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Remember Life as It Was – The Great Awakening Documentary

7 June 2023

2.4 MINS

The new documentary, The Great Awakening, asks us to imagine life as it used to be.

In 1959, I was seven years old. It was a summer’s day. I lived with my family in Yorkshire, England. We had consumed our main meal, mid-day Sunday. But what were we going to have for pudding (dessert)?

So, mum sent me off, the youngest child, with her yellow jug, a bit like the one in this picture, to go to the farm shop, 200 metres away, up the street, over the canal bridge and then turn right.

I went into the shop and bought a jug full of ice cream – with cash, naturally – and hurried home back the same route as quickly as I could to save it from melting. But I may have stuck my finger in the jug a little bit on the way! Funny how we can’t remember our mistakes clearly!

Would This Have Happened Today?

My parents had no fear for my safety. They sent me out alone with cash. Being a Sunday, there would have been quite a few folks about, going for walks or riding on the banks of the canal, or watching the coal barges navigate the lock.

The farmer sold me ice cream that they had made on site and despatched to me in my own packaging. There was no forensic analysis of the contents; there was no packaging! There were no food and beverage regulations to comply with. Simply the trust between the salesman and the customer.

Today’s Nanny State

Look where we have come. Children must be kept safe and supervised at all times, at the cost of their freedom. Today they grow up not knowing childhood freedom. As customers, for our safety, we are discouraged from entering into private sales using cash. It feels as if we are no longer allowed to take responsibility for ourselves, everything is now the responsibility of the state.

‘The Great Awakening’ – A Documentary Experience from the Creators of Plandemic

This was premiered live on 3 June 2023. I watched it in two sittings. Simply click here to watch it. You can skip the first one and a quarter hour if you wish, as it’s simply impromptu interviews with some of the cast before the screening.

Why Did I Give You the Story of My Yellow Jug?

Towards the end of the documentary, the presenters encourage us to think back to our youth, to a world where we might have known real freedom.

The point of the exercise? To help us see how much has changed. To feel ourselves back into an earlier age. To savour the freedom, we once took for granted. To reflect on the role of the state in those days compared with today.

Why Does the State Need to Control So Much of Our Lives?

I propose that they don’t! But we have been coerced into appreciating the support of the state at every turn. Yes, the state should keep its citizens safe, but at the expense of their personal responsibility!

Let me conclude with my latest example of the nanny state. I read the instructions on a meal I am cooking in the oven at 2000C that I bought from the supermarket. Then there, right at the end of the instructions:

Caution: Food will be extremely hot

I encourage you to find the time to watch ‘The Great Awakening by The High Wire. It is a most professional production. I think this documentary will stimulate your critical thinking skills, which may have been partially put to sleep by mainstream media over the last couple of decades.


Photo: Screenshot of The Great Awakening.

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  1. Kim Beazley 7 June 2023 at 4:39 pm - Reply

    Much has indeed changed, Jim. And there is a serious issue which we need to be aware of, and that being how far we’re prepared to allow governments to withdraw normal freedoms. But having watched most of this today, I’m afraid there are too many identities here whose claims have been thoroughly discredited. And this, ultimately, clouds any value to be found in the comparisons of government measures during the pandemic to Communist dictatorships, Klaus Schwab and his “Great Reset”.

    In fact, by using a laser focus on political leaders like Trudeau, Ardern and Biden, and using them as a means of suggesting that the whole world is going in that direction further diminishes the effectiveness, as surely a more positive measure would be to contrast those with governments which struck a more balanced approach. For example, apart from two or three missteps, the NSW government proved a positive contrast to the truly Draconian and heartless Labor governments of Qld, Victoria and WA.

    But then it is an American movie, after all, dealing with their issues.

    You also raise an interesting issue towards the end: “Yes, the state should keep its citizens safe, but at the expense of their personal responsibility!”

    On the other hand, do we not, and particularly as Christians, have a prior and primary responsibility to the welfare of others? And shouldn’t we, as Christians, be encouraging our leaders to make that their priority as well? So if our personal responsibility is, according to Scripture, to be other focused, then isn’t that my true personal responsibility?

    Having said that, I am not claiming to know what exactly would be the best expression of that, but I don’t believe that the kind of rampant individualism we find in the US these days, which is depicted in the doco, is the way to go.

    Worst of all I think, and I’ve felt this way from the beginning of the pandemic, when even before governments anywhere were putting restrictions in place, I saw Christian Conservatives using terms like “totalitarian” and “dictatorial”, with predictions of the surreptitious overthrow of our democracies. This is actually a bad witness to the watching world, as every time those predictions are made, yet governments lift restrictions, we Christians look like the boy who cried, “Wolf!”, or Chicken Little’s “The sky is falling!”

    In short, there is a serious and necessary discussion in relation to a serious issue raised, but sadly it gets lost in all the fear mongering and bad faith actors involved. But on the positive side, it’s given me some food for thought.

    • Jim Twelves 8 June 2023 at 9:34 am - Reply

      Dear Kim, thank you very much for taking the time to have a look at this video. I very much value your perspective and your reflections on this production. First a technical issue, your quote from me:
      ‘Yes, the state should keep its citizens safe, but at the expense of their personal responsibility!’
      On reflection, I think I made a very big typo here. I claim that this the fault of the English language! I was putting too much emphasis on the ‘!’ at the end of my sentence, I was trying to be ‘expressive’, saying yes the state should keep its own safe, but really, at the expense of personal responsibility, I don’t think so.
      So a better sentence from me would have been ‘Yes, the state should keep its citizens safe, but not at the expense of their personal responsibility!’
      Now to your overall reflection. I am glad it has given you food for thought, really pleased about that. For me, I am seeking to examine its claims in the light of history, the reality on the ground but not in the light of the mainstream narrative. I am trying to imagine what it would be like to live in a world where a clandestine agenda was being put into action but packaged up beautifully as the best way forward for mankind and the planet.
      I have read The Great Reset and I have listened to Yuval Noah Harari and bought one of his books, Homo Deus (2016) . I hope to read this soon. My conclusion so far, is that there is a clandestine agenda, aimed primarily at the Christian Church and all western societies that are built on Christianity. This thesis is supported by Oz Guinness and Douglas Murray for example, writers I am sure you would respect but disagree with on some details, as do I.
      I am keeping my mind, ears and eyes open and prayerfully marching forward.

      • Kim Beazley 8 June 2023 at 10:11 am - Reply

        Jim, it appears that you agonise over punctuation as much as I do!! See what i mean??

        But jokes aside, it was the notion of personal responsibility I was trying to balance with, as I phrased it, our “prior and primary responsibility to the welfare of others”. This, I believe, requires us to first evaluate the case for communal protection before our individual rights. This was one of my main points in a recent article ( So no, I understood exactly what you were expressing.

        In reference to Harari, I wouldn’t waste my time. A friend gave me his previous book, “Sapiens”, and to be honest I’ve never come across such woeful, logically fallacious reasoning in my life! Virtually everything he touched was so weighed down by circular reasoning, question begging, and basic preaching to the converted. He makes Dawkins sound reasonable!

        And as far as Murray and Guinness go, they are two of the finest writers and intellectuals we have today. I only recently used Murray extensively in my recent article on “The Voice to Parliament”. And as I know you’re an avid follower of John Anderson’s “Conversations”, I’m sure you’re aware that he has episodes with both of them.

        On the “Great Reset”, I might have spelled out my point in more detail in this article from last July (

        • Jim Twelves 17 June 2023 at 12:25 pm - Reply

          Kim, thank you so much for this commentary. I particularly value your tip on Harari. I will move him down the list of books to read! Mind you he has been dropping down the list for a while anyway!
          Your article from July 2022 was brilliant. Thank you for referring me to this one. I love your God emphasis, he has got this!
          But let me take a little counter to your oft used phrase ‘conspiracy theory’. I try to avoid its use as much s possible, as by labeling a view as a conspiracy you are setting up an alternative view that you believe to be ‘right’, but you don’t argue the point, you simply label the other view a conspiracy to make the other ‘right’.
          I think the most dangerous concept in science today, is the idea of ‘consensus’ the opposite of conspiracy. But I hardly ever see any one justify the use of the term consensus. So why not set views out as ‘alternatives’ and keep away from value judgement? The idea that the world was round was a conspiracy theory once!

          • Kim Beazley 19 June 2023 at 5:17 pm

            “… by labeling a view as a conspiracy you are setting up an alternative view that you believe to be ‘right’, but you don’t argue the point, you simply label the other view a conspiracy to make the other ‘right’.

            On the contrary, Jim. I actually went into great detail in describing the kind of fear filled imaginations such thinking produces, as well as highlighting the “usual suspects”, then giving a proper biblical alternative response.

            Now, almost a year on, I would go further and say that any conspiracy thinking by Christians is flat out wrong, and that it is in fact a subtle form of Gnosticism, which, after thinking through that idea for a while, I have now found these links which also identify that it is slander and gossip, among other things:



            And Melbourne based blogger, Murray Campbell, by referring to Paul’s Letter to the Colossians, which was a response to an early form of Gnostic thought, deals with the same issue. He also comes out clearly in opposition to any kind f conspiracy thinking:

            “Christians should avoid conspiracy theories because they depend on rumours and spreading speculations. Christians should ignore conspiracy theories because they reject well-established truth and they regularly turn to gossip and slander…Conspiracy theories also encourage suspicion and hatred, where the Christian ethic requires us to love our neighbours.”


            So when you recommend that we “set views out as ‘alternatives’ and keep away from value judgement”, the problem there, as I have now outlined, is that setting these conspiratorial views as “alternatives” (but alternatives to what?) IS making a subjective value judgement. They’re not opposites, but identical.

            And I’m afraid the notion of the world as a globe being a conspiracy theory is repudiated by the fact that as early as The Book of Job (c2100 BC) the Earth is described as such. And the Greeks first took an accurate measurement in the 3rd century BC. So it really doesn’t make sense to hold up conspiracy thinking as some form of alternative to scientific consensus, which, by the way, is never fixed or absolute, and is balanced against the fact that the consensus is in relation to “the best inference currently available”. Thus scientific consensus is the opposite of a blinkered dogmatism.

            In all, I strongly believe that all conspiracy thinking among Christians is not only wrong and contrary to Scripture in a number of ways, but harmful and divisive.

  2. Kaylene Emery 7 June 2023 at 5:17 pm - Reply

    It was such a comprehensive documentary Jim and speaks so well to the need for collective Christian action. Prayer is my light in the darkness and I almost never step out of the dark into passive compliance.

    • Jim Twelves 7 June 2023 at 6:45 pm - Reply

      Kaylene, thnaks for this. I was so pleased that this doco presents strategies for action, peaceful but effective action or keeping awake.

  3. Sam 8 June 2023 at 4:40 pm - Reply

    Re “The Great Awakening” film

    This is NOT a portrayal of a “great awakening” but a PARTIAL awakening to a PART of the whole problem or whole enemy. Having a smooth-talking virtue-signaling filmmaker calling pompously a biased whitewash of reality “the great awakening” is misdirection and apparent PROPAGANDA in its own right.

    And in fact it is a significant DISawakening account by his false claim that “communism” or war/division between China and the US is the fundamental problem/enemy because that error/lie only chases the viewers down another wrong path when in reality the only real war, or division, has always been between the criminal class of governing bodies and the public and NOT between popular fake enemy narratives such as communism, capitalism, China versus US, Russia versus US, etc : /

    By ignorantly jumping on the communism-as-the-problem falsehood/lie, that has been actively promoted among the masses by the psychopaths in power, he only falls for their typical public-misleading propaganda. This truth-distorting propaganda film too worships the genocidal US empire as a “glorious nation.”

    “We’ll know our Disinformation Program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” — William Casey, a former CIA director=a leading psychopathic criminal of the genocidal US regime

    Willis is about as WILLFULLY selective deeply asleep as nearly all willfully “selective awake” sleepwalkers among the “alternative news” media community. In THAT disingenuous form he’s, of course, influential and popular among those type of (US) folks maintaining and nurturing the general human lunacy dominating the planet.

    The ruling criminals pulled off the Covid Scam globally via its WHO institution because almost all nations belong to it. Sign the declaration at to exit the WHO

    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” — Martin Luther King Jr

  4. Jim Twelves 15 June 2023 at 8:45 am - Reply

    Sam, thank you for your views. In reply, I would say, I do not and have not taken this production as ‘the whole truth, and nothing but the truth’. Its slick ‘professionalism’ concerns me and I keep their ideas in an ‘open hand’.
    I think that time will tell if they are close to or way off the mark. I take this documentary as provocation to ‘stay alert and prayerful’. My concern is that so many Australians are ‘asleep’ and if this movie opens one person’s eyes, it has done its job.
    btw, that link to exit the WHO is for the USA only, as far as I can see. Is there any similar movement here in Australia?

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