Now that the Election is Over

21 May 2019

2.9 MINS

The politicians, political scientists and the pollsters are still not quite sure how we have arrived at this point. Labor lost the unlosable election. No-one predicted it, no-one really expected it. I think that the best explanation for the Coalition win was given by the Prime Minister when he stood and said “I have always believed in miracles … and we have been delivered another one!

I can only agree with Mr Morrison’s statement.

I too believe that it was a miracle. I believe that, across our Nation, there was more prayer for this election than any other, and the result reflects that prayer.

We often hear it said that the church should keep out of politics, but if the church is to live as it should, that is simply not possible.

We have been culturally programmed to accept the Dualism of Greco-Roman philosophy. In simplistic terms, this means that we can keep our religious life and views separate from the rest of our life. We “compartmentalise” aspects of our life, so we can leave our “religion” at home when we go to work and ignore it in the formation of our political views.

But the culture of the Bible doesn’t allow for that. Our Christian views and values should be so entwined in our thinking, that it affects absolutely everything that we think and do.

So in this election, the church across the nation recognised that those values were under attack. In response, it began to exert any influence it had on the electorate. But more importantly, it recognised that the “Southland of the Holy Spirit” could be influenced by one thing more than any other. Prayer.

So, now that the election is over, will the church keep praying?

In idealistic / theoretical terms, the best form of government that we could have would be a benevolent dictator. The problem is that you will never find one of those.
Our humanity and tendency to self-interest will see to that.

The next “ideal” form of government is probably pure socialism. Such a system is described in the book of Acts 4:32-35, however once again, our humanity gets in the way and the system fails. Orwell summed it up pretty well when he wrote “All men are created equal, but some are more equal than others.” So humanity’s tendency towards self-interest again makes this system untenable.

And so we have a system called “Democracy”. This word is a combination of two Greek words – “demos” meaning people, and “kratia” meaning power or rule. So it is the crowd (the people) who have the power in this system.

The problem with democracy is that there is no true moral compass; it’s simply the will of the people that determines what is acceptable in a democratic society. There can be no moral absolute. If the majority of people decide something is acceptable, then it is – regardless of any moral code that may differ greatly from the people’s decision.

So how do the people rule? We could consider all sorts of political theory in answer to this question, but in practice it is the loudest voice and the strongest influence in a democratic society that determine what is acceptable. Thus we see the LGBTI lobby, representing about 3.5% of the population and the Muslim community representing about 2.6% of the population, having an impact on our nation that far exceeds the percentage of the population that they represent.

I suggest that the church has a vital role to play in our democratic system. If we are to retain the Judeo-Christian moral foundation of our society, the church must become an even louder voice and an even stronger influence within our society.

The election result is far from a signal to the church that it can now relax, rest on its laurels and pat itself on the back. It was once wisely said that if you rest on your laurels, you are wearing them in the wrong place! The election result is not the end, not even the beginning of the end.

The battle is far from over. The Christian community should see that they can have a far greater influence on society than they may have believed. They should see that the power of prayer is a huge and potent weapon that can be activated and used effectively.

The election result was great, it was heartening to a lot of people who subscribe to the Judeo-Christian ethos.

But the battle isn’t over – it’s just the start of the next round!

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  1. Bob 21 May 2019 at 9:53 am - Reply

    It seems like the minority interests in our society are more prepared to speak out for what they passionately believe in.
    There doesn’t appear to be any concern for what others may say about what they believe.
    I wonder what % of our nation is really Christian and I wonder what would happen if that % were to share what they believe with others in a loving and non threatening way and not fear the response they may receive and commit to regular heartfelt prayer, what may happen in our democracy and in our nation.
    God has promised a result to this in 2 Chronicles 7;14.

  2. James McPherson 21 May 2019 at 10:07 am - Reply

    True, “the battle isn’t over” but we may be able to take a lesson from 2 Chronicles 20 and the march of praise that defeated the armies of Moab, Ammon and Edom. The homosexual community has their pride march. We who love the Lord need to have a regular March for Jesus Christ event (or some similar show of who we are.)
    We really have failed to get Christ’s message into the community over many decades while we became more affluent and less dependent on God. The election result has shown how effective we can be if we act in prayerful obedience to the Lord.
    “Deliver us from evil” we pray; but we are also to recognize that we have a role in binding that evil.
    My prayer is that someone with more youth on their side than I have, will be encouraged and challenged to give us an alternative to the homosexual march event; one that lets the whole community see the face of Christian love and unity.

  3. peter sculley 21 May 2019 at 2:09 pm - Reply

    The leaders of the church are a gutless pack of wonders .. the yes no event shows that clearly. The only leader who stood up was Ps Margaret Court, she still has a body guard and many guards in her home church in Perth because of death threats.
    Its calmer now so those big mouth pastors could possibley step up .. but we will see

  4. John Mathai 22 May 2019 at 5:02 am - Reply

    This is the time to keep the momentum going and push the leftist agenda out of the window. Multiculturism has failed and we need to go back to our christian roots as a nation and be guided by the Word of God.

