Day 10: God’s Overflowing Love to Unbelievers

10 May 2021


Share with unbelievers how much God loves them.


He can have compassion on those who are ignorant and going astray, since he himself is also subject to weakness. Hebrew 5:2

I am amazed by God all the time. From a revelation of His overflowing love and mercy to those who are unsaved, just as much as He does for me, I see His wonderful, furious, passionate pursuit for all people, and I stand in awe. The above scripture, Highlighted the testimony below as it caused me to think of how much He loves EVERYONE!

I have a friend who I have been witnessing to for 20 years; she is a zen person and speaks of Karma etc. I have shared and prayed many times with her, especially when she was in difficulty and came to unload.

My friend rang on day two of this month of prayer and outreach to share something about her life. Her daughter has separated from her partner and will be moving in with her two small children. This is not a new thing, until I saw God’s meticulous planning before this event occurred.

My friend has, for the last 20 years, house sat the homes of her friends and has moved dozens and dozens of times and is never in the one place long. I was so concerned for her as she got older, that this would become more difficult.

This year, totally opposite to all she had said before, my friend decided to purchase half a duplex. Finally, she had found something beyond her expectations and that fit her small budget. I say ‘beyond’ because many alterations had been made this small place to make it much larger, with many more rooms and cupboards than normal, a secure yard, good security and a separate garage.

As I walked through this lovely place a month ago, I was astonished that this was more than my friend could have ever hoped for.

God’s meticulous planning was unfolded to me on the phone call with my friend and I was able to share His love, His amazing provision and perfect timing for her. How much He loved her and wanted to know her. This was the first time she has really listened. My friend said she wanted to be stronger like I appeared to be to her.

Quickly I was able to share that all people are broken and when they accept Christ He changes us from the inside out and that we are all a work in progress.

My friend was also able to see that God had even orchestrated time off (due to the three day lockdown in WA) for her to prepare for her daughter’s arrival. She was listening really well and took a big step toward the truth. Hallelujah. We can expect a new sister soon!

Father, you are amazing, I stand in awe of you and your ways. Your love is furious and you take such risks to win our hearts back to you.

I pray for every person reading this who has pre-saved friends and family. I pray you would embolden them at the right time to share your amazing love and provision, and all that Jesus has done to secure them for Your glory.

Enable us to press on toward the Goal (Phil 3:4) and co-labour with the Spirit in bringing many sons to glory (Heb 2:10). Amen.

Prayer Points for May 2021
1. Pray for Revival and Transformation for Australia
2. Pray for 1 Billion people worldwide to hear the Gospel
3. Share the Good News of Jesus with 5 people

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Alyse Anderson lives in Paraburdoo, Western Australia, with her artist husband Ian. They have 4 adult children and 1.5 grandchildren. She is a dedicated prayer warrior on the Canberra Declaration regular prayer calls for the nation. Alyse drives a 385 tonne Haul Pak truck for an iron ore mining company in the Pilbara region. She has been doing this for the last 10 years. She is a trained Community Chaplain, passionate for Jesus and those on the fringe.

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