A three-year respite from the relentless march of evil

28 June 2019

6.8 MINS

To my praying friends. A three-year respite from the relentless march of evil. To plan and implement strategy. This is an outline to pray.

During which time the church has a chance to repent, to become a “confessing church”, a united church. If we do it right we may, by the grace of God, have a further time (three times three years) of grace to preach God and His truth. What do we want for our country and what is the role of the people of God in helping to ensure this? I submit something along these lines.

A Safe Place for our Children where they have freedom of belief, freedom to speak of that which we believe, freedom to teach around the kitchen table and in our educational facilities, freedom to gather to worship our great God and proclaim His good news to the world.

We can live with persecution. It is promised and it will come. It will in the long run be good for us as the Body of Christ preparing us for the Day of His Coming but that does not mean we should have no voice in the public square.

“Go down to the palace of the king of Judah and proclaim this message there: ‘Hear the word of the Lord to you, king of Judah, you who sit on David’s throne—you, your officials and your people who come through these gates. This is what the Lord says: Do what is just and right. Rescue from the hand of the oppressor the one who has been robbed. Do no wrong or violence to the foreigner, the fatherless or the widow, and do not shed innocent blood in this place.”
—Jeremiah 22:1-3

John was beheaded for his boldness in confronting Herod.

So for this action triennium we need to prioritise defining issues, which ones we choose to battle at this time, our ability to do that, and how. What then are some of these issues and what can we do? We can all pray. (The order is not priority; links are given if you wish to explore further.)

  1. Abortion: we have more time to expose the truth of the living baby in the safe-house womb. Changing the law where possible e.g. retracting compulsory referral in Victoria, ensuring 48hr cooling off period, banning partial birth abortion; highlighting the contrast with Vegan ideology, saving the whales, speciesism. Remember that before the election Labor promised legislation tying public hospital funding to provision of abortion.
  2. Babies born alive as result of “failed” abortion and left to die.
  3. Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.
  4. Transgender ideology: need to tell truth in biology; define which is child abuse (to affirm or not); the threat before the election by Labor to withhold sports funding from organisations that did not support transgender participation; Drag Queen story time to our kids.
  5. The 35% of the population who send their kids to private schools to stand up for what they believe and why they choose these schools; freedom to choose teachers of like mind; counteracting the threat before the election by Labor to withdraw the exemption to choose this freedom.
  6. Likewise freedom of belief, of speech and to teach that which we believe to our children – around the kitchen table, in our churches and in our schools; in the Public Square and Marketplace; countering accusations of “phobias”; need to modify or delete section 18C; exclusion of foster parents simply for what they believe.

This is the critical and urgent one. Please pray for wisdom for the government re: the best way to protect our freedoms. The problem with introducing more “rights” legislation is that they can subsequently be withdrawn. Also see submission to expert panel.

  1. Freedom of speech/debate in universities being squashed by activism from those opposed to a contrary view; also shutting it down by attacking credentials of person debating (Bulverism).
  2. State indoctrination of ideology (vs parental) particularly sexual through Safe Schools, Respectful Relationships, and Inclusive Education WA; but also ensuring accurate teaching of history incl Western Civilisation.
  3. Marriage & Family: provision of marriage enrichment courses; children do best when brought up by biological Mothers and Fathers; honouring Christian commitment as the highest ideal as Rev Campbell Markham has said.

In time we will see again what today we despise. In time God’s gift of marriage will once again arise in the collective heart of our nation, to be respected and enjoyed for the incalculable treasure that it is. For this bright distant dawn all Christians will work and pray.

  1. Surrogacy and Prostitution.
  2. Preserving Chaplaincy; a wonderful window of opportunity re schools, sports; we need to maintain as long as possible.
  3. Climate Change polarisation. Extinction Rebellion and the abusive manipulation of our children through slogans, reinforced through the education system. Climate change politics and the economic subordination of Australia.
  4. Regarding specific medical issues particularly in light of proposed changes to Code of Practice
    1. Conscience re sanctity of life issues; the management of transgenders and role of medical insurance organisations; includes items 1-4 above; items 8-10 also involve medical truth
    2. freedom of speech for doctors to be community voices;
    3. freedom to believe “I want to know whether I can come to you for help – what is your view on helping homosexuals?” “Your Christian view is unacceptable to me and I will report you”

Strangely, we can be thankful that the radical social, ideologically-driven, proposed legislation before the election over-reached and self-sabotaged as we prayed. The choices between right and wrong became even more clear.

But even if we disagree on whether the election result was good for our nation, we can still be united in prayer for our nation, our PM, and the new leader of the Opposition.

And when we see abusive manipulation of children for political purposes, we know the ideological forces promoting the demonstrations and teaching are false. Slogans vs Solutions.

Following are some excerpts related to many of the above issues.


Some quotes from Choose Life Australia re: Medicine

From “Proclaiming Truth: Celebrate Sex — Male & Female, Masculinity & Femininity“, 19.4.18:

To argue on the one-hand that there is no polarity, no heteronormativity, and then to amputate sexual organs in order to achieve what they have been trying to eliminate is a parody of logic with enormous consequences to the individual concerned.

Critical article, “The Battle for Medicine“, 31.7.18:

The Independence of the medical profession is critical – belief in practice as enshrined in the international covenants of the UDHR and ICCPR that are also non-derogable, that cannot be overridden even in national emergency (article 4 ICCPR).

When legal code supersedes moral code, the slope of a culture’s decline is steep and swift.
— J. Scott Ries, MD

Medical codes of conduct must never be subject to degradation by government. Permission becomes Compulsion.

From “What is Child Abuse? The Polarisation of Medicine & Medical Defence Organisations“, 28.10.18:

This is a clear ethical divide in which it is essential for medicine, not activists and not governments, to be decisive and authoritative. There is no neutral.

And, re: transgenders, if we have not even queried whether there are possible contributing factors or stressors in children wishing to transgender – such querying itself labelled as abuse by those who insist on affirming the wish – then we have failed our ethical and professional responsibilities as doctors, and our duty as community leaders and parents.

We have failed the child and we have failed the community. We have failed medicine.

Less relevant but still “medical”: “What is Child Abuse? Transgender Community Clusters“, 17.10.18:

And we certainly should not teach gender identities in our schools as if it was something to explore. Are we already seeing an artificial “collective” of disturbed children confused by programs under the disguise of “safe schools” to wipe out “heteronormativity”?

In the meantime there is a sharp rise in children presenting with gender confusion with some commentators referring to “rapid-onset gender dysphoria” – before the child truly understands.

When will the people of Australia rise up and say Enough! Stop exposing our children to this rubbish. Let our children be children. And let our educators and our lawmakers stop pandering to this nonsense foisted upon them.

Also relevant: “Strategy: the Battle for God’s Creation of Male & Female for Heteronormativity and Against Transgender Ideology“, 16.9.18”

  • and make it very clear that the two “affirming” pathways of approach to the young child i.e. affirming and reassuring of birth sex vs affirming of feeling sex, are mutually exclusive and only one of them can be child abuse
  • put transgenders back into the classification of BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) where it most obviously belongs
  • highlight the disconnect between LGB non-binary spectrum and T transgender binary and get the LGB fired up – and that “i” has nothing to do with it (i for intersex as in LGBTQi 0.02% of population)

Some more quotes: “A Perspective on Our Times to a Christian Audience“, 30.9.17

This is direct rebellion against God in an intensity as we have not seen in our lifetime – and against His people, the Bride of Christ, the Church – to silence it, to divide it, and to destroy our freedom to teach our children about our Christian faith. Yes, we’ve been here before with Communism and German fascism but not in our time and not in the “free” West.

We are quite fortunate here in Australia in that we realise the agenda has become more transparent in moving from same-sex marriage to definitions of male and female and transgenders and gender fluidity with state driven indoctrination and its many broad aspects in our schools and even in our pre-schools. The push to wipe out “heteronormativity” is so extreme that in some early childhood education programs children are not supposed to ask whether a new-born baby is a boy or a girl.

The elephant in the room is biology (some elementary one-liners):

  • The biological design and purpose of male and female sexual anatomy and function is the creation of progeny and the formation of family.
  • Sexual activity outside of biological parameters is not the same – it is different.
  • Sexual activity outside of biological parameters is associated with significantly increased rates of disease.
  • Legislative approval of “marriage” outside of these biological parameters is therefore a public health disaster.
  • State indoctrination of our children through school curricula that endorse and encourage sexual activity outside biological parameters is likewise also a disaster
  • Children have a right to know and be brought up by their biological Mothers and Fathers.


Conscience in Medicine Declaration
Medicine with Morality Manifesto
Canberra Declaration
San Jose Articles
Dublin Declaration
Geneva Declaration on Perinatal Care
Compassionate Care Alliance

The People’s Charter

Also regarding the future of medicine see here, and the two presentations to the World Christian Doctors Network Conference.

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  2. […] friend, as outlined in a previous article, our freedom to believe, to speak of that which we believe – yes, even around the kitchen table […]

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