Time to Resist the Destructive Trans Revolution

19 April 2023

6.2 MINS

We must take a stand against this pernicious social ideology.

The trans activism we have been witnessing for the past decade or so is not just a bit of social adjustment, but is a wholesale revolution. It is an all-out war on absolutely everything, including women, children, biology, sanity, and reality itself.

When some of us were warning decades ago about where capitulation to the homosexual activists would lead, we were mocked, scorned and ridiculed. Now we have every reason to say “We told you so.” This will never end well. And when you have woke wonders in high places pushing this, things are guaranteed to go from bad worse.

Consider the moonbattery of Joe Biden who proclaimed March 31, 2023 as Transgender Day of Visibility. He said this: “You make America stronger, and we’re with you.” Um no, those who have mental and emotional issues need to deal with them, and we should not allow our children to be butchered and damaged for life to please adult activists.

This is how America and the West are being destroyed, not strengthened. As one meme making the rounds on social media rightly said:

“‘Privilege’ is having a Trans terrorist shoot little kids in a Christian school and then getting a new Trans holiday created by the White House 4 days later.”

Everywhere we look we find the trans agenda being rammed down our throats. Whether we like it or not, everyone must bow down and worship at the new trans altars. And the number of woke corporations getting on board has been so very discouraging to see.

Consider all the recent madness of a man dressed up as a woman becoming the face of things like Bud Light and Nike. I refer to Dylan Mulvaney. You will find him all over the place, and plenty of people are getting really sick of it already.

Indeed, the good news is there is a huge backlash already underway. As is so often the case, to go woke means to go broke. As one article states:

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh celebrated the beatdown Bud Light took in the marketplace after the beer brand partnered with self-identified transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Various data show that sales for draft beer products produced by Anheuser-Busch, the firm which controls the Bud Light brand, fell as much as 50% over the past week as drinkers chose alternative brews. Distributors and prominent bars across the country reported that consumer interest in Bud Light has plummeted as consumers reacted to the company’s partnership with Mulvaney, a male who says he is transitioning into a female. Share prices for Anheuser-Busch InBev took a considerable hit in the weeks after the partnership went public: the firm was worth $132 billion on March 31, the day before the partnership was revealed, and plummeted to $113 billion as of April 13.


Good! And we must continue to emphasise that all this trans madness is a direct and sustained war on women. Any gains women may have made over the centuries are being wiped out in mere months by the trans zealots. A terrific piece on this that just appeared in the Washington Times by Cheryl Chumley is worth quoting from:

Mulvaney is not female. He’s male. The fact he won’t acknowledge that means he’s living a life of lies. Then came Bud Light and Nike, compounding the lie by enabling the liar and trying to force all of society to embrace the lie. Have you seen Mulvaney’s videos? Heavens to Betsy. This guy is job security for the psychologists of the world. But enough is enough. It’s bad enough that Mulvaney is getting head-patted, rather than head-shrunk.

It’s even worse that real women of the world have to endure this guy’s widely shared video caricatures of female-ness. Mulvaney’s interpretations are nothing short of offensive. His portrayal of women is tripping toward misogyny. Real women don’t really spend their days donning athletic bras and leggings, plastering on grotesque smiles, then aerobically dancing like dolts. Genuine women don’t sit with their fellow fake female friends and wonder aloud, on a YouTube video, for all the world to watch, whether or not “girlhood” is “inspiring.” Enough of the degradation to the fairer sex.

She concludes:

Democrats, socialists, Marxists, collectivists know that with enough chaos comes collapse. And they know that once society collapses — once the family unit is destroyed — once the very foundational truths of humanity are decimated — then the doors open for Democrats, socialist, Marxist, collectivist takeover and seizure of power.

Don’t for a minute think that leftists care about transgenders and transgender rights. The entire LGBTQ community already has equal rights. Leftists are simply exploiting the mental illness of those who populate the LGBTQ world for political purposes. If it destroys womanhood in the process, so be it. But again, enough is enough. Mulvaney is a destructive force and an aberration of womanhood — of humanity itself.

God made male and female in His image. Count them. There are only two sexes. They are not interchangeable; they are not individual choices. If America will not insist on this simple truth, if Americans are too afraid to insist on this simple truth, then America, like Rome, will soon fall.

