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Rewrite Your Dad Story

27 May 2024

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I was honoured to be interviewed by Andrew Gray a few weeks back. You can watch the video here – hopefully, I say something intelligent‽

If you’re a regular Dads4Kids reader, you’ll know I wrote about the great work Andrew Gray and his business partner Glaucco are doing, the week before last. Why am I writing about @andrewgraypodcast again? Simple: I love what they’re doing.

For too long, the Western world has undervalued and ignored the important role men play in our society. For decades, men and boys have been the cultural laughingstock. In Australia, you see it manifest in our mainstream media and government policies. It needs to stop.

Dads4Kids completely rejects the very notion of “toxic masculinity”. The phrase should be banished from our lexicon! (I, for one, will do my best to no longer use it).

To be clear, of course, some men are toxic, but equally, some women are toxic, too. As we discuss in the video, our society needs to bring the proverbial pendulum back into alignment, and focus on fostering positive masculine and feminine roles.

The Key

Andrew and I also discuss the worldwide epidemic of fatherlessness, a tragedy that contributes to so many of society’s ills. We touch on the father wound, and the need for men to open up and talk. There’s a lot there, and my prayer is the interview encourages you in your role as a father.

If you’re reading this, be encouraged! The goal of Dads4Kids is to equip, encourage and train fathers; to strengthen and support families; and to engage with individuals, community, church, business and government to give our children the best start in life.

Dr Steve Farrar, bestselling author of Point Man, powerfully said, “Men are the key.” This is a profound truth that my parents and the founders of Dads4Kids, Warwick and Alison Marsh, understand deeply. Twenty-six years ago, they were inspired by the words of a dear indigenous friend and pastor, Uncle Ronnie Williams:

“Australia’s greatest need is for fathers. Fathers who would love their children, fathers who would love their children’s mother, fathers in the community, fathers in the church, fathers in the business world who would put people before profits, fathers in the parliament who would be statesmen and not just politicians… The greatest need in Australia today is the restoration of fatherhood.”

Spoken in 1998, these words are even truer today.

If you’ve been knocked down, please, don’t give up. Press on and choose to rewrite your dad story today!


Watch Andrew Gray’s Learn the Secrets to becoming a BETTER Dad video. Post a comment, give it a like and share with family and friends. Make sure you subscribe to his YouTube Channel if you haven’t already done so. Andrew and his business partner Glaucco are doing excellent work speaking up for men and boys – they deserve our support!

Yours for rewriting your dad story,
Nathaniel Marsh

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Republished with thanks to Dads4Kids. Image courtesy of PNW Production.

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