Trudeau’s Hypocrisy as Democracy is Cancelled in Canada

22 February 2022

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has previously condemned police violence but apparently has no problems using it against his political opponents.

Downtown Ottawa has been cleared of protesters, but at a high price for Canadian democracy. 

Peaceful protesters have been subjected to shocking police violence, with some even held at gunpoint. Hundreds of Canadians are being treated as terrorists, having their financial assets frozen for opposing the Trudeau government. At least two women have been trampled by horses, one of whom is an Indigenous Mohawk elder who was using a mobility scooter at the time.

The extent of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mounting hypocrisy is becoming difficult to quantify. In a recent article, we noted the glaring irony as Trudeau:

  • Used emergency war measures designed to combat terrorism despite no evidence of violence during three weeks of protesting.
  • Turned Canada upside-down to keep imposing mandates that don’t work and are being repealed across the world.
  • Invoked extraordinary, never-before used powers to defeat what he claimed is just a “small, fringe minority” of people.
  • Opposed the marginalised and the working class after spending his entire political career promoting his socialist credentials.

Consider four more instances of irony and rank hypocrisy as Trudeau continues to demonise and persecute peaceful Canadians.

Peaceful Protesters Are ‘Nazis’ But Torching Churches is ‘Understandable’

In mid-2021, over 50 churches were attacked by arsonists and vandals across Canada in the wake of ongoing revelations about residential school gravesites. In response, Trudeau said that the anger of attackers was “fully understandable” given Canada’s “shameful history”.

While also calling the attacks “unacceptable” and urging for them to stop, the Prime Minister’s equivocation on church vandalism sent the wrong message about politically-motivated violence.

The Freedom Convoy, by contrast, has seen no property damage despite the involvement of tens of thousands of protesters over a three week period. Far from acknowledging their concerns as understandable, Trudeau has instead smeared as racists, transphobes and Nazis everyday Canadians who simply want their lives and jobs back.

Police Violence is Bad Unless Used Against Your Political Opponents

Following the death of George Floyd in 2020, Black Lives Matter protests spread across North America, ultimately causing billions of dollars worth of property damage and at least 25 deaths. Justin Trudeau happily took a knee in solidarity with the movement to denounce police violence.


Less than two years later, Trudeau has invoked war measures and sent in militarised police to crush a violence-free demonstration comprised of bouncy castles, honking, street hockey and food for the homeless. Almost 200 people have since been arrested.

Having redefined the protest as an “unlawful occupation”, Trudeau’s crackdown saw police in riot gear, variously armed with batons and rifles, and launching stun grenades and pepper spray into crowds of unarmed Canadians. Video footage has emerged of police smashing truck windows and kneeing demonstrators in the head.


On multiple occasions, police sought to block independent media from filming the violence. One Rebel News journalist was struck multiple times with a club and shot at from point-blank range with a tear gas canister. Leaked screenshots from a Royal Canadian Mounted Police chat group show Mounties apparently reveling in the violence.

Justin Trudeau evidently has no reservations using police violence, so long as it is for the right cause — namely, to punish citizens whose political opinions differ from his own.

Blockading the Economy is Only Okay if the Government Does It

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mantra against truckers is that “they don’t have the right to blockade our economy, or our democracy, or our fellow citizens’ daily lives”. This is a talking point that he has tweeted and repeated on many occasions.

One doesn’t have to approve of civil disobedience to recognise that Trudeau is condemning truckers for something that he, along with provincial Premiers, has inflicted on Canada for almost two years.

Indeed, at the heart of the Freedom Convoy’s message is the importance of an unhindered economy, a return to democracy, and the restoration of freedom for everyday Canadians. Their aim — quite successfully — has been to give the untouchable elite a small taste of what the working class has experienced since the beginning of 2020.

Only the most out-of-touch leader could still fail to grasp that message.

Where is the Virus Trudeau is Apparently So Concerned About?

It is breathtaking to realise that the ransacking of Canada’s democracy could have been avoided if Prime Minister Trudeau had simply walked down the steps of Parliament and listened to the concerns of protesters.

The mandates and restrictions that Canada’s leader now defends tooth-and-nail will in all likelihood be gone within weeks. But his tarnished legacy will be permanent, and his leadership may not even survive it.

Is anyone in Canada still talking about Covid-19? Like almost every other nation on earth, cases and deaths in Canada are plummeting. Despite three weeks of mass gatherings, no outbreaks of Covid-19 have been reported among protesters.

The Freedom Convoy didn’t achieve all of its goals but it certainly exposed the hypocrisy of Canada’s government and chattering class whose love of power no longer hides behind the veil of public health.

And with new protests breaking out in Toronto, Quebec City, Calgary and Victoria, it appears that Trudeau has only further fuelled the freedom movement.

Image by Golden News.

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