Nothing Makes Sense, So Banning Djokovic Makes Sense

1 September 2022

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Tennis player Novak Djokovic suffers yet more unfairness for being unvaccinated.

US President Joe Biden has been jabbed four times and yet still contracted Covid, twice!

Meanwhile, Novak Djokovic — who does not have Covid — was banned from entering the US to play at this week’s US Open because he is unvaccinated.

It doesn’t make sense.

But life stopped making sense in early 2020, so the fact that nothing in 2022 makes sense, kind of makes sense.

If the 21-time Grand Slam winner entered America via the southern border as an illegal immigrant, he would be welcomed regardless of his vaccination status.

Could the fact that mNRA vaccine manufacturer Moderna is a sponsor of the US Open have anything to do with it?

Probably not, but fans on social media are outraged anyway.

But can you imagine the unvaccinated Novak Djokovic holding aloft the US Open trophy with Moderna, whose most famous product is a Covid vaccine, as a sponsor in the background?

If only there was a way to test Novak Djokovic to make sure he didn’t have Covid so that he could be allowed into the United States. (That was sarcasm.)

No Solidarity

Few of Djokovic’s fellow competitors have stood up for him. Nick Kyrgios is the exception. Say what you like about the Aussie brat, at least he can still think for himself.

If all tennis players boycotted the US Open until Novak Djokovic was permitted to play, it would cause change.

Maybe the other players have realised that insisting the Serbian champion cannot play without being vaccinated helps to limit the spread of him winning tournaments.

They’re just following the science!

That one of the healthiest people on earth is unable to play at the US Open because he represents a health risk is nonsensical. Which, like I said, kind of makes sense these days.


Has the Biden Administration forgotten that Djokovic played, unvaccinated, at the US Open last year when Covid was at its peak? And he did so without causing death and destruction.

Is the Biden Administration unaware that Djokovic played and won Wimbledon in July without wiping out England?

Maybe they are unaware. Or maybe they just don’t care. Djokovic is a mere tennis player who had the temerity to reject the authoritative advice from the jab-happy experts at the WHO and the CDC.

For insisting on bodily autonomy, he was branded selfish, and stupid, and a conspiracy theorist; a super-spreader of anti-vaxx ideas, too dangerous to be allowed into Australia.

But he has now been proven right. The vaccine stops neither infection nor transmission. And besides, Djokovic has recovered from the virus and so has natural immunity, which is stronger than any protection the mRNA injections provide.

And they appear to hate him for it.

Utter Lunacy

If Djokovic had been jabbed up the wazoo and, coincidentally, collapsed on the court or forced to forfeit a match due to shortness of breath, that would be fine. But to watch him dart around the court in perfect health without the help of the jab is, for whatever reason, undesirable.

The CDC has said there should be no difference in the rules that govern the vaccinated and the unvaccinated within America.

If Djokovic was an unvaccinated American, he could play at the US Open. But because he is unvaccinated, Djokovic cannot even get into America to be treated the same as the vaccinated.

The US government could easily update their entry requirements to reflect the latest health guidelines. Instead, they prefer the performative double-standard nonsense that has infuriated people around the world for the past two years.

It makes about as much sense as anything that has happened during the past two years, which is none.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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  1. Kaylene Emery 1 September 2022 at 9:47 pm - Reply

    So refreshing to read your work James so good to laugh.
    My life which never made any sense – now makes perfect sense…its a God thing ….the stories I could tell ya !

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