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Free Speech vs the LGBT: Hobart City Councillor Louise Elliot’s Uphill Battle

24 November 2023

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Louise Elliot’s uphill battle against LGBT lawfare puts all Australians on notice.

We either fund the fight for fundamental God-given freedoms, or lose them forever.

The Hobart City Councillor is one of nine Australian women who have been punished after speaking truth to trans-falsehoods.

Such as: “women can have a penis”, “men can get pregnant”, “chest-feeding”, and “preferred pronouns”.

For the “crime” of blaspheming the totalitarian ideology, Elliot will now face a Trans-Tribunal via the Tasmanian Civil and Administrative judiciary.

The escalation comes, said Sky News, after Sarah Bolt, the soon-to-be former Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, couldn’t decide whether Elliot had done anything wrong.

Speaking Up

The Councillor’s nightmare began somewhere between an email in 2020 and her guest speaker slot at the Let Women Speak protest in March 2023.

In an apparent political attempt to assassinate Elliot’s 2021 bid for Hobart City Mayor, woke political opponents released an email claiming the councillor had done harm to a “non-binary” colleague.

The biological adult female at the centre of the hype (a woman who identifies as transgender) accused Elliot of hurting her, and harming those who identify as LGBT.

‘The email was an obvious indication of where Ms Elliot stands on transgender and queer issues,’ the person said.

As recounted by the ABC, the allegedly offensive content came down to Elliot using a harmless, tongue-in-cheek signature, which read: ‘Kermit – *riddup* I identify as a frog.’

The broader context involved an in-house clash between Elliot and the LGBT Councillor’s “ongoing cruel, divisive, and unfair labelling of landlords.”

Elliot’s nightmare continued when, in March 2023, she was smeared as an enemy of the LGBT.

This time for the contents of a speech.

Addressing the Let Women Speak rally, Elliot, a cancer survivor and euthanasia advocate, said,

“I speak as a woman and a mother. I’m being name-called, attacked, and bullied by those who preach kindness, acceptance, tolerance, and inclusion,” because my views don’t align with theirs.

Offering a list of her views, she said, “They weren’t radical.”

Among the 25 points, Elliot affirms the right to life, liberty, and fair treatment for all.

The councillor even made an effort to acknowledge the “great distress” experienced by those who wrestle with “gender dysphoria.”

Speaking against the trans-takeover of women’s spaces, Elliot said,

“It’s absolutely insane that we have a law that allows a man to, at 10 a.m., declare he’s a woman, and by 11 a.m. be sharing changerooms, and showers with young girls.”

The Councillor’s 25 points also declared the importance of affirming “detransitioners”.

“It is right to ask questions and demand evidence when it comes to putting kids on puberty blockers, and fake hormones,” she said.

“It is right to ask questions and demand evidence when it comes to teenagers choosing to have major irreversible surgery, where their arms are massacred to form a fake penis, and their healthy breasts removed.”

She added that men cannot be women, woman cannot be men, and protested the trans trend of biological males — who identify as female — invading biological female sports.

Legal Battle

Apparently seeing the 25 points as an opportunity to escalate their 2021 political campaign to paralyse Elliot politically, her woke opponents (see here, and here) ran with the usual spin.

‘I could have grovelled when the complaint that ignited this firestorm first reared its head,’ she argued in a recent article for The Spectator Australia.

‘I could have begged for forgiveness and made promises to ‘do better’ – ‘I’m so sorry for hurting your feelings’ and, ‘of course you’re a woman’ – but that is lying.’

Women are losing, she added.

‘To complete the domination, activists and their well-funded ideology-driven organisations are weaponising legislation to silence people who don’t subscribe to the religion of gender ideology.’

‘There is too much at stake to not fight back on this obscene level of censorship,’ Elliot concluded.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to fund approximately AUD $27,000 in legal fees, with any surplus amount to be donated to the eight other women facing trial by Trans-Tribunal.

Accused of “inciting hatred” against the LGBT, Louise Elliot’s fate is a test case in the war to stop forced speech from replacing free speech.

The case is another important battle whose outcome will determine the fate of freedom of speech, and by default, religious freedom.


Photo by Michelle Leman.

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  1. Ian Moncrieff 24 November 2023 at 5:45 pm - Reply

    Thanks Rod for alerting us to this injustice . Go fund me will get a donation from me. We must fight NOW.

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