Wanted: A Better Class of Leaders

7 May 2024

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Australia’s political leaders are making life hard for families, bribing voters, can’t define the word woman, and have no idea how to confront a rising tide of antisemitism. Our country deserves better.

Our nation is crying out for virtuous political leadership, but the current crop is clueless.

Queensland Premier Steven Miles is the incarnation of the folly of pretty much the nation’s entire political class.

His debt-ridden government yesterday announced a $1000 pre-election bribe for every household.

Last night it voted to green light more abuse of and violence towards young women by decriminalising prostitution.

In South Australia, politicians this week rejected a bill (by just one vote) to implement the Nordic model that would have protected women by criminalising men who purchase women.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister, whose government is also debt-ridden, has thrown a cool billion dollars at trying to prevent violence again women.

Money has failed to move the needle in the past, we can only hope it works this time. But hope is not a strategy.

Our politicians can’t define a woman let alone raise the courage to advocate for re-building marriage and family — a proven antidote to social chaos.

While recognition of the link between porn and violence was finally made in National Cabinet’s response to the murder of women, the irony of Queensland and South Australian politicians voting for women to be prostituted in the middle of a violence against women crisis underscores the cognitive dissonance amongst politicians.

Where Are Our Leaders on Antisemitism?

Perhaps nowhere more is leadership lacking than in the rise of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiment.

The Albanese government seems more intent on placating Hamas-sympathising Muslim leaders, forgetting the terrorists’ evil rapes of women, slaughter of innocents (including babies) and taking of hostages.

The government is incapable of calling into line university vice-chancellors who are allowing pro-Hamas encampments in their quadrangles calling for violent “intifada”.

Meanwhile, Muslim voters are flexing their muscles and driving Australia’s foreign policy away from supporting Israel towards the agenda of Hamas.

In other news, Christian schools are holding crisis rallies around the nation, fighting for their very existence. I’ll be at the Sydney rally — please attend one near you if you are able. It’s vital we show support.

I wish the news was better.

But the good news is you and I are speaking up and pushing back.

In my ADH TV interview this week with Hobart Archbishop Julian Porteous, he said Christian leaders needed to respond to the current hostile cultural environment by speaking up more, not less. This is a shift the church needs to make, he said.

If only there were more like him.

Raising Up a New Crop of Leaders

Establishing a political party that will raise principled and courageous candidates who will stand for parliament is, in the view of the Family First team, part of the answer.

What alternative is there?

It’s why Family First’s Victorian Senate Candidate Bernie Finn is criss-crossing Victoria, supported by our State Chair Jane Foreman, on his Family, Life, Hope, Faith and Freedom tour — click here for details.

It’s why your party’s ACT team is gathering next Saturday to build momentum to contest the October election in Australia’s most anti-family and anti-faith jurisdiction. That’s courage.

It’s why Family First is raising candidates to put your family’s values on the ballot paper at the Queensland election, also in October. The moral void left by the LNP and Labor must be filled.

Those of us who are Christians understand hope.

That hope is to be deployed for this world and for our children’s future. It is why you and I are embarked on the nation-building project of raising a better class of politician.


Image courtesy of Unsplash.

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