Absolutely. And while plenty of non-Christians are also taking on the trans militants, we can use more Christian leaders to speak out.


Carl Truman recently spoke to this. He asks in his title: “Are evangelical leaders as courageous as J.K. Rowling?” He begins:

It is a well-established trope today that evangelical Christians were on the wrong side of cultural debates in the past and that present generations must therefore do public penance, whether the issue is racism or sexism or whatever. That raises the question of what issues the evangelical establishment might be misjudging today that will lead to future disdain towards this generation of evangelical leadership. Here is my suggestion: the issue of transgender ideology.

Why do I say this? Two reasons: first, transgender ideology is leading to the promotion of medical practices that mutilate the bodies and permanently ruin the lives of children too young to elect to have a tattoo. Second, it is destroying women’s rights through its impact on private spaces, safety, and (trivial but true) sports. Given that both the political and the medical establishment are fully on board with this madness, we might say that we are living at a moment when the institutionalized abuse of women and children is not just grotesque. It is also catastrophic.

And if anyone thinks that the politicians pushing this vicious garbage are operating from a position of knowledge and informed nuance, they should read the recent transcript of former Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon explaining why trans women are real women unless they happen to be vicious male rapists. In short, trans women are women unless that identification might prove to be a liability at the ballot box. Sturgeon, like most pro-trans politicos, has merely been reciting a liturgy that plays well to a certain lobby group—a liturgy, however, that has harmful real-life consequences for real women.

Yet, for all of the evil that is being done to confused children and vulnerable women, it is some feminists who are speaking out on this. Kathleen Stock, the feminist philosopher, remains one of the most consistent and vocal opponents of the trans madness, even at the cost of her academic job. Abigail Shrier is another. And most famously author J. K. Rowling continues to speak courageously on the matter, though woe betide any who defend her, as Pamela Paul can now testify. It is right and proper that Christians give thanks for these voices.

Silence in the face of this evil is culpable and, make no mistake, will be noted by future generations.

He finishes his piece with these words:

The trans issue might well collapse in the coming decades. Indeed, I am actually very hopeful that it will. But sadly, if it does so, it will only be after the pile of mutilated children’s bodies, ruined families, and shattered lives has reached a critical mass. That is why it is imperative to speak and act now, to make such damage as minimal as possible. The stakes are very, very high, and, as the case of Nicola Sturgeon demonstrates, the political leadership class is wickedly committed to the most incoherent and evil of policy paths. These people do not really care about helping trans kids or women. They care only about using the trans issue to drive their own careers by imposing their own irrationalism on the rest of us, whatever the cost in innocent lives.

The time for evangelical leaders and institutions to speak is now. The moment to use the platforms we have to protect women and children has come. If J.K. Rowling has the courage to stand for the truth and to call for the protection of children and women, then so should we. Silence in the face of this evil is culpable and, make no mistake, will be noted by future generations.

Yes, it is always easier to apologize for the past than do the right, and costly, thing in the present. But perhaps this time we might pre-empt the need for any future evangelical apologies by doing the right thing at the right time, though it cost us in the short term a light, momentary affliction.

The trans revolution is one of the most pernicious, destructive and diabolical movements being pushed by the secular left. The amount of damage it is doing is incalculable. It is high time for a major push-back. Will you be part of the resistance?


Originally published at CultureWatch. Photo: Screenshot of Sky News/Youtube.

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  1. Kaylene Emery 19 April 2023 at 2:43 pm - Reply

    Amen !
    The very fact that the trans community are so utterly vicious, is I think, why so many are silent. Don’t they know that compliance actually strengthens the bully?

    Unless our church leaders are willing to speak, they will loose their flock. And so they should !
    Thank you Bill for being a real man.

  2. Kaylene Emery 19 April 2023 at 4:08 pm - Reply

    I had to break from this article for a while. I googled that quote “ Be a man for me and not a coward” . To no avail.
    I first heard Morris West speak it, and cried . This was back in the days when I could not cry , so it’s a very significant quote – for me.
    Our men n boys have been vandalised. Now our women and girls are the target. Not just some, women and girls , but all.
    We need men to stand beside as never before. I commend Moira Deeming’s recent interview on sky news. Can’t copy n paste the link right now….long story.

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