Men Will Be Men: Posie Parker Visits New Zealand

30 March 2023

1.6 MINS

The new misogyny is the old misogyny, but led by men in dresses.

Let Women Speak’, they said.

Well here’s what happened when a diminutive woman tried to speak in Auckland on Saturday 25 March:

Posie Parker was drowned out and attacked by a baying mob of men identifying as women who clearly did not want to let an actual woman speak.

Parker literally fled for her life.

It must be said that the “tolerant” crowd in Auckland seemed a lot more aggressive toward women than the Nazis in Melbourne were toward men identifying as women.

Trans supporters hate women. It’s bizarre considering how they identify.

This is where the progressive movement has bought us to. Get on board with gender fluidity, or else.

The baying, pitchfork, lynch-mob in Auckland resembled what I imagine the Saalem witch trials would have looked like. Except that this was in a supposedly free, tolerant society.

New Zealand erases women and doubles down on men’s rights. The new misogyny is the same as the old misogyny, except that this time, it is led by men in dresses.

This is the wonderful rainbow community that want our understanding, respect and support.

The violent protests at Let Women Speak rallies in Australia and New Zealand only serve to demonstrate that men who identify as women still exhibit male aggression against women.

So, ironically, it is the trans activists themselves who illustrate why trans women must be kept out of women’s spaces, just as the Let Women Speak advocates argue.

I find it difficult to believe this really happening in 2023. Is it our lot in life to have front row seats to the demise of the Western world?

A woman is attacked by men identifying as women at her own Let Women Speak event.

The violent mob attacked her because they feared she might say that you can’t change sex, and that women and girls need safety and dignity.

The Let Women Speak organisers were not allowed to speak. But sane people heard them very clearly, and we are appalled on their behalf.

Trans women are not women. Only the ridiculous people think that they are. And only the ridiculous people self-censor to pretend like they think that they are.

New Zealand has become a ridiculous country.

Australia isn’t too far behind.

Canada and America have been ridiculous for a while.

The UK has a little too much Islam to go full Caitlyn Jenner.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report. Photo by Oriel Frankie Ashcroft.

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  1. Warren Brown 4 April 2023 at 6:19 pm - Reply

    Were the so called NAZI infiltrators at the Let Women Speak rally actually Nazi’s or Black Shirted stooges sent by Dan Andrews to diminish the Let Women Speak message by having the media only report on the Nazi salute?

    Has any of them been identified?

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