Christian Heritage Month Cancelled by PRIDE Month Activists

6 October 2023

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A Californian county has cancelled its newly minted American Christian History Month after complaints from left-wing activists.

El Dorada supervisors unanimously rescinded the daring 18 July proclamation, one month after adopting and authorising their chair to proclaim the month-long observation in a 4-1 vote.

The proclamation was not made a law. Nor was there any taxpayer funding attached.

Christian Heritage Month

The decision was finalised on September 19.

Christian Heritage Month

A spokesperson said the major reasons for the cancellation were the County’s concerns about litigation.

Attached to the rescind notice were at least 19 unredacted emails in three PDFs.

The majority of these protested against Christian Nationalism.

This is despite the term Christian only appearing once in the proclamation.

Lawfare and Activism

Far-left activist group ACLU led the charge with a 35+ page “cease and desist” legal submission, which argued,

“While it is permissible for the Board to recognize cultural heritages and dedicate months to the celebration of those heritages, the Board must do this without endorsing a particular sect, church, or creed.”

“Here, the Board has engaged in “improper political entanglement” by creating “[t]he appearance of support” of American Christianity,” ACLU charged.

ACLU vs Christian Heritage Month

The ACLU protest demanded the El Dorado County board either repeal the decision or “at minimum replace “American Christian” with a more generic and inclusive reference to religion.”

ACLU vs Christian Heritage Month

The wobbly Woke Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) went further.

A thick four-page document labelled the proclamation a “false narrative attempt made by Christian Nationalists to re-write our nation’s history.”

The atheist group described American Christian History Month as a Christian nationalist attack on minorities.

They then defended the existence of Black History Month, Native American Heritage Month, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Jewish American Heritage Month, LGBT History Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month, and Women’s History Month.

Falsely conflating white nationalism with Christian Nationalism, FFRF said El Dorado County’s proclamation was a,

“typical tactic of white supremacists: insisting that every celebration of minorities is a veiled attack on the white Christian majority.”

“This dog whistle justification taints all “Christian Heritage” proclamations,” FFRF added.

Authorities were also hit with emails from individuals.

One submission suspiciously echoed FFRF’s talking points, accusing the County of committing violence against Native Americans.

Some – such as an Episcopal, Pro-PRIDE female pastor – accused the County of ‘undermining’ multi-culturalism and respect within the community by celebrating a ‘single religious heritage.’

She then argued for the council to look for more “inclusive ways to celebrate.”

This female priest’s email was followed by another letter of protest from an Episcopal pastor.

He argued against the proclamation, stating any notion that the nation’s heritage needs to celebrate Christianity is “absurd, and deliberately misleading.”

With regards to the founding of the United States, it wasn’t a Christian endeavour, he argued.

“Many revolutionaries were members of the Church of England, who actually betrayed their faith tradition in order to rebel against King George.”

“The Land this proclamation is being made on was also stolen from people who weren’t Christians. Christianity was brought in to support Spaniards’ lust for gold and benefit white settlers,” the “Very Reverend” (sic) added.

His six-point protest wolf-whistled to the same-same “white supremacy” false narrative, claiming that the County’s “proposal did not meet any actual need for preserving history.”

Any American Christian Heritage Month is, the Left-wing clergyman declared, “a tool to signal to those residents who do not belong to the Christian Church that they are minoritized, disempowered, and unwelcome.”

A few other protesters took the issue as an opportunity to attack the County’s board, charging them as “undemocratic.”

The same bitter person took issue with the board ditching a commitment to Critical Race Theory indoctrination and “replacing” it with a merging of Church and State.

“They dismantled Implicit Bias Training for most county staff, to do away with the Human Rights Commission, and to declare July as Christian Heritage Month.”

Suggesting she was one of the few who denounced the board to left-wing lawfare activists, the woman said,

“If [the County were to] rescind the proclamation, [she] imagines it will be to avoid getting into legal trouble with the ACLU, etc.”

Yada, yada, yada.

Also, I’d be remiss in my due diligence if I didn’t mention that the Christophobic hate package came equipped with its own petition.

Filed on August 23, the petition gained a MASSIVE 1,049 supporters before “claiming victory.”

Its head campaigner wrote,

“Extremist outsiders did not further their anti-democracy agenda in our community.”

“Please congratulate yourself on the significant success in maintaining the separation of church and state. It’s a testament to the power of collective activism…”


On the upside, a few citizens were bold enough to support the original El Dorado County motion.

One woman slammed the haters.

