Day 19: Dancing with the Lover of My Soul

15 September 2023

2.7 MINS

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That we shine with the glorious love of Jesus wherever God plants us.


“You turned my mourning into dancing; You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing Your praises and not be silent. LORD my God, I will praise You forever.”

– Psalm 30:11–12


At the age of 40, after going for my annual medical check-up, I received a call from my doctor informing me that my tests indicated ovarian cancer. I was admitted to the hospital the very next day.

I hung up the phone and immediately began to dance and sing, “You’re still working miracles. I’ll trust in You today”. When I informed my family of this news, each one broke into tears. I found myself comforting them and saying, “Everything is going to be okay. God is with us”.

I was placed in a room with a lady who was not a believer. God had set it all up. She was awestruck by my many visitors. Behind her curtain, she’d lie in bed listening to our joy-filled conversations, and she heard them pray sweet prayers of faith for my healing – and for hers. No one had ever prayed for her before. Warm tears would soak her pillow each night.

That week I witnessed her heart melt into the arms of God. Her marriage was restored and both she and her husband became believers. She received her healing and so did I. What the enemy meant for evil, God turned into good!

For the next five years, I was back and forth to the cancer clinic. It became my mission ground. I prayed with many as God showered them with His love.

That was 32 years ago. Just two short weeks ago I received another call from my doctor. This time the news was that I now have breast cancer and lymphoma. With great joy I told the doctor, “That means I’m a miracle lady, because you can’t have a miracle without an impossibility”. I see a new chapter opening up that God is leading me into. A chapter filled with overflowing love, faith and joy.

Once again, I am dancing with the lover of my soul.



Father God, You are the joy and strength of each believer. Thank You for Your love which overwhelms us each new day.

Help us not to keep this love to ourselves but to share it with others wherever we may go. The world is looking for answers and we know the answer – it’s You, Jesus. May we not be silent but shine with your glorious, brilliant light!

In Jesus’ marvellous name, we pray. Amen.

Author BioWanda Fost

Wanda Fost is the founder and president of Linking Hearts Ministries, a network helping those who have suffered from alcohol and drug addictions, abuse, rape and suicide. She serves with Watchmen for the Nations and Aglow International Canada. But she is mostly known as a mother to many nations who lovingly call her Mama Wanda.

Prayer Points for Wave of Glory

  1. Pray for a wave of the “knowledge of the glory of the LORD” to sweep the globe and the WPA in Australia on 3–6 October. Isaiah 40:5
  2. Pray for awakening for Australia and millions to find Christ. Isaiah 64:1–2
  3. Pray for a global awakening for the world and billions to find Christ. Romans 10:1

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