    • Carol 24 May 2019 at 10:58 am - Reply


  5. Ruth Ferguson 24 May 2019 at 8:26 am - Reply

    We had 21 days of intercessory prayer for our nation. Can we now have 21 days of praise and thanks to God, not only for what He’s done in our election, but also for who He is, and what He means to each of us?
    Perhaps some could suggest topics.


  6. Rosaleen Appelhans 24 May 2019 at 8:29 am - Reply

    Such wise words. There is a gaping hole in Australian Values – we have no Australian Values specifically related to Children. Children are the most vulnerable members of our society – yet Adults Rights take precedence over Childrens Rights in our nation.

    We have signed the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child and failed to have or hold a single Value statement concerning the proyection of children as part of our core Values as a nation.

    Individual rights are limited to Adults.

    Children are the most vulnerable members of society. We know that DAILY in Australia, children are living in circumstances of risk and neglect that we will not allow an animal to endure.
    They have no voice.
    The rights their adult carers have mean there are limits on what can be done by the state or any other party, to help those children.

    Lord have mercy on them.
    Lord give us courage to be a voice for those who have none.

  7. Marion 24 May 2019 at 11:26 am - Reply

    I like that we should have 21 days of praise and thankgiving to our God the living God

  8. Andrew Grady 24 May 2019 at 12:25 pm - Reply

    I do agree that we need to show the world that Australia is a Christian Country, we could start buy takings back Easter with Combined Christian Churches Marching dowm the Main Street of their Respective Cities, Towns. I have personally asked our minister to talk to our ministers ferternal , but the answer is they think it is to hard.
    They do not seem to believe that Gid will show them the way.
    Or we could arrange to March on the week before the homeo’s and lesbians march.

  9. Debbie 24 May 2019 at 2:05 pm - Reply

    Appreciate this – so simply and clearly laying out the truth about faith and politics and alerting us to keep vigilant and keep praying (and praising). Australia has such a calling yet to be fulfilled – the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit.

  10. Debbie 24 May 2019 at 2:13 pm - Reply

    Thank you! We need to stay vigilant. There is more in Australia’s destiny to be fulfilled. We are meant to be the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit!

  11. Antony 24 May 2019 at 3:27 pm - Reply

    We need a “March for Jesus Christ “event to be held in each capital city of Australia
    This should be an annual event.
    Let us have a 21 day preparation period of prayer and fasting as a first step towards

  12. Christine 25 May 2019 at 8:27 am - Reply

    It is time to praise and keep on praying, fixing our eyes on Jesus the author and perfector of our faith. To stay united as the Body of Christ praying for each other and especially for all Christian leaders as well as our political leaders. The Church has been in a valley – the valley of dry bones BUT GOD has breathed afresh on His people and the bones are responding and awakening to His call to rise and become His living army once again. Let’s take heart and put our trust and faith in Jesus to continue the good work He has begun in His people here in our land. Have faith in God! It is time to arise and shine for Him!

  13. Bronwyn 25 May 2019 at 11:37 am - Reply

    Yes this is not a time to be complacent any longer!!

  14. David Williamson 30 May 2019 at 12:45 am - Reply

    Of course we have to keep on praying. Yes prayer for the election was amazing, but more amazing was the way God acted bringing down those who did not consider the will of God. Our small congregation in Kendenup WA has been praying for Scott Morrison since he became Prime Minister months ago. Nothing to do with his political orientation but because he has been openly acknowledging that God is central in his life. And we prayed for Josh Fridenberg as well each Sunday, and those politicians who acknowledge Jesus as their Lord.. We then joined the 21 days of prayer and fasting prior to the election. We simply prayed for Godly government – for those who seek God to help them in decisions for good government. That doesn’t need to be politically orientated there is a lot of party room and behind the scenes talk about legislation. We pray against the LGBTIQ+ agenda as it is anti God, anti the Bible and is toxic in our society- its thrust is deceptive and selfish. We agree that the church has to speak up against those things that minority groups would seek to thrust upon our society. It is families and not the individual that should be championed as the focus of our society under the guidance of the gospel of Jesus.

  15. Maynessa 1 June 2019 at 8:39 pm - Reply

    Well said

  16. Harold Hopper 16 June 2019 at 6:26 am - Reply

    When God’s people came to pray in unity for a specific purpose the gate of hell could not prevail.
    I pray that every member of parliament both state and federal and our local consellors would be pastored by a praying Ekklesia with specific targetted prayers for their families and their salvation. I pray that King Jesus would raise such Ekklesiae, united in praying every parliamentarian into His kingdom.

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