She rightly drew out the double standard, pointing out that if the County repeals American Christian Heritage Month, it should repeal its support for PRIDE Month too.

“The decision to repeal the proclamation for Christian Heritage Month while keeping the one for LGBTQ++ Pride Month raises valid concerns.”

PRIDE month is divisive. In many respects, it’s exclusive of dissenters and intolerant of opposing viewpoints.

Why cancel Christianity on these grounds, then still allow the LGBTQ++ its day in the sun?

What El Dorado County did by backing down was grant power to dishonest critics and left-wing bullies.

There is no truth to the accusation that celebrating Christian heritage perpetuates white supremacism.

This is evidenced by Canadians in Brampton City Council, who in 2019 voted unanimously in favour of making December Christian Heritage Month (CHM).

Meet Brampton’s CHM 2023-2025 six-member organising team:

Christian Heritage Month organisers

El Dorado County’s board proclaiming July as American Christian Heritage Month had nothing at all to do with white nationalism.

This was about Left-wing bullies hijacking a seemingly well-intentioned idea, twisting that idea, and then straw-manning it into their own image – for their own political purposes.

This was another opportunity for Woke Jihadists to wage their unwanted culture war on Christ-centred Classical Liberalism and its benevolent progeny, Christian Nationalism.

This was about lawfare activists drawing potent weapons from their Christ-hating arsenal to undermine the truth, in order to control their own false narratives.

This was not about protecting religious freedom.

This was about persecuting Christians!


Originally published at Caldron Pool.

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  1. Peter Pearce 6 October 2023 at 6:51 am - Reply


    Thank you for your timely piece, no-one can deny there’s a war on for Christianity. However, in your article, the attackers of Christian Heritage Month mentioned on a couple of occasions the term ‘Christian Nationalism’ using it as a derogatory term, which you then in turn conflated the term with Classical Liberalism.

    I hope I’m mistaken here Rod and that you are actually not defending the concept of Christian Nationalism. According to Michael O’Fallon of Sovereign Nations and Dr James Lindsay of New Discourses, Christian Nationalism is a bad thing. I’m not going to go into detail here on why. Both these men have gone into great detail on their sites as to why and it is not something that can be condensed into two or three passages that would give it a just explanation as to why its a bad idea.

    I pray I’m mistaken when you wrote “This was another opportunity for Woke Jihadists to wage their unwanted culture war on Christ-centred Classical Liberalism and its benevolent progeny, Christian Nationalism.” and that that statement doesn’t mean what I think it means.

    Humble apologies if I have completely miss-read your statement Rod and will try and do better. But if I am not mistaken, you are in serious error as to the true intention behind the push of Christian Nationalism.

    I mean no disrespect or am trying to take away the focus of your important article, but I feel strongly about Christian believers not being hoodwinked into another Qanon type psy-op.

    • Rod 9 October 2023 at 2:16 pm - Reply

      I’m a theonomist. Meaning I hold that Jesus Christ is Lord over life, livelihood, civics, government and society. I’m aware of the controversy about Christian Nationalism. James Lindsay is an atheist. Naturally he’s opposed to objective morality, as born out by God’s self-revealing in Covenant and Christ, being the guiding light by which we are to govern, and be governed. Christian nationalism is an outworking of Christ as King, which is exercised through evangelism, which is, in turn, platformed by religious freedom, and takes the form of good government. These are classical rights based on the Bible, and bible backed Burkean Classical liberalism. Christian nationalism isn’t evil, nor is it to be conflated with white supremacism (I presume that’s what you mean about dangers?). CN is not white nationalism. CN is a commonwealth with Christ as its head. It is multi-ethnic, puts merit before melanin, and doesn’t necessarily have geopolitical boundaries, but it can.

  2. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich 6 October 2023 at 10:08 am - Reply

    These attacks on Christianity and Christians started with the French Revolution, The Communist Manifesto and Russian Revolution , and, the creation of the UN. The aim is to destroy religion and divide people (regardless of race or religion ) all over the World. It is truly Satanic and those of us who believe in the Eternal Fight between Good and Evil are derided as “Nutters “, told that there is no such thing as “Satan “, “Morality “or “Evil “, but, was Nobel Prize wnning author , Solzhenitsyn , a simple-minded, uninformed “Nutter “who because he believed in the Christian religion, a “Nutter”? No, he was a wise man who foretold the terrible danger (moral and physical )the World faces today because it did not heed his “Warning to the West 1975/1976 “which I encourage everyone to read.

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