Never Again is Now

Never Again is Now: A United Stance in Brisbane

19 June 2024

3.3 MINS

The latest Never Again is Now rally was held in Brisbane on Sunday, 9 June 2024. 1,500 people registered and enjoyed a peaceful event with Christians, Jews and others attending, including the Iranian community, who also suffer from the Iranian regime. Rev. Mark Leach, co-founder of NAIN, was the MC, and his daughter Freya Leach was one of the many speakers. Jewish and Christian leaders and conservative politicians spoke, as did Norman and Barbara.

Norman blew the shofar, and asked others present and watching the livestream to join him in blowing the shofar. He also played a song he wrote on reconciliation, which included the didjeridoo played by his nephew Darryl and the clapsticks played by himself.

Never Again is Now boomerang
Munganbana Norman’s boomerang has Aboriginal and Jewish designs. The main message is Am Yisrael Chai: the Nation of Israel live, or the People of Israel live! On each end of the very large two-metre boomerang are hands (Norman’s and Barbara’s), which is typical of Aboriginal art. On each hand, Am Yisrael Chai is written in Hebrew.

On the top of the boomerang is the Star of David, and inside it is “76” for the 76th anniversary of the modern state of Israel. Psalm 76:1 is on the boomerang as well: “God is renowned in Judah; in Israel His name is great.”

Norman collected about 300 signatures on the back of the boomerang, some in Cairns and some a the rally in Brisbane. It will be presented as a gift to someone special.

Never Again is Now shofar

Thank you to all those who blew the shofar at the same time as Norman at the opening of the NAIN rally in Brisbane. Including those at the rally, we had:

  • Sharon Brown — Victoria (pictured)Never Again is Now
  • Carl Calma — Largo, Florida, USA
  • Shlomy Abramov — Israel
  • Daniel Silarpu — India
  • Milo Siilata — New Zealand
  • Marjorie Laetua — Samoa
  • Cairns — Mel Pashley’s congregation
  • Lyndon Hockey — Atherton, Queensland
  • Thomas Miller — Yungaburra, Queensland
  • Enoch Lavender — Gold Coast
  • Gloria Watkins — Western Australia
  • Andrew Adair — Canberra
  • Iliganoa Uilelea Nuranyi — Canberra
  • Orit Hambessis — Sydney

Thanks to Chaya Mizrachi and Devora Boaz Mizrachi, who put the word out for us in Israel for people to participate, and Chaya for reading Psalm 76:1 when Norman blew the shofar.

Thanks to Shimson Tzadok, who put the word out in New Zealand to blow the shofar, and Lyn Moffat in Australia, who put the word out to any in the Canberra Declaration who wanted to blow the shofar simultaneously with Norman.

Thanks to anyone on Vision Christian Radio who responded to Barbara’s call to do the same.


I Have a Dream

Ps Norman Miller’s NAIN speech

My Aboriginal name is Munganbana, which means Mountain Water in Jirrbal, one of my tribes from the Atherton Tableland. The other two are Bar-Barrum and Wadjanbarra Yidinji. In welcoming you here, I honour Hashem, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I honour Indigenous elders past, present and future, and all those who have come to make Australia home.

Blow the trumpet in Zion and Australia! I will now blow the shofar and invite all those here and watching from around the world to join in with me.

I will now play you a clip of my nephew Darryl Miller playing the didjeridoo while we recorded a song I wrote on Reconciliation.

As it is the 76th anniversary of the rebirth of the state of Israel, I will quote Psalm 76:1-2 —

In Judah is God known: His name is great in Israel.
In Salem also is His tabernacle, and His dwelling place in Zion.

I have a two-metre boomerang here with Psalm 76 and Am Yisrael Chai on it, and I’d like you to sign it afterwards, please, and it will be gifted to the nation.

I look forward to the day, and I have a dream that one day, Jerusalem will be the uncontested capital of Israel. I have a dream that the day will come when the nations will recognise Israel’s right to the borders G-d, Hashem gave to Abraham, Isaac and Israel. I have a dream, and I know it will come to pass that the Messiah will sit on His throne in Jerusalem, and the nations will bow down to Him and deal favourably with Israel.

I look forward to the day Zechariah prophesied in chapter 8, verses 3-5,

“And now the Lord says; I am returning to Mt Zion, and will live in Jerusalem: then Jerusalem will be called the Faithful City; and the mountains of the Lord of heaven’s armies will be called the Holy Mountain.

This is what the Lord of heaven’s armies says: Once again, old men and women will walk Jerusalem’s streets with their canes, and will sit together in the city’s squares. And the streets of the city will be full of boys and girls playing.”

Am Yisrael Chai!

Never Again is Now speakers

Speakers at the rally.


Republished with thanks to CFIRP.

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  1. Warwick Marsh 19 June 2024 at 10:08 am - Reply

    Great rally for Jesus King of the JEWS!!!!

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