

He has represented the Serbian Orthodox Bishop and challenged Federal and State legislation. He is part of the Australian Christian Alliance and Australian Religious Alliance.

He explained how in 2019–2021 an inquiry on religious freedom in NSW was knocked back by all major parties.

He presented a petition for us to sign and share, needing 20,000 electronic signatures by 11th May, in order to trigger a debate.

He named independent Alex Greenwich (incumbent for Sydney) who has pushed major Abortion-to-Birth and Assisted Dying Bills, which would never have passed had Gladys Berejiklian stood up for Conservative Liberal values.

Due to Scott Morrison’s complete failure to pass proper religious freedom legislation, we have no protection at either State or Federal level. Labor and the Greens do not support Religious Discrimination protection at all.

On the upcoming NSW 2023 election, Michael said:

“At State level, we must send a message; vote for One Nation, Lyle Shelton, and Liberal Democrats. Vilification laws are coming… both Chris Minns’ Labor, and Premier Dominic Perrottet support this. Minns has said he will introduce this within the first 100 days of his administration. Anti-conversion laws are coming too…”

During Q & A time he stated:

“Many people have close ties to one ideology; there is cross-party collusion. Our system is ‘white anted’ by committees and deals being done on abortion and voluntary assisted dying and anti-conversion laws that change the dynamics of government.”

Dr Con Kafataris

(Beginning at 8:15)

Con referred to his work and survey on “Conversion Therapy” in his booklet ‘Free To Change: A Survey of 78 Ex-LGBT People’. Thankfully, he said, it was printed before Victoria, under Dan Andrews made it illegal to print it.

Same sex marriage passed in 2017. Five million Australians voted no, and around 4 billion Christians, Jews and Muslims around the world consider it sin.

We need equal protection for our views, as much as LGBTQ rights’.

After the Ruddock Report kicked the can of Religious Freedom Protection down the road to Federal jurisdiction, nothing was achieved.

Penny Wong in fact appears to be determined to overturn the protections we have. For example, Christian Schools should be able to protect their students for the pervasive woke rainbow agendas and select their staff on values akin to Christian beliefs.

Con was in the last meeting Scott Morrison held, regarding religious freedom, and he says that the Prime Minister went back on everything he then promised.

“The Mark Latham Bill is a good Bill. The majority of Faith leaders support it; some with amendments. It would have protected Israel Foulau. Fourteen MP’s got together to look at the report and eleven agreed upon it. It didn’t even get a second reading in Parliament. They talk about the dangers of conversion laws and want to ban coercive practises. Rubbish! … they are not in practice in this day and age… they want to ban parents’ rights to seek help for their confused children… preachers and churches to speak on it. Queensland, ACT and Victoria have made it illegal, and the Andrews Government will actively prosecute you for even publishing material questioning and advising…. parents will be pursued should they try to take their child outside the state for help or seek treatment.”

Chris Minns and Premier Perrotet have both committed to bring in similar laws, but have said “We won’t ban preaching!” This statement unsettles him, as we now know what to expect from government and leaders drunk on power and control.

“These laws are a Trojan Horse; Minns’ introduction of Villification Laws will include Insult and Offend, and it will be the individual’s perspective on how they felt, to determine if the law was broken.”

“We can protect the individual, but also be allowed to criticise the concepts. Their Freedom of thought and speech will equal no freedom.”

Colin Grigg

(Beginning at 23:45)

Colin is number 4 on the One Nation ticket for the Upper House, my friend and recently retired Pastor.

He reminded us that Gender Therapy cannot be reversed. Schools are promoting gender questioning and gender change from the age of seven.

This, he reminded the audience, is a spiritual war: Satan versus Jesus.

“We need to deal with the parties on the Christian side of politics, and although One Nation is not a Christian Party, it stands up for the rights of Christians that the other parties have ignored and abandoned…. they operate in control and that is equal to witchcraft…. they want us to stop preaching, so much so that the they want the only churches to exist are those who will agree with the Government… people ask about Romans 13, how we should submit to the government, but Paul never told us to agree and submit to corruption…. once the government gets in they do whatever they want. There may come a time when we will, like other countries become the underground church.”

Joel Jammal

(Beginning at 29:30)

After losing his job in construction due to lockdowns in 2020, Joel found himself drawn to politics and the call for freedom.

He quoted Dr Con Kafataris, saying that in his view “Religious Freedom is the Christian’s Battle of Britain”.

“We have abdicated responsibility. By not engaging.” He loves the quote by Jordan Peterson: “Where a responsibility is abdicated, opportunity lurks”.

This abdication of responsibility has been the case in Australia for the last 50 years in Australia. Joel lives in southwest Sydney, in one of the local government areas (LGAs) that suffered greatly in the lockdowns. They were strict, harsh, and unrelenting. And strangely enough, actually targeted. The same LGAs, 12 of 16, who voted NO on same sex marriage. You may call that a coincidence? But perhaps it isn’t. Those areas are greatly populated by people of faith.

‘There are many things that we can do. But political problems need a political solution.’

