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How Far We Have Fallen Within a Decade: Normalising Genital Mutilation and Other Taboos

1 September 2022

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Western morality has changed rapidly in the last ten years alone, following hot on the heels of the postwar Sexual Revolution. How have we come to this state of affairs?

There are a lot of sayings about time: it flies, it goes fast when you’re having fun, it seems like forever, like sand in the hourglass; a week is a long time in politics; yesterday’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper.

Ten years isn’t long. Neither is five. But oh, how the world has changed, at breakneck speed! If your head isn’t spinning, you have not been paying attention.

Please come with me on a journey down Memory Lane.


Police Forces were actively scoping out Child Sex Grooming by adults (aka paedophiles, predators and such) on the internet. Our populace was shocked and outraged by what these task forces uncovered. Sex trafficking of minors was revealed and a sophisticated world wide web of adults actively targeting our children and babies for sex, and sometimes abduction into slavery. We lost our innocence.

The depth of human depravity on display when child porn was discovered sickened us… well, most of us. The content uncovered heightened the need for our diligence regarding monitoring our children on the web became glaringly necessary.

Do you remember “Upskirting”? Seems so long ago, but with the advances in mobile phone technology, this practice became quite common. A man would get on an escalator or stairwell and follow a girl or woman upstairs while holding their phone up the hem of their dress. ‘Sickos,’ was the cry of the day, and ‘dirty old men’ was applied appropriately.

Drag Queens were seen by most as a funny novelty. Harmless fun by a few strange people, but hey, live and let live, right? Nowadays, if we don’t ‘affirm’ them and their rights, we are dinosaurs and even worse, ‘gender deniers’ and haters. Personally, happy with that!

Men entering women’s bathrooms, toilets and changerooms were appropriately labelled in the unflattering yet appropriate terms of perverts and ‘peeping Toms’.

Put on a women’s bathing suit and walk into a local swimming pool changeroom, and officials would probably have charged you for impersonating a woman! Hear, hear! Now we also have the added bonus of the war on women in sport. Have we no protection from their insanity?

Paedophilia used to be abhorrent to anyone with an IQ above room temperature.

Fast forward to just a couple of weeks ago, and we have a psychologist explaining the term paedophile is hurtful, degrading and stigmatising to those who felt some sexual attraction to children. After all, they can’t help it.

She suggested that these people were misunderstood and vilified by society and didn’t deserve to be treated so badly. Further to her social media video, she believed the term paedophile should be replaced by the anacronym ‘MAP’, short for Minor Attracted Persons. Say what?

Sexual Predators seducing children… ‘SPSC’. How’s that for an acronym? So many choices.

I have a feeling that many paedophiles languishing in their appropriate gaol cells will feel badly done by, should this push continue; after all, they were just ahead of their time! Dear Lord.

Sexual Mutilation of children was not only inhumane, but it was also evil.

cf. Waris Dirie: supermodel.

Born in Ethiopia in 1965, Waris was subjected to female genital mutilation. It was common practice in her culture, religion and country. Her book (which I read about 12 years ago) outlines the horrific procedure done to these little children. It’s oftentimes a harrowing read. That book is Desert Flower, which is the meaning of her name.

Now it’s much worse than slicing off the clitoris, vulva and sewing a girl up; it’s now removing healthy breast tissue and the uterus. Irreversible. No buyer’s remorse clause included.

Fast forward to 2022, and we have genital mutilation on steroids being carried out on children across the world; boy or girl, doesn’t matter. We are making people ‘eunuchs’ and sterilising them, like taking a dog to a vet.

As old as sin itself, the castration of males usually occurred as punishment, often in the aftermath of war, where prisoners were taken into captivity and degraded in the most effective way. They were dehumanised. Yet, if they survived the procedure, they could still ‘contribute’ to the lives of the captors without fear of them breeding with them.

Why, we MUST ask ourselves, are these people pushing the irreversible on our kids? How can this be happening in a ‘civilised’ world? Why the return to barbarism? Make no mistake, just because it’s done under anaesthetic in a sterile operating room, doesn’t make it less barbaric!

Now we come to the Last Taboo… Bestiality in the marketplace of ‘normal preference’.

The “Festival of Dangerous Ideas” is coming to Sydney. Funding is supplied by the New South Wales State Government. In other words, you’re paying for them to bring a woman out from England to espouse her wisdom on how having sex with animals is really fine, so long as the animal is respected

The same government that said having an opposing opinion and choice regarding vaccines was immoral and unacceptable. The same people who shut down lives, businesses and coerced millions to fall into line with them or be crushed.


“Pedophilia is currently being normalized by the global elite and those who consider themselves liberals are increasingly under pressure to accept deviance as normal. Make no mistake, they are coming for our children.”

I could remind us all about the dreadful uptake of abortion rates across the ‘civilised’ world. I could remind us of the rampant push for the acceptance of euthanasia.

When we were children, The Beatles were the big thing; everyone wanted a ‘Beatles’ hairstyle. The sixties normalised sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. The Bay City Rollers had every girl wearing tartan in the seventies. The eighties had wild hair, loud makeup and shoulder pads. The Nineties got the ‘Goth’ going, and we all probably had some ‘oh my goodness’ moments in our happy snaps!

Thankfully though, with the fads that swept the land, all were able to be reversed. Even bad choices that ruined our health were not beyond help on this side of the grave. There was time to turn away. Make better decisions, come to peace with our mistakes, and even learn from them.

God is a God of Redemption, second, third and thousandth chances.

However, as we stare down the barrel of ‘acceptable’ and even ‘cool’, confused people, children and parents will be left with the awful truth: the physical alterations can never be restored to normal reproductive organs, and abhorrent efforts to ‘normalise’ sexual deviancy are from the pit of hell. Have you noticed the acceleration?

If we didn’t know better, one might think that global elites and corrupt governments, bureaucrats and vested interest groups might just be trying to decimate the human race down to a ‘manageable’ quota.


Photo by Syed Qaarif Andrabi.

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