Media No Longer Ignoring Startling Excess Mortality Data

13 March 2023

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Excess mortality is so high in Western nations that the mainstream media can no longer ignore it.

In the weeks since the Daily Declaration reported on the excess death spike now visible in at least 30 Western nations, multiple legacy media outlets have begun reporting on the phenomenon.

In an apparent admission they can no longer ignore the obvious, News.Com.Au, The Daily Mail, The Sun and The New Zealand Herald have warned of startling excess mortality data in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand not seen in over 80 years.

From early 2020, many lone voices warned that lockdowns would have devastating long-term impacts due to missed medical appointments, poor diet and exercise, substance abuse and deaths of despair, with the poor affected most of all.

Lockdown supporters readily dismissed all such warnings, even scoffing at the idea that lockdowns might cause deaths on the same scale as COVID-19.

Last year the legacy press began to acknowledge, at least on an anecdotal basis, the damage done by lockdowns. Now mainstream outlets are conceding that excess deaths are the worst they have been in almost a century and that policy responses to COVID-19, and not just the virus itself, are to blame for the massive spike.

And while no media corporation is yet willing to consider the potential role of mRNA injections in the excess death data, their shifting admissions on lockdowns suggests that anything is possible given enough time.

At the very least, the following articles — and the historic excess mortality data they cite — prove that mRNA injections and the creation of hermit kingdoms did not live up to their glowing promises.

News.Com.Au: Report shows Australia’s excess mortality rate has risen to levels not seen since World War II

A new study released this week has shown Australia is experiencing its highest excess mortality rates in over 80 years.

According to the Actuaries Institute, there was a 12 per cent increase in excess deaths in 2022. Of the additional 20,000 deaths, 10,300 were attributed to Covid-19 — with another 2,900 deaths where the virus was a contributing factor.

The remaining 6,600 excess deaths were not related to Covid-19, with ischaemic heart disease and cancer being the most common causes, leading to 2,020 and 970 excess deaths respectively.

Karen Cutter, the spokesperson for the Institute’s Covid-19 mortality working group, emphasised that the increase of 20,000 deaths is extraordinary and has not been witnessed since World War II.

After remaining stable for some time, the number of deaths began to climb, and in 2021, the nation surpassed its expected death rate by 2 per cent. In the second year of the pandemic, there were 3,000 excess deaths, with about 1,400 directly attributed to Covid-19 and 1,600 linked to it.

However, there was a significant shift in 2022 when the excess death rate surged to 12 per cent. Deaths reached their highest point in late July before declining but then began to rise again in November and December.

“It is not within normal levels of fluctuation in non-pandemic times,” Ms Cutter said.

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The Daily Mail: How 19,800 extra people died in Australia in the last year than authorities predicted – a mortality rate not seen since WWII

Almost 20,000 more Australians died last year than expected in a toll not seen since World War II according to a study which blamed Covid for the rise.

However, the findings from the Actuaries Institute were met with some criticism, with some questions whether thousands of the deaths were caused by measures introduced to fight to pandemic, such as draconian lockdowns which stopped Australians seeking medical care for diseases.

The increase in the number of deaths in 2022 compared with expert predictions was 12 per cent, or 19,800 more deaths than would have been predicted if not for the pandemic, analysis the institute found.

That is a total excess mortality figure not seen since World War I,  when Australia lost 34,000 service personnel.

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The New Zealand Herald: New Zealand records biggest increase in registered deaths in 100 years

New Zealand has recorded the largest increase in the number of registered deaths since the 1918 influenza pandemic, new data from Stats NZ shows.

The births and deaths figures, for the year ending December 2022, show there were 38,574 deaths in 2022, 10.4 per cent (3642) more than in 2021.

This increase – attributed to Covid-19 and an ageing population – is the biggest year-on-year jump since the 55.4 per cent (5835) spike in deaths following the 1918 flu pandemic.

Most of the increase in deaths occurred in older age groups where Covid-19 poses an increased mortality risk.

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The Sun: Mystery as Australians dying at levels not seen in 80 years – and UK might be seeing same phenomenon

MORE than 174,000 deaths were registered in Australia in 2022 – 12 per cent more than was predicted.

This represents one of the largest excess death levels outside the pandemic in 80 years, according to data from the Actuaries Institute.

Of the additional 20,000 deaths, 10,300 were directly attributed to Covid-19 and 2,900 were linked to the virus in some way.

The remaining 6,600 excess deaths were not related to Covid-19, the data suggested.

Instead, they were mostly related to heart disease and cancer…

Australia is not alone in this phenomenon, with other countries like the UK also battling an unprecedented rise in excess mortality.

The UK recorded nearly 40,000 excess deaths in 2022, according to the Office of National Statistics.

The births and deaths figures, for the year ending December 2022, show there were 38,574 deaths in 2022, 10.4 per cent (3642) more than in 2021.

This increase – attributed to Covid-19 and an ageing population – is the biggest jump in excess deaths since the 1918 flu pandemic.

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  1. Kaylene Emery 13 March 2023 at 1:44 pm - Reply

    Only those who cannot face this truth do not know this by now Kurt. As one who could not bare to know so much for so long – I believe I understand how to maintain a delusion better than most.
    God in His mercy choose to forgive me even though I struggle to forgive myself because of damage done.
    As Brian Pickering points out in his training-
    “If my people who are called by my name. “…… God said( My )twice. He did not say all people – in this instance , which is significant. There is a great delusion at play and we must each ask, am I a lover of truth ? Or as Father Calvin Robertson said “ if the world is against the truth then I am against the world.

  2. H Harrison 13 March 2023 at 3:22 pm - Reply

    Thanks Kurt for honest brave reporting. So many suffering. ‘There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know’. Attributed to John Heywood 1546 with reference to Jeremiah 5:21.

  3. Kim Beazley 16 March 2023 at 7:54 am - Reply

    You have to wonder how often some people need to have the facts revealed to them before they throw away their skeptical blinkers and accept that they’re wrong. This writer has had article after article refuted by the clear medical facts, yet continues to spread the same misinformation.

    And this article is no different.

    In this case, even less than two months after being refuted on the issue of excess deaths we have another, on the basis that now because legacy media are reporting on the issue.

    But there are two fatal errors here. First, whereas this writer suggests that the excess deaths are the result of ” devastating long-term impacts due to missed medical appointments, poor diet and exercise, substance abuse and deaths of despair”, as a result of “the damage done by lockdowns”, none of the media reports he cites support that (and neither do the facts, especially for “deaths of despair”, as the number of people dying from suicide actually decreased slightly). In fact, they all cite “Covid-19 and an ageing population”.

    And as we’re dealing here with 2022, when there were no lockdowns, the whole point is irrelevant.

    But even stranger is the allusion to the possibility regarding “the potential role of mRNA injections in the excess death data”, when by the start of 2022 almost 95% of the population had received two doses, and many had also received a booster. How does a situation which has reduced from a flood to a trickle have any potential, even if there were evidence that it could prove fatal?

    Second, for a writer who continually accuses the legacy medias of bias, to now hold them up as a prize witness to support his own bias is a bit hypocritical. You just can’t call them liars when it suits and then use them as “Exhibit A”. It’s confirmation bias writ large.

    And confirmation bias leads to poor and selective research, which is proven by the fact that I could do a shallow dive a bit deeper than media releases and find the actual facts, figures and medical experts who understand them.

    First, when you see the government’s figures (which the brief media stories rely on) at you find that the excess mortality rate was 15.1% more than the baseline average. But when you dive into the particulars this is what it shows:

    “Deaths due to dementia including Alzheimer’s disease were 15.0% above the baseline average for the year to November.
    Deaths due to diabetes were 19.0% higher than the average for the year to November.”

    As these are the two major causes of death, making up over one third of all deaths, this is one barrel of the smoking gun, the other being the 17% increase in deaths from heart attack in the first 8 months of 2022 (which was pointed out to this writer by me in that previous article –, of which a significant proportion were due to previous COVID infection. As the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, in one of their news articles reports:

    “The most likely cause for non-COVID-19 excess deaths, the Actuaries Institute suggests, is ‘post-COVID-19 sequelae or interactions with other causes of death’ that may be having a ‘high’ impact in Australia. ‘Studies have shown that COVID-19 is associated with higher subsequent mortality risk from heart disease and other causes,’ its analysis states. ‘However, we understand that medical science has not yet established a causative link that would allow, say, a heart attack several months after a COVID-19 infection to be attributed back to COVID-19. ‘As such, it seems likely that there would be more of these deaths than identified.’”

    And this is why a more recent study (also cited in that article six weeks ago) at was able to show the following:

    “The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS‐CoV‐2), the pathogen of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19), has caused profound morbidity and mortality around the world. Evidence of its impact beyond the acute illness with respect to its cardiac and neurological effects is increasing, as well as for significant vascular disease events, including thrombosis.

    The estimated risk of myocarditis or pericarditis after SARS‐CoV‐2 infection is 18–21 times as high as for uninfected people. Similarly, the risk of acute myocardial infarction is 3–6 times, that of ischaemic stroke 3–10 times, and the risk of venous thrombo‐embolism up to eight times as high. These risk differences are greater than for other viral respiratory infections or for vaccinated people not infected by SARS‐CoV‐2.”

    So, as this writer has, over such a long period of time, shown a cynical and dogmatic refusal to acknowledge the facts on so many issues relating to the pandemic, the quote attributed to John Heywood from 1546, with reference to Jeremiah 5:21, is appropriate in relation to the writer of this article:

    “There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know.”

  4. Stephen Lewin 18 March 2023 at 2:20 pm - Reply

    I would suggest for data and evidence based science and medicine Dr John Campbell gives data from many countires that show there needs to be a thorough investigation into the ongoing excess deaths incl UK and Germany Australoa NZ .we are waiting for the investigation ..well done Kurt for highlighting glad Dr P Altmann is running for NSW seat of Manly as he is one that is worth hearing on the Covid 19 response

    • Kim Beazley 20 March 2023 at 8:03 am - Reply

      How many links would you like that prove that Campbell is a fraud? And if you’d bothered to read my comment above you’d find the facts that prove what’s causing the excess deaths (hint: it’s not the vaccines).

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