Joel quoted the Bible where in many instances of the Old Testament, the Jews may be ignoring God. And then a non-Jew does what needs to be done. His example was the exile, where all seemed lost for so many years. Yet King Cyrus allowed them to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. Perhaps it’s people who are running in One Nation, who may not all be Christian, but get the job done.

He believes that if we fight back, and One Nation gains the balance of the power in the Upper House, NSW could become the ‘Texas of Australia’ overnight. Why? Conservatives from across the country would flock here for freedom.

Tanya Mihaliuk

(Beginning at 40:15)

Tanya has been getting ‘really good vibes’ from people in regional NSW about One Nation. Their deep interest and love for the people of this country has been evident to her. (Kinda good for a city-slicker!)

Tanya was a member of the Labor Party for 27 years. The member for Bankstown for 12 years, where her electorate was severely impacted by lockdowns. Tanya was mayor when Paul Keating was her local member and Prime Minister. Back then, she said, Labor stood for something. They had some sound economic policies. They had visions for jobs. But Labor now cares for nothing but social engineering. They used to be champions for people of faith. But not now. They are incapable of standing for people of faith. The abortion debate — when she was a backbencher — brought that to light.

Deals had been done, proposed by Alex Greenwich. And all introduced by him. She tried to stop the legislation on euthanasia.

At no stage, she says, did the peoples’ opinion matter or was of any significance. There were no surveys done. Everything was prepped, written down and dusted and there were never discussions to any of the amendments; they were not considered at all.

In the NSW Census, the vast majority identified as people of faith. We have had 12 years of Liberal government, yet the religious freedom and education bills have been introduced by Mark Latham. Not the government.

They completely disregard people of faith. In working on the religious freedom bill, 11 of 14 voted to direct the government to put legislation to Parliament. 75% support for it as it was, plus 5% with amendments. The government quashed it for federal legislation in the waiting — which never happened. In the end, it was voted down.

Tanya went on to explain that One Nation will reintroduce that Bill. And a parental rights bill as well.

Academia, she says, is failing dreadfully. Why are we not teaching children numeracy, literacy, history? Parents are also being alienated. But are welcome to serve on kitchen canteens and bring stuff to the school that’s needed. It’s getting harder all the time, she said. Agendas are out there. At One Nation, we don’t support gender fluidity. Let kids be kids. Get back to the basics of playing in the playground, drawing, reading fairy tales. We need to reintroduce parental rights. Teachers don’t need to be politicians.

One Nation, she said, advocates for common sense policies. Mark Latham and Rod Roberts are just two people. And in their time in Parliament, 85 bills have been introduced to try to stop the Liberals running mad.

She cited concerns of normal people, cost of living, education. People of faith, and the stigmas that are attached to it, really concern her. She should know. She’s a Christian. The statement, ‘I am a Christian’ is demonised. She referred to the outrageous antics on The Project’s television programme just last week, where Jesus Christ was the subject of a crude, horrible, sick joke.

She reminds us that every vote counts to get the balance of power. The Liberals have a tainted pool. And people desperate for people of conservative values.

In Q and A time, Tanya also spoke of One Nation’s commitment to reintroduce school inspectors, because it’s hard to know what’s being taught anymore. We need to raise concern about the bureaucrats, the heads of departments who can’t answer basic questions due to political correctness. When asked what she thought were One Nation’s three critical issues she answered:

  1. Religious freedom.
  2. Parental rights.
  3. Tap into resources because NSW is a rich, abundant place (Tanya had been the Shadow Minister for Natural Resources).

I was impressed with Tanya’s brave stand on abortion. She’s courageous. When I raised this issue with her, she said that there were times as she walked through the halls of government that people would snigger and laugh. She’s a tough lady. She’s seen the good and the bad in both politics and human nature. I honour her for her pro-life stance.

A Friend’s Observation

An old friend sat beside me at the Religious Freedom and Education Forum. She works at a Christian School. She saw firsthand the damage of mandatory vaccination laws at work amongst her peers. She told me a highly disturbing story of a pregnant teacher pleading with her school principal, “Please don’t make me do this.  I don’t want this vaccine!” Of course, it fell on deaf ears.

Her observation was this:

“Leonie, where’s all the young people tonight? Are they so dreadfully brainwashed that nobody is here?”

But there were a couple. Our guitarist and his girlfiend — our sound engineer. She’s in her final year of teaching preparation. She has to report everything she does and teaches. Already she is being told what is expected of her year when she goes out full time. Believe me when I say it ain’t pretty.

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  1. Kaylene Emery 21 March 2023 at 3:50 pm - Reply

    Dear Leonie
    Your article is perhaps my most shared yet, and that’s saying something. As I read then Re read I felt like a proud mother, just because I know you. We kinda know each other now don’t we.
    May God continue to bless you and Ivan and , of course your beautiful family.

    • Leonie Robson 21 March 2023 at 3:56 pm - Reply

      Thanks dear sister.
      Yep, we know each other well.
      So very blessed to have you in our lives.
      You pray for us and your words of support and wisdom are always appreciated. xx

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