New Parliament — Update on Australian Political Landscape

29 July 2022

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The new Australian Parliament sat for its first day this week, almost 10 weeks since the election.

For those not watching, the election was, sadly, a contest between a woke socialist party (Labor) or the governing ‘conservative’ party (the Liberal National Coalition) that supported lockdowns, State border closures, vaccine mandates, vaccines for children, mask mandates, banning COVID treatments such as ivermectin, a digital identity agenda and restrictions on free speech online.

That’s some choice that Australian voters had!

Instead of re-electing the so-called ‘conservative’ government that was behaving like woke socialists, voters opted for the real thing.

As a result, Anthony Albanese is now Prime Minister and Labor is in power, but only just.

But this doesn’t mean they won’t be able to implement more laws that further restrict freedom Down Under.


Labor has a majority of only one in the House of Representatives and does not have a majority in the Senate.

However, supporting Labor — in both the House and the Senate — are a gaggle of even more woke socialists including the Greens and the ‘Teals’.

The latter get their name from the fact that they are independents who have been elected to once-safe Liberal electorates (which is a party that has blue as its logo’s colour) but yet are very green in terms of their politics.

Both the Greens and the ‘Teals’ will be doing all they can to drag Labor’s agenda to the far left.

Albanese has been sharply criticised for taking a world tour as soon as he was sworn in as Prime Minister.

Labor hypocrisy

While the city of Sydney flooded, ‘Albo’ (as he’s called) was rubbing shoulders with Ukrainian despot Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who — while feted by the legacy media — has banned his main opposition party.


The Albanese Labor government’s first few months have also been marred by an unravelling power crisis across the nation, with warnings of blackouts and requests for homes to go without heating and dishwasher usage.

Worse still is the resurgence of COVID, making Australia one of the top countries for COVID deaths per capita (but still rates less than a nationwide 0.27% infection fatality rate).

This is despite the Labor-backed policies of vaccine mandates, boosters, mask mandates, lockdowns, etc.

zero-covid countries

And instead of dealing with the problem sensibly, Labor continues to support 7-day mandatory isolation for people with COVID, despite the main symptoms of the virus being just a sore throat and a cough.

Those who have to stay home will get free money, with the government continuing to publicly fund COVID leave payments at a time when the gross national debt has surpassed $1 trillion.

As an international food shortage looms, Labor is arguably doing too little, too late to deal with a potential outbreak of foot and mouth disease coming from Indonesia and China.

With Aussie tourists coming back from Bali, the risk is immense and threatens to decimate Australia’s livestock herds.

During the foot and mouth outbreak in the United Kingdom about 20 years ago, authorities had to destroy millions of cattle and livestock to contain the disease.

Labor is now seriously suggesting that concern about foot and mouth disease is “hysteria”.

Monkeying About

Meanwhile, the government activated Australia’s National Incident Centre after the World Health Organization declared Monkeypox a global emergency.

That’s despite the fact that only five people have died from the so-called ‘outbreak’.

That’s not five deaths in Australia, but five deaths worldwide.

Let’s hope this overreaction is not a case of ‘here we go again!’

Surprisingly, new social services minister, Bill Shorten has been the only bright light for Labor, moving swiftly to can a new government form that replaced the term ‘mother’ with the ridiculous ‘birthing parent’.

birthing parent

That is likely to be where the pushback against wokeness ends for this government.

There is no doubt that Labor is going to use its term in office to pursue an extreme green agenda that will cost manufacturing and mining jobs, institute a digital identity agenda and move the country closer to Communist China.

Future Resurgence

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Scott Morrison has had an epiphany, telling members of Margaret Court’s church not to put their trust in governments or the United Nations.

Amen to that, but why wasn’t that sensible attitude in force over the past three years?

The new leader of the conservative Liberal Party, Peter Dutton, will perhaps be a voice for common sense but this will be tempered by the woke element that remains in the Liberals and the Nationals.

Those ones to watch who will step up to fight for freedom in this parliament include Senators Pauline Hanson, Malcolm Robert, Ralph Babet, Alex Antic, Gerard Rennick, Jacinta Price and Matt Canavan, and quite possibly Claire Chandler, David Fawcett, Hollie Hughes, Jim Molan, James Patterson and David Van.

In the House of Representatives, it’s Bob Katter, Andrew Hastie, Llew O’Brien, Phillip Thompson, David Gillespie, Barnaby Joyce, Luke Howarth, Keith Pitt, Colin Boyce, Tony Pasin, Michael Sukkar, Terry Young, Julian Leeser, Henry Pike and Russell Broadbent.

The jury is out on independent Dai Le.

Perhaps that list is being generous, but if there is to be a pushback against the woke, anti-freedom agenda these are the men and women whom I know hold the right worldview, or pretty close to it.

The question is will all have the ticker to stand up and speak out when the legacy media is ready to ridicule and attack them when they do?

My best guess is that — despite their bad start — Labor may be in power for at least two terms of office, dragging the country in the mire, while the Liberals and Nationals work out whether or not they are to be a truly common-sense, pro-Australian, pro-freedom conservative force in Australian politics or remain a pale imitation of Labor.

And if the Liberals and Nationals do not return to the values of conservatism, patriotism, liberty and small government, we may see minor parties such as One Nation and the United Australia Party merge with a remnant from the Liberals and Nationals to create a new political force in this country.

Then the challenge will be to undo the mess that the socialists have created for the country.


Originally published at Nation First.

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