Unsung Hero

Unsung Hero: The Riveting Must-See Movie Now in Cinemas

The outstanding movie, Unsung Hero, releases today in Australia! We are delighted that another quality film promoting family and faith will be available at the local cinema from Thursday, 30 May 2024.

Unsung Hero tells the story of the Smallbone family packing up and heading from Sydney to America in 1991. Husband, David, and wife, Helen, along with their seven children made a life-changing decision that continued to present challenges and many setbacks.

Despite the brokenness that David carried during this time, God did the miraculous. He held the Smallbone family in His hands. This week David sat down with Warwick and revealed a little of his story and life adventure of faith.

David’s authentic, down-to-earth love for Jesus is truly inspiring. Watch as Warwick interviews David in the video below. The movie trailer is included in the interview!

We have both seen a preview of the movie and can highly recommend it to you and all your family and friends. For a review of the movie, please see the recent Daily Declaration article by Cody Mitchell called “Unsung Hero: A Refreshing Film on the Strength of Family and Faith“.

The quality of Unsung Hero, for a relatively low six-million-dollar budget, is staggering. Most Hollywood movies, including marketing, have an average budget of 100 million dollars. When you critique films, you must compare apples with apples, not oranges. That said, this film stands as a quality, authentic movie in its own right.

Good Indie films are better than the big ones anyway. They are usually much more authentic! And this one really resonates! Interestingly, the Rotten Tomatoes audience score is very high at 99%. We are not surprised!

David did not produce the movie – or even work on it. The inspiration came from his sons, Joel and Luke (the duo from for KING + COUNTRY), who wanted the world to know their parent’s faith journey.

Unsung Hero

Luke produced the movie. Joel wrote and directed it, and at the same time acted in the role of David! Directing and acting in the same movie is an extraordinarily rare feat. We give glory to God for Joel’s and the Smallbone family’s display of artistic God-given abilities!

Unsung Hero has achieved a rare A+ Cinema Score (the highest rating available). Audiences polled by PostTrak gave the film an overall 96% positive rating, with 90% saying they would definitely recommend it.

We can recommend it too! And due to the movie’s non-cheesy, professional yet authentic character, we can also recommend it as a film to your family and friends who don’t yet know Jesus.

As David says in the interview above, “That was a broken season for me. But what I can tell you is, ‘God is good’. Because my family saw the miraculous. And we were given a story.” Their story is truly inspiring.

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In conjunction with the film’s release, for KING + COUNTRY is performing across the nation. With four Grammy Awards and nine Dove Awards to their credit, you will not be disappointed. You can read more about their Homecoming Tour on the Daily Declaration here!

There are three venues left on their Homecoming Tour: Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane. The locations and venues are:

  • 31 May: Sydney, Aware Super Theatre at ICC Sydney
  • 1 June: Newcastle, Newcastle Entertainment Centre
  • 2 June: Brisbane, Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Tickets for The Homecoming Tour are close to selling out in Sydney and Brisbane. To avoid disappointment, we encourage you to book your tickets as soon as possible. Book your tickets for The Homecoming Tour by clicking the orange button below.


We are delighted to endorse quality Christian art that promotes family and faith. As David laughs and says in the interview above, “Woke Hollywood is allowing this movie to come out!” Let’s make the most of every opportunity to promote “the Jesus way, which is truly life-giving” (as David says) on the big screen.

Yours for impacting culture through Christ-exalting art,

Samuel Hartwich & Warwick Marsh


Image via CMAA.

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