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More Good News for SA: New Christian Liberal Leader Votes Against Abortion

22 April 2022

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In a recent email to supporters, Martyn Iles told supporters that Hon. David Spiers, the new South Australia Liberal Party leader, is a ‘Christian and faithful defender of life’.

It comes amidst the continuing fallout from Labor’s victory at the last state election in March this year. In that election, Labor’s Peter Malinauskas — now SA’s new premier — defeated the then-incumbent Steven Marshall by a comfortable margin, picking up eight seats in the lower house.

As the Daily Declaration reported, the election was an overall positive result for Christians.

Most notably, Malinauskas is a semi-socially-conservative Catholic who voted against extreme abortion-to-birth amendments in South Australian legislation.

According to pro-life party Family First leader Tom Kenyon, Malinauskas has a “friendly underlying worldview” towards conservatives.


As Kurt Mahlburg reported, the Liberal Party experienced something of a ‘clean-out’ of anti-life MPs, while all Labor members who opposed the legislation retained their seats. Pro-life party Family First also returned a positive result, setting them up for a strong campaign in future elections.

In contrast to the moderate positions of Malinauskas, former premier Steven Marshall ‘led the campaign to legalise abortion-to-birth in South Australia last year’. His so-called ‘moderate’ faction lent the bill significant support.

More Good News — New Liberal Leader “Christian”

Since Marshall’s defeat in March, former deputy premier Vicky Chapman, a powerful advocate of abortion-to-birth legislation, sex-work liberalisation and euthanasia legislation, has resigned from the South Australian parliament, prompting a by-election in her seat of Bragg.

This is yet another piece of good news for Christians following the election.

On the same day, David Spiers was announced as the Liberal party’s new leader. In contrast to Steven Marshall, Spiers headed up the opposition to the abortion legislation, introducing positive amendments and voting against the final legislation.

In a recent email to supporters, Martyn Iles, the managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby, called Spiers’ election an ‘exciting development which marks a welcome change of direction for the SA Libs.’

“David is a Christian and faithful defender of life who stood firmly against abortion-to-birth. Please hold him in your prayers.” (Martyn Iles, ACL, Email to Supporters)

He also posted the news on his Facebook page:

“Pray for David Speirs, just elected SA Opposition Leader.

Speirs is a Christian who stood resolutely against abortion to birth last year.

Woke Liberal governments can learn and change from election losses, it seems!” (Martyn Iles, ACL, Facebook)

Unfortunately, the newly elected deputy premier, John Gardner, voted against Spiers’ amendments and for the bill.

Please continue to keep all of our parliamentarians (current and potential) in your prayers, particularly as the federal election approaches. Pray that increasing numbers of politicians who are pro-life, pro-family, pro-faith and pro-freedom would make their way into Australia’s parliaments.


Photos: AAP; ABC

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