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Speakless Speakman: More Migrants Required

10 October 2023

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NSW Liberal leader says population growth is our best defence.

New South Wales Liberal leader Mark Speakman reckons Australia needs to import more migrants to secure the continent.


So, he’s proposing an invasion of migrants to avoid an invasion of foreigners.

Or, to put it another way, in order to stop people forcing their way into our country, Speakman reckons we should drop our borders so people can freely enter our country.

In order to secure the borders, we need to eliminate the borders, because only when the borders are gone will the borders be strong.

I predict Labor Premier Chris Minns will lead NSW for the next 100 years. But I digress.

Speakman’s Strategy

Speakman, who after this fiasco would be well advised to speak less, told the Daily Telegraph:

“I don’t think Australia has any strategic choice but to maintain significant population growth.

“We are a lightly populated continent, at the bottom of Asia.

“When you’ve got maybe half the world’s population in the continent next to us and when there are incredible strains on the resources in those countries, when you could have climate change potentially displacing hundreds of millions of people in the next decades, I don’t think Australia credibly can securely maintain occupation of a continent without some population growth.”

Speakman didn’t say how importing millions of people for whom we don’t have housing would help to ward off an attack from Xi Jinping.

Presumably, the Chinese dictator believes his 1.4 billion people are enough to overrun an Australian population of 25 million, but he’d lose all confidence if we were 30 million. And he’d completely give up pretensions of expansion if our population topped 31.5 million.

We don’t need nuclear subs, or missiles, or armed drones. We just need a stack more LGBTQ people seeking asylum. We could plonk them along the beaches with pitchforks.

Sounds like a plan.

I can see it now. Xi Jinping is about to launch an attack, but at the last minute — upon learning that thousands of Australians are sleeping in their cars and can’t afford groceries — he orders his armada of warships back to port.

Logical Outcome

The very notion that a larger population would protect Australia from invasion is nonsense. In fact, it might do the exact opposite.

Ever-expanding migration, heaped upon insufficient infrastructure and topped with a lethal dose of muddle-headed multiculturalism, might serve to fracture social cohesion and make us less secure.

As MacroBusiness chief economist Leith van Onselen pointed out:

“Our major cities are already becoming unliveable with degraded infrastructure and housing.”

The invasion we ought to be worried about is the invasion of LNP ranks by leftist lightweights like Speakcr*p.

It’s the first time I’ve read anything from Mark Speakman, and now I know why. He’s an opposition leader nobody knows, pushing a policy nobody supports.

How on earth can the NSW conservatives hope to win government while being led by a guy who calls for higher immigration in the middle of a housing and infrastructure crisis?

Speakgarbage may be an even worse candidate than Pesutto. That’s an amazing achievement.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.

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Photo by Lara Jameson.


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  1. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich 10 October 2023 at 11:07 am - Reply

    Time to stop the Ponzi Scheme of more multi-cultural immigration which has undermined our Western Civilisation and turned “The Lucky Country ” into “The Unlucky Country “. Time to stop wasteful spending on eg, the circa 1, 000 organisations which for decades have been lining their pockets with money intended for improvement into the lives of marginalised Indigenious People ( we need an audit of who has been ” feeding in the trough “) . Time to stop wasting money on things like this referendum and government hiring and paying crooked consultants—-the list of Waste is endless !
    The saved money would be better spent on health , etc —and on providing us with the latest defence technology to defend our shores . We need a campaign to bring back Christianity and morality, especially into the lives of our youth who are being deliberately destroyed with “Party ” drugs and indoctrinated with the New Age “religion ” that “Climate Change “, ie , that WE are destroying the planet and there is no hope, therefore , why not suicide ?

  2. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich 10 October 2023 at 2:33 pm - Reply

    Flooding Australia with migrants from countries with no history of democracy means they can ignore threats to our freedoms because they do not understand what ” freedoms “mean , eg by the proposed “Misinformation Law ” until they are lost.They can easily be manipulated to vote “Yes” by emotional argument because they have no understanding of our Constitutional Law and the potential dangers of voting “Yes”.The same applies to much of the Australian population (especially the young ) who have been indoctrinated by Marxist Woke “Social Justice “ideology and have been deliberately shielded from learning anything about our democracy, freedoms and Constitutional Law. This is how we will become a Marxist State if we don’t wake up now! I suggest compulsory English and democracy classes for all incoming migrants regardless of age .

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