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Greens MP’s Terror Alert Misrepresented Open-Air Outreach Event

16 June 2023


A ministry outreach in Sydney was mislabelled a right-wing terror threat in an apparent bid to stop the open-air ministry event.

Greens MP for Newtown, Jennifer Leong, took to her Instagram page on June 9, treating the Canadian street preaching tour stop as an LGBTQ+ emergency.

Reacting to a “tipoff,” the MP told people to “stay safe,” alleging there was a “group of really dangerous [Christians] gathered” and “they’re out to cause problems.”


Speaking from Korea, Leong said it was “her understanding there was a big gathering of Christian Lives Matter, who were there to “harm, intimidate and strike fear” into the hearts of their community.

Greens MP Jennifer Leong

Hyping up the “domestic terrorism” sentiment, Leong lamented her inability to be there, stating, “If I was, I’d be going there right now to make sure that people were safe.”

Adding to the melodramatic monologue, she requested the acronym army’s faithful mobilise to counter the Christian outreach via film, photos, and sending her video viral.

Leong then told her audience to “go in pairs, and groups, or stay home,” insisting activists “look out for themselves and each other.”

The five-day-old video — viewed by more than 6,000 people — included the “we’re inclusive, now get out” Greens MP threatening to shut down freedom of speech, movement, association, and religion.

Leong promised,

“[To] do everything to remind these vile individuals, and groups [Christians] that they have no place in our society.”

Adamant that any Christian not aligned with the LGBTQ+ would not be safe, the elected representative told those listening, “This isn’t the end of it!”

Turf Wars

Dubbed “PRIDE square”, the public space visited by Christians for the outreach, is an area considered by the LGBTQ+ to be sacred ground.

Although the area is a public space, Labor Mayor hopeful Darcy Byrne accused the outreach organisers of agitating hate.

He also labelled the event an “aggressive right-wing Christian gathering.”

Byrne described PRIDE Square as a “beacon of inclusion and civil rights for many decades to come.”

He then inferred this kind of “inclusion and civil rights” does not include Christians, or those with an opposing viewpoint.

Likewise, backing Leong’s false claims, far-left activists LGBTI Rights Australia smeared the event.

Not without irony, the group labelled the outreach a ‘Christian right rally, displaying fascist tendencies,’ for ‘expressing anti-LGBTQI’ dissent.

Following Leong’s leap before looking, local councillors tagged in the far-left activist’s Facebook post ditched the facts for “feels”, pledging their support.

They condemned those gathered around the Gospel as “thugs.”

The councillors then promised to work with police on stopping “it from happening again.”

The Real Deal

Counter to Leong’s melodramatic accusations, the outreach event is part of Canadian Pastor David J Lynn’s Winter tour of Australia.

The Newtown stop was an openly advertised 7-12 Friday night preaching and outreach event, located outside the train station.

Responding to the claims, a source told The Daily Declaration that Lynn refuted the far-left fiction, saying,

“Our Friday night event was not anti-Trans. It wasn’t even a protest. We were worshipping, praying, and sharing love to all who came.”

“The [claims] are false,” he added.

“I don’t know who Christian Lives Matter is. I am from Canada, touring Australia to preach the Gospel. Whoever CLM is, that had no connection to my event.”

The street preacher, who founded Christ Forgiveness Ministries after a powerful transformative encounter with the cross of his own, is no stranger to politically motivated harassment.

Lynn was arrested in 2019, after LGBTQ+ protestors gate-crashed an outdoor sermon, creating a blockade and shouting down his message.

Although the preacher had moved away from the violent group, he was the one arrested.

Caldron Pool, reporting on the event, explained that Lynn was detained for offending a passerby.

Lynn’s latest run-in with the LGBT, speaks as much to the low calibre of Australia’s politicians, as it does about their clear contempt for due diligence.

The Greens MP’s claims show Leong was either misled or deliberately misleading the public in her self-serving politicisation of Lynn’s outreach event.

This isn’t just on Leong’s shoulders.

Labor and city councillors all boarded the “that’s bigoted” bandwagoneering, without any apparent concern for consulting Christians involved in the event.

As I’ve asserted, the real oppressors are masquerading as the oppressed.

Actual fascists ditching due process is the emerging fascist threat to Australia’s political and social way of life — not the dissenting voice of concerned Christians.

Leong and her slew of haters should retract their statements and apologise.


Photo by Anna Shvets.

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  1. Leonie Robson 16 June 2023 at 9:15 am - Reply

    Wow, yep they are coming against us with every accusation possible.
    Propaganda machine in action.
    Thanks for your report.

  2. Jim Twelves 17 June 2023 at 9:44 am - Reply

    Rod, thank you so much for this. I am not surprised really but actually a little ‘excited’. It seems to me the days are coming when it will no longer be possible to be lukewarm Christians. We will have to stand up to them or go along wit them.

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