Jane Caro and Basic Economics

8 April 2019

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I don’t have any formal education in economics, but then again neither has Jane Caro—who has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English—which probably explains why she tweets such vacuous feel-good comments like this:

This is why we can never have nice things. Because while this might sound all warm and fuzzy in theory, in the cold, hard light of day it is emblematic of the Left’s inability—as well as lack of intention and desire—to be fiscally responsible. I’m sure glad that I’m not managing the finances in that household.

I mean, as a nation are we just supposed to keep on racking up more and more debt for future generations to be burdened with? Or is managing the country’s economy one of the primary roles of good government?

However, the underlying problem is, is that for militant atheists such as Caro something else has to take God’s place. And more often than not, their saviour functionally ends up being the State. Well, at least the finances that every other citizen provides. But the problem with turning the government into a divinity is that it can never provide the salvation that we all need.

Simply overspending other people’s money is not the answer. Nor is writing books, being a media personality and pontificating on how everyone else’s money should be spend. Clearly, Caro needs to get out and travel more… such as Venezuela perhaps? Because the government there lives by the anti-religious socialist mantra to which she subscribes, and yet the community there is anything but in surplus.

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