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“Former Embryo On Board”: A Pro-Life Christian YouTuber’s Thought-Provoking Bumper Sticker

1 September 2022

3.9 MINS

Mike Winger is a popular Christian YouTuber, apologist, pastor and pro-life advocate. In this video, he clearly outlines the horrifying logic of the pro-abortion perspective.

Debates over abortion are often passionate and heated, and far too often they are also hateful, with both sides failing to reach out across the divide and understand the others’ perspectives.

On the one hand, many pro-abortion advocates are convinced that access to abortion is a woman’s right. To them, it is merely a question of healthcare.

In contrast, pro-lifers accept that life begins at conception and, consequently, argue that the unborn child’s life should be protected along with that of the mother.

Entering this debate is California pastor Mike Winger, a popular apologist with almost half a million subscribers on YouTube. Winger is known for his personable and approachable style and his lengthy live streams where he deals with often controversial topics of theology and apologetics.

While he tends to avoid many political issues, Winger doesn’t shy away from the abortion issue. He has produced numerous videos outlining Biblical approaches to the debate and responding to pro-abortion arguments.

A Controversial Bumper Sticker: It Triggers People

In a more recent video, Winger responded to a note left on his car in response to his pithy bumper sticker: “Former Embryo on Board”.

Explaining the rationale behind the sticker, Winger said the following:

“[My] bumper sticker’s just to say this: …you used to be an embryo. Like, you didn’t come from an embryo; like, you were an embryo. … That’s all I’m saying: ‘Hey guys! I used to be an embryo.’ The logic isn’t even spelled out beyond that, but man it triggers people. I have people that chew me out, that honk, that yell at me. I mean, I live in California, right, so I have people who get pretty upset with me about this stuff.”

In this case, someone left a “passive-aggressive” note on Winger’s car, attacking him for his pro-life sentiment. Mike proceeded to methodically unpick the logic behind the note, exposing some seriously faulty thinking.

The note said the following:

“Hello former embryo, It is wonderful that you were born into a world whereby a parent: 1) wanted you and loved you, 2) could financially support you, 3) didn’t bring you into an abusive nor neglected environment so that you would face a life of suffering… or even death. If these 3 things cannot be in place then there is nothing that is “beautiful” nor a “blessing” about this poor victim coming into this world. Please take a reality check — needed by all anti-choice persons.”

Winger didn’t mince his words when responding to the note, calling the kind of logic in espoused “horrific” and “Hitler on my windshield — I’m not exaggerating”.

Winger’s Response: Personal and Logical

In the interests of space, I’ll only summarise particular aspects of Mike Winger’s response here. You can watch the full video to find out more.

He responds to each of the note’s points in relation to himself — showing that whoever wrote the note is making some huge assumptions about his life and experience. Winger uses this as an opportunity to highlight the horrendous logic that underpins the pro-abortion narrative.

“… if you affirm this note, your value is based upon how much your parents want and love you, and I want you to slow your roll just a second and think of how horrific this is. For this to be true, my value — the worthiness of my life, my worth to live — is based upon a parent loving me and wanting me. How many people have become valueless now? How many people were not loved or wanted by a parent? And we’re looking at them now with this logic — this insane, horrific, genocidal logic — and saying, “Your life’s not worth it. It would have been nicer to kill you. It would have been a mercy — a kindness to you — to kill you…”

As it turns out, Winger did not experience the kind of parental love that this pro-abortionist assumes he did. His parents were divorced when he was too young to remember, and while he had no reason to believe that his biological father cared about him at the time, his stepfather actively disliked him.

What he learned from God, though, was that he was not valueless or worthless. Despite his situation and how others treated him, God had a purpose for him.

Unpacking the Logic of the Abortion Movement

Throughout the remainder of the video, Mike Winger proceeds to respond to common abortion arguments, calling the pro-abortion movement out on its slippery use of terminology and its “flat earth” understanding of science.

He also presents and expounds on several videos by Live Action — a popular pro-life advocacy group — to highlight his argument.


I encourage you to watch Mike Winger’s full video — his message is at times chilling, but always important, and his logic completely exposes what he calls the “genocidal” logic behind abortion.

“… there are people who are part of horrible moral atrocities in the past, right? Like, say, the holocaust, say, chattel slavery, say, the massacres that we have … We’ve had so many horrible massacres in the past hundred years in the world, and people were part of it, and they thought it was fine at the time. It was in hindsight they looked back and saw it was bad.

But the lesson we’ve missed from this — from all these atrocities — is that we’re committing some now, specifically in relation to the most weak victims of all of society: babies. And we feel fine about it. And it’s because of this logic right here. This logic right here is the stuff — the horrific thinking — that causes things like genocides, and it’s going on right now in our midst. It’s the greatest moral issue in our lives today — apart from the gospel of Jesus Christ itself — is the issue of abortion…”

He’s right. Apart from the Gospel, abortion is the greatest moral issue of our time. We need to speak out.

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  1. Kaylene Emery 1 September 2022 at 10:13 pm - Reply

    Window to The Womb is a breathtaking view into His majesty ……….
    I will watch Former Embryo On Board , Tomorrow when my brain can retain. Love your work Cody !

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