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Disney’s Latest Flop

30 November 2022

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This kids’ movie featuring a gay lead character is set to lose $100 million.

The first Disney children’s animation to feature a gay romance has bombed at the box office.

Strange World, which opened in theatres across the US at the weekend, is tipped to lose $100m.

Did someone say Go Woke, Go Broke?

Youthful Ardour

The movie’s central character is Ethan Clade, an “openly gay teenager” who gets tongue-tied around his mate, who becomes his love interest.

Director Don Hall said:

“His gayness is one part of him. He’s also bold and wildly empathetic, which is why he becomes sort of the conservationist in our film.”

In other words, the gay character is the one we have made to be most appealing to your children.

“We can’t wait for the world to embrace him like we did,” Hall said.

Yeah, nah.

I can’t imagine why parents aren’t flocking to the cinemas with their impressionable children to watch two teenage boys fall in love.

What’s wrong with mums and dads these days?


Actress Gabrielle Union said the film was not normalising homosexuality for children because homosexuality was already normal.

As an aside, I’m not sure how evolution works if homosexuality ever becomes normal. But I digress.

“You don’t have to normalize normal. It just is,” she explained.

It’s really not. If 96 per cent of people are not gay, then gay is not ‘normal’, it’s statistically unusual. But Disney is doing its level best to change that.

Actor Dennis Quaid boasted that the script didn’t explain Ethan Clade’s homosexuality.

“I was really glad that the script didn’t point to it. It wasn’t explained or this or that, or have to go through the coming out thing — and that’s okay. I think we’re well past that as a culture.”

Drag Queen story time wasn’t for nothing then, it seems. But I digress.

Did the rainbow mafia in control of the House of Mouse — with their motto of “Give the People What They Don’t Want” — really think 100 per cent of filmgoers were going to support a movie designed to appeal to 4 per cent (or less) of the population?

The film will reach 4 out of 100 people, just as it is designed to.

I’m amazed Disney still has investors. I don’t think Disney executives will learn until the company is completely broke.

Or maybe they don’t care about the money. They will just keep pushing their propaganda. All the time. Nothing more. Nothing less.

No one even bothers to pirate Disney movies these days.

Of course, the LGBTQ activists will complain that the movie failed because we are all homophobes. It’s more likely that parents are sick of being called homophobes for not wanting their children continually sexualised by strangers.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.

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