COVID Update: Ivermectin Works

22 September 2022

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Nation First looks at a new study on Ivermectin showing 92% less chance of COVID-19 mortality.

The establishment tried its best to discourage the use of Ivermectin with COVID-19.

The media openly ridiculed those who pointed out real-world evidence showed the drug could protect against COVID-19.

They largely overlooked the fact that a leading Australian university researcher had already found evidence Ivermectin was effective against COVID-19.

(Interestingly, the last we heard about that ongoing research was half a year ago.)

Propaganda Campaign

A massive misinformation campaign was launched labelling the drug a ‘horse de-wormer’ and falsely stating it to be unfit for human use.

Every public figure from Elon Musk to former US President Donald J. Trump was demonised for advocating the use of Ivermectin, or for actually using it like Joe Rogan did.

In Australia, the medical establishment even banned its use in preventing and treating COVID.

(This was something I, sadly unsuccessfully, campaigned against when I was an Australian Member of Parliament, leading a massive phone-in campaign that actually jammed the Therapeutic Goods Administration switchboard.)

The medical establishment elsewhere around the world followed suit, banning the drug.

Some brave doctors who persisted with using Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID were even fired.

And now, as it turns out, Ivermectin did work.

Breaking News

A new authoritative study conducted by Brazilian scientist Dr Flavio A. Cadegiani provides definitive proof of Ivermectin’s effectiveness against COVID-19.

In his research, he observed that people who used the drug regularly every 15 days for 6 to 8 weeks had a 92 per cent reduced risk of mortality compared to non-users.

Compare that to the mRNA ‘vaccines’ that were practically forced upon people, which offered a far lower and diminishing rate of protection.

If anything, the mRNA-based ‘vaccines’ may have even made people more vulnerable to newer COVID-19 variants.

And, let’s not ignore the whole host of nasty long-term side effects — including sudden death — that came with these ‘vaccines’.

Lost Opportunity

It should be noted that Dr Flavio wasn’t the first to bring to light the effectiveness of Ivermectin.

Back in 2021, many prominent researchers were censored or intimidated into silence about the drug’s effectiveness against COVID-19.

Later on, Dr Harvey Risch, a prominent epidemiologist from Yale, would testify before the US Congress that had the drug been approved for use, it could have potentially saved thousands of lives.

The reason for the hostility that the ‘elite’ showed against what was already a ready solution for COVID-19 was two-fold:

  1. The patent for Ivermectin had expired, meaning that, unlike the new vaccines, there was little profit to be made from the mass use of the drug.
  2. To push the mRNA jabs on the public. For what malign reasons, one can only speculate. My best guess is to further accelerate depopulation as it has been proven that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are actually harming global fertility rates.

Whatever the reasons, if Ivermectin had not been stymied, hundreds of thousands of deaths could have been easily avoided.

It is interesting to note the stark contrast in terms of COVID-19 impact on countries that disallowed the drugs versus those that endorsed it.

Take the example of Mexico, which (at the time of writing) has 53,751 inflection COVID cases per million and 2,508 COVID deaths per million.

The country allowed the off-label use of Ivermectin early during the pandemic, rather than listening to the ‘experts’ in the neighbouring USA, which currently has 291,242 cases per million and 3,222 deaths per million.

The real-world data — and now empirical studies — shows Ivermectin works.

Questions will now need to be answered by those who went out of their way to stop its use.


Originally published at Nation First. Photo: fireflyphoto/BigStock

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  1. Leonie Robson 23 September 2022 at 10:20 am - Reply

    Too many lives lost in this bout of medical negligence and compromise. Praying that the TGA finally yields.
    Thanks George for everything you have done and continue to do.

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