"Simply Shula" donate a testicle

“Donate a Testicle to Fight Toxic Masculinity” Video Goes Mainstream

17 May 2024

2.3 MINS

A video of men being asked to “donate a testicle to fight toxic masculinity”, and fund transgenderism, has gone mainstream.

Its creator, Simply Shula, is doing what Chaya Raichik (Libs of TikTok) and The Babylon Bee are yet to do.

She’s created “two woke characters“, put them on screen, then thrown them at street interviews to further expose the absurdity of the age.

In one of her latest videos, Shula asks passers-by if they would be happy donating a testicle to take down “toxic masculinity”, and support women “transitioning” into men.

Answering Shula – aka Amandla Power and Dr Karla Marx – her first candidate said he was on board with the idea.

The caveat? He’d first want to know if there were any adverse side effects.

Another, said, “Sure, why not!”

He then backtracked after Shula offered to take down his name and have their medical team get in touch with him. (No pun intended.)

Affirmative Action

One male student affirmed “trans rights”, then said he was worried about surgeries in general, “so… that’s the reason” he was declining.

Candidate 4 agreed. He promised to bring in some friends, then signed on.

Candidate 5 saluted informed consent, and politely declined.

Potential donor number 6 was a no. He affirmed support for both “transwomen” and his manhood.

Possible testicle donor 7 said he was already a “transwoman”.

Number 8 was all for it, as long as he could still have kids, saying, “I mean, it comes with risks.”

9 and 10 were happy to takedown “toxic masculinity” by offering their testicles to help women “transitioners”.

Candidate 11 said, “I don’t think my testis would be that much help.” However, he does “appreciate the sentiment.”

Testicular donor 12 was a clear, “Hell no.”

“Maybe if I was older or something,” he said.

Scared into Submission

What’s significant about all this?

The majority of male students weren’t visibly scared about tearing off a testicle to fund transgenderism.

They were visibly scared about being torn to pieces for telling the truth.

They’d rather agree to defund their manhood, than defend against accusations about furthering “toxic masculinity.”

Sky News Late Debate trio James Macpherson, Liz Storer, and Caleb Bond picked up the satirical social experiment.

Macpherson noted,

“Can you imagine a more ridiculous proposition? Look at how ridiculous our university students have become.”

Storer, as sharp-witted as ever, declared,

“how water-boarded with [this] ideology do you have to be, that you’re willing to part with one of your nuts for the cause.

“They put absolutely no thought into it whatsoever. They’re just like, well if it’s for the cause, it’s for the cause, I guess so.”

Bond replied, how did they not know this was satire?

“That’s how far gone these people are.”

Macpherson answered, that’s pertinent.

“The world right now is so mental that satire is almost dead. So, you’d believe pretty much anything.”

Bond then added that there’s also the issue of not being able to question anyone.

“If someone says, I’ve got a degree in gender studies, and I wear a blue wig, then you must be obeyed. There’s nothing potentially wrong with you whatsoever.”

Simply Shula, a Russian Jew who immigrated to the United States when she was a teenager, is now a rising star.

New conservative content tends to either sink or swim.

Her ‘woke cosplay satire’ is reaching for the latter.

Conservative comedy with clout has a new contender.


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  1. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich 17 May 2024 at 10:45 am - Reply

    Normal, intelligent people are getting sick and tired of the WOKE rubbish pedalled by so-called professors around the World. Don’t encourage young people to attend Brain-Washing by so-called university “professors ” who teach stupid courses which are nothing but RUBBISH , nothing like the real, serious academic studies I had at Adelaide Uni in the 1960s. Graduates now can’t spell.

  2. Shula 17 May 2024 at 2:19 pm - Reply

    Hi This is Shula. I really want to thank you for your supportive article! I was surprised myself that I got so many positive responses to that absolutely ridiculous question. My expectation was that everyone will be shocked at the idea and quickly decline. In the end, nobody was even shocked at the idea of donating their body parts for the cause. Just shows what the woke mind virus did to our universities.

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