Lahaina Fire

Twelve Facts About the Lahaina Fire

15 December 2023


It has been a dark year, culminating in the Hamas-Israeli War from 7 October. But don’t forget the Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, fire of 8 August.

Eric West, from Hawaii Real Estate, has kept up a steady stream of material relating to the Lahaina fire. He has been labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’, but in this video, he painstakingly tries to focus on facts alone, leaving it to us to do further research and draw our own conclusions. He has worked with local churches and has been tirelessly advocating for the survivors.

For some alternative perspectives on this story, review Rod Lampard, 15 August, and Ben Terangi, 28 August, in The Daily Declaration.

Here in this piece, I simply want to share some of the ‘facts’ from Eric West. The fire got to within a mile and a half of his home:

  1. The Governor, Josh Green, claimed that the fire lasted 17 minutes. Eric reports that the fire lasted all day from 9.00 am till after midnight.
  2. The Governor attributed the fire to ‘climate change’, but the County is suing the electric company for mismanaging their grid. However, the power had been cut off from 4.30 am that morning and did not come on again for weeks.
  3. That day, the bushfire next to Lahaina had been declared 100% contained by emergency authorities. Yet just a few hours later, it reignited.
  4. No emergency sirens were used, the authorities claiming that they would have caused public confusion, as the regular use of their high-tech system was normally for tsunami warmings where people were to run for the hills. In this case, the residents would have been safe only if they had run to the ocean. The County has ‘no regrets’ from not using the system.
  5. On the day of the fire, the Energy Management Director, the Fire Chief and the Governor were not on the island, and a replacement Chief of Police was flown in from Las Vegas. He was also the acting State Coroner, despite a state regulation forbidding the Chief of Police from simultaneously being the Coroner.
  6. That day there was no cell signal for people’s mobile phones, but they could receive text messages, and did, for weeks, while the cell signal was still turned off. Nevertheless, there were no text messages sent from authorities warning residents of the fire and the need to evacuate.
  7. There was no accurate accounting for missing persons/children. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) instructed local officials ‘not’ to call parents. Councillors were told not to do roll calls.
  8. Many vehicles were burnt out at phenomenal temperatures yet closely surrounded by unburnt infrastructure. For example, aluminium melting at 660oC, copper at 1,085oC and car windscreens at 2,000oC.
  9. Some palm trees right next door to burnt-out buildings were miraculously untouched. There is also video evidence of some trees burning from the inside out. Similarly, some Colourbond-style fencing next to burnt-out buildings was untouched.
  10. Right after the fire, the burnt-out properties were all security fenced off and guarded. Even the homeowners were not allowed back in to search for the potential of valuables that might have survived the fire. Drones were not permitted to fly over, and there was a temporary flight restriction imposition over the area up to 3,000 ft for a month.
  11. The mainstream and alternative media from the mainland were not permitted to film or report; they were turned back home. A massive media blackout.
  12. On the day of the fire, the water supply was turned off. Homeowners were out hosing their homes down to protect them, and suddenly, there was no water. Some resorted to collecting water from their toilet basins. The emergency fire authorities had no water either, other than pumping it from the ocean.

The last few minutes of Eric’s video include the address of Governor Josh Green to the UN (from the 31-minute mark). It is definitely worth a watch, and note how well/badly the Governor answers the questions put to him just before he speaks.

Pray for the survivors of the Lahaina fire of 8 August, whose lives have been turned upside down. Thankfully, the strength and resilience of their community have been a wonderful support, but I am sure that at Christmas time, they will be desperately needy. Miraculously, many churches in Lahaina survived right next door to total destruction. They have been at the heart of the support efforts.

Neither Eric nor I have proposed any ‘theories’ for what happened here. Let the facts stand alone. What we do know is that God does not want anyone to perish. (2 Peter 3:9)


Photo: State Farm Claims representatives meet in Hawaii to discuss catastrophe response following Maui wildfires/Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Stephen Brinton 16 December 2023 at 3:36 pm - Reply

    Hi Jim, thank you for bringing this to our attention. It is an event that has been lost in the media coverage of other events, yet families and communities are still seeking to recover from their loss and rebuild. Your listing of Eric West’s coverage of the facts is informative. His observations show many strange inconsistencies with how the fire burnt. He then points out that Governor Joshua Green gives a politically correct non-answer to a legitimate question by pointing the finger at climate change and outlining the supposed impact of climate change rather than explaining how Hawaii will deliver on sustainable development goals. Yet, if what Eric West says is correct, then the facts do not appear to point to climate change. Any thoughts about what might have happened? Stephen

  2. Jim Twelves 16 December 2023 at 3:47 pm - Reply

    Stephen, thanks for this contribution. what leaps out at me is the huge number of inconsistencies/incongruities, not sure of the best word here. Perhaps leave it ‘there are huge number of questions, begging an answer’. As a meteorological geomorphologist, I would rule out climate change as the driver of the fire, but what was the cause, I won’t be drawn! I keep coming back to the word ‘incongruity’.
    The most disturbing aspect for me is the lack of will/ability to conduct accurate head counts of the dead, particularly of the children. How can any rational caring individual, seem to let that go through to the keeper?

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