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The UK’s Conversion Therapy Laws Explained

21 June 2022

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Upon careful examination, the UK’s legislation against “conversion therapy” is full of inconsistencies. Those who choose to de-transition after trying out the transgender lifestyle are simply not considered. And what about those who see-saw between L/G/B and T?

British politicians have been debating so-called “conversion therapy” laws that would make it illegal to tell LGBT people they can change.

The Daniel Andrews government has already passed similar laws in Victoria.

The sticking point in the UK is disagreement over whether trans people should be protected from conversion therapy.

A GBN article headlined “MP Warns of Conversion Therapy Through the Backdoor if Trans People Not Included in Ban” is reprinted below, with helpful explanations from Yours Truly to help readers cut through the gobbledegook and understand what is really going on.

You Cannot Change — Or Can You?

Government ministers have been warned how lesbian, gay and bisexual people risk being subjected to conversion therapy if trans people are not included in a ban on the practices.

I think we would all agree there is nothing worse than being subjected to contrary opinions!

But worse, if conversion therapy is banned for lesbians but not for trans women, then lesbians risk being subjected to conversion therapy.

Let’s do that again. If lesbians are protected but trans people are not protected, then lesbians are not really protected.

Somebody save the lesbians!

This is hilarious. Follow the logic…

If a heterosexual man gets a sex change, he becomes a lesbian woman.

If someone counsels him to de-transition, then he would resume being a man who is no longer a lesbian.

So a lesbian will have been subjected to conversion therapy, even though conversion therapy is banned for lesbians.

Makes total sense.

No Recognition for De-Transitioners

MP Elliot Colburn on conversion therapy

Conservative MP Elliot Colburn warned MPs how leaving gender identity out of the ban could leave a “backdoor” open to conversion therapy for other people in the future.

All I will say about this is that “backdoor” is an unfortunate turn of phrase in this context.

The Government initially planned a widespread ban on conversion therapy to protect all LGBT people, but in March it was reported that trans people would not be included in the ban due to “complexities and sensitivities”.

The so-called conversion therapy ban does not protect all LGBT people. What about the growing number of transgendered people who wish to de-transition? Where is the protection for them?

The fact is that trans people who de-transition are disappeared. It’s ironic that the very people who accuse anyone of disagreeing with them as seeking to “deny our existence” really do deny the existence of anyone who leaves their pronoun cult.

The conversion therapy ban protects LGBT ideology, not LGBT people.


As MPs descended on Westminster Hall to debate a petition calling for a trans-inclusive ban, the Carshalton and Wallington MP stated: “There is also an argument made that to exclude trans people is the right thing to do because sexual orientation and gender identity are different, so it should not be covered by the same piece of legislation.

Amazing, isn’t it? We are expected to believe that a person’s sexual orientation cannot, under any circumstances, be changed. But a person’s sex — determined by fixed biological features such as genitals and chromosomes — is completely fluid.

Isn’t it much more likely that the stupidity of British MPs is fixed and their principles are fluid?


“However, whilst these are different parts of a person’s individual identity, to do so would create big problems for the Government within law, as many trans people are also LGB and vice versa.

It’s interesting that a T can also be an L or a G or a B.

The genius of the transgender movement has been to tether itself to the gay rights movement.

LGBT pride - no conversion therapy

Transgenderism has nothing to do with homosexuality. But by adding their T to the LGB — and their weird chevron to the Pride flag — trans activists have usurped the hard-won rights of homosexuals for themselves.

A heterosexual man can change his sex to become a woman (because sex is fluid) but cannot change his sexual orientation so as to be a heterosexual woman (because sexual orientation is fixed).

He therefore becomes a lesbian woman.

The T has become an L and, as a special bonus, now — as a trans lesbian woman — has three marks on his oppression bingo card rather than just one.

“Plus, I believe it would allow the conversion therapy of LGB people to continue through the backdoor by claiming this is being done because of their gender identity.”

I think we’ve already noted that nothing should get through the backdoor. Or a loophole. Or a crack.

Other MPs sought to discredit those who carry out conversion therapy as “quack” pseudo-scientists or religious fringe groups.

So who are these “quack pseudo-scientists from religious fringe groups” running around inflicting harm? Hopefully, we’ll find out later in the article.

Only One Narrative Allowed

Meanwhile…MP Alicia Kearns on conversion therapy

Conservative MP Alicia Kearns said: “Conversion therapy often takes the form of one-directional talking therapies conducted by quacks in unregulated settings. There can only be one outcome — rejecting your trans self.”

The government must now not allow people to reject their trans selves. The government must instead make it as easy as possible for citizens, and especially children, to reject their biological selves.

Otherwise, mental health!

As for “one-directional talking therapy”, what is that? Is that where one person talks while the other person listens? Horrible stuff. Unlike Pride Week, where one group yells while everyone else nods in furious agreement while waving a gay flag for fear of losing their job.

The phrase “one-directional talking therapy in unregulated settings”, seems to mean someone talking freely without government bureaucrats monitoring every word for thought crime. Highly undesirable in an LGBT — where the T stands for totalitarian — society.

“Experts” Trump Parents

The SNP’s John Nicolson stated how people who practise conversion therapy are “not experts who can help anyone”.

A mother who tells her son that he is not a girl has no expertise to be giving such advice. I mean, aside from the fact that she knows what a boy is, and she knows what a girl is. But apart from that, she has no qualifications to be speaking on the subject to her own child.

Gender studies professors — on the other hand — who expertly teach young adults that biology has nothing to do with sex because a woman is someone who identifies as a woman, or drag queens who read to children as a ruse for helping them to question their gender are the true experts. And everyone is greatly helped — usually by puberty blockers, and then the removal of genitalia.

Out of Control

The Ochil and South Perthshire MP reflected on his career as a BBC journalist when he met a pastor who had “recommitted his life” to conversion therapy after the suicide of his son, who was gay.

Aha, so now we know who they mean when they warn about “quack pseudo-scientists from religious fringe groups” running around inflicting harm. Christian ministers!

Mr Nicolson added: “This was the man who was offering conversion therapy to the vulnerable with no controls under the law.”

Imagine a Christian minister running around willy-nilly (hang on, willy-nilly is the sex change doctors) teaching Christian theology without the government controlling what he says! The horror of it!

Conservative MP for Don Valley Nick Fletcher elevated concerns the ban would “create a problem with freedom of speech”, preventing parents from having conversations with their children “about the way they think about themselves”.

Parents are also “quack pseudo-scientists” running around inflicting harm. Their right to speak freely to their own children is a ‘problem’ that will hopefully be fixed by legislation.

So as you can see, it’s all very logical and very sensible.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.
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  1. Kaylene Emery 22 June 2022 at 5:56 am - Reply

    Shame on us ! We the people on the watch where this is the outcome. Don’t know about anyone else but my own repentance is paramount now – as I understand it this is a prerequisite for the army of God , so here I am Lord, send me.

  2. David 24 June 2022 at 12:48 am - Reply

    I don’t think it is helpful to use sarcasm when you are explaining that something is incoherent. If you are explaining something, the reader should not have to work hard, to work out what point you are trying to make in each and every sentence.

    (Perhaps as an example… in your heterosexual man/lesbian explanation, you seemed to be saying that a normative can not conflict with a descriptive… although I have given up trying to work out whether you are talking about something you agree with or something you disagree with